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Started by #148770 at 23,Mar,11 07:44
How old were you when u first received or gave oral? Ever done it to a workmate/best friend/family member or next door neighbour?

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By #589799 at 07,Jun,19 15:02
I was 13 when I sucked a man of 50.

By bil47 at 07,Jun,19 10:44 other posts of bil47 
Age 13, with a similar age boy in the neighborhood. Both giving and getting. He went first to show me how.

By #585606 at 07,Jun,19 10:30
14 sucked an older man

By #589016 at 07,Jun,19 08:20
I was 12 when i first sucked my friends cock while his dad watched.

By boc at 28,Mar,11 01:06 other posts of boc 
I was 14. We went on a band field trip. The girl was a year older than me and played flute in the band. I later dated three of her sisters.
By spermkiss at 28,Mar,11 02:59 other posts of spermkiss 
Does that mean you let her play your skin flute?
By boc at 28,Mar,11 03:14 other posts of boc 
And one time at band camp she stuck her flute in her pussy.
By spermkiss at 28,Mar,11 06:40 other posts of spermkiss 
Two questions: By "her flute" do you mean her skin flute or the musical instrument that she played in the band? If the latter, did you lick the pussy juice off of it?
By boc at 07,Apr,11 22:57 other posts of boc 
It was a referrence to "American Pie". Actually I never dated anyone in band camp. We did not even have band camp in my highschool.

By slipper at 28,Mar,11 01:01 other posts of slipper 
18 with the 16 year old who sat next to me in class... damn, she was SOOOOOOOOO good I married her!!!

By #135121 at 26,Mar,11 22:54
First time i got sucked was by a hot blonde at 16 in the summer. She was getting me so hard i often come thinking about all the summer blowjobs she gave me.

By spermkiss at 26,Mar,11 03:16 other posts of spermkiss 
I was too young to remember, less than six years old. It was with another boy in a wooded area behind our house. We started with a little show and tell and he suggested we suck each other. I went first and did little more than a quick in and out. Then he sucked me and, boy, he really went to town. It sure felt good. The next time I had the chance I graduated to be a full-fledged cocksucker, no more quick in and out.

As for whom I've given it to or received it from, well, everyone on your list and hundreds more besides.

By gloryholemaster at 23,Mar,11 11:50 other posts of gloryholemaster 
I was 15 a freshman in highschool. She was almost 18 a senior. And man a senior sucking my cock. I thought I was big shit back then. I've had better since then. But the thought of a senior was amazing when I was a fresh meat. Lol

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