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By MoeJoe at 20,Feb,22 18:08
I love the whole concept of naked bodies and food !

By MoeJoe at 13,Jul,21 11:34
I love a smooth hairless hole !!

By MoeJoe at 26,Sep,20 09:27
Well since we are all looking at photos here, what makes a cock look good is how you present it in your photos. Size, color cut or uncut doesn't make any's all in the quality of your pics. There are far too many crappy photos here on this site of cocks that would otherwise look really great if they were photographed properly. This is a photos sharing site, so post photos that are worthy of your cock.

By MoeJoe at 26,Sep,20 09:03
Kock n' Koffee is my fave !

By MoeJoe at 11,Nov,19 14:52
A granny or a tranny ??

By MoeJoe at 08,Nov,19 10:22
Bend over and let me at that ass-pussy !

By MoeJoe at 08,Sep,19 15:41
Cocks...and only cocks.

By MoeJoe at 02,Mar,19 12:09
It's very easy to hide behind a false persona and spew shit at people....when confronted face to face with situations they turn tail and run.

By MoeJoe at 02,Mar,19 09:16
I agree...and I also say welcome to the internet !

By MoeJoe at 02,Jan,19 09:02
I've been jacking off to my own pics for years...I love looking at myself so much that I take pics of myself whiile jacking off looking at myself !!

By MoeJoe at 27,Dec,18 08:15
At the gym I go to there are a couple of young guys who shower in their shorts...don't even take them off ! I like walking around with my cock flopping about !

By MoeJoe at 26,Dec,18 12:50
Thanks Keb......I'll look into it !

By MoeJoe at 07,Jan,18 15:55
For a pic posting site, 187 pics in 8 years is not a respectable amount...not trying to piss you off, nor am I angry with you.

By MoeJoe at 07,Jan,18 12:46
So I guess this is a "gamer" site as well as a pic posting site....I suppose it gives all the non-pic posters something to do in lieu of posting their own pics. as for my take on SYC, I am sure there are many legitimate women behind the postings, but I still believe that the majority of those SYC profiles are men posting pics of maybe their wives and girl friends with or without their permission, or just snatching pics from other internet sites and re-posting, whereas the vast majority of the SYD profiles are people posting their own pics. I have said this before and pissed people off, but so be it.

By MoeJoe at 07,Jan,18 08:36
The person I was referring to is currently at the top of the the Excitement page as we speak...this person has 187 pics and 185,559 points. I've been a member of this site almost since it formed several years ago, when it wasn't "point" based. so I am fully aware of the initial intent of it all, but what is the intent of "buying" points and amassing such totals if you aren't posting pics....afterall it's supposed to be a PIC POSTING SITE ! Oh well I vent...I'm thinking of moving it all to flickr anyway.

By MoeJoe at 06,Jan,18 18:28
I guess I'm a little confused by all of this shit. This is a pic posting site and I post pics. It costs me a lot of points per pic because of the volume of pics that I have.....okay fine, but why are some people amassing huge numbers of person I chanced across today has 185,000 points.....185,000 fucking points...with a small number of pics...what the fuck is that all about...what is the fucking point ? If you are not going to post pics, then why bother amassing huge numbers of points. If I post 10 pics my supply is totally depleted...but I guess I have to keep the fucking freeloaders happy with pics to look at, while they sit there beating there meat and not posting pics. Sometimes I think this is the most fucked up site......

By MoeJoe at 19,Dec,17 09:58
Who would be so fucking stupid to even consider or fall for that shit....if you are you deserve it !

By MoeJoe at 14,Sep,14 14:16
I follow baseball and ice hockey....apparently no one else here does.

By MoeJoe at 02,Apr,14 21:43
Who does your taxes?

By MoeJoe at 02,Apr,14 21:41
Has a hobby horse got a wooden dick?

By MoeJoe at 07,Feb,14 19:40
"It's just a flesh wound."

Who does your taxes?

"As of this moment, they are on double **** probation."

By MoeJoe at 09,Jan,14 00:24
Y2K revisited !

By MoeJoe at 31,Oct,13 12:13
I used to do it a lot, but don't's too risky especially for guys. If a girl exposes herself it's hot, but if a guy does it, it's indecent exposure, and you are in big trouble.

By MoeJoe at 20,Aug,13 12:28
Lots of people at the adult theater.....

By MoeJoe at 20,Aug,13 12:24
I think if you are banned from someone's profile, you are unable to comment or sent private messages to them.

By MoeJoe at 14,Jul,13 15:29
As can be seen here...heterosexuality carries some heavy baggage.

By MoeJoe at 22,May,13 09:29 must be a Hawks fan....and what's your comment on that no boarding call on Franzen in game three that resulted in a Chicago goal. The bad officiating goes both ways, my friend.

By MoeJoe at 15,May,13 20:43
The Hawks have the odds, but I think it will go 7....they've been sitting on their asses for a few days and Detroit has been engaged in a battle with Anaheim, and they are fired up. Zetterberg and Datsyuk are playing the best they've played all year. I will say the Hawks have more depth, but Detroit's got heart and I don't think they will go away quietly. It's the last time they will meet as conference rivals and the whole hockey world is's gonna be a good show!

By MoeJoe at 23,Nov,12 09:46
I love my cock!

By MoeJoe at 08,Oct,12 20:53
I need to dock my cockhead inside your foreskin in order to give you an accurate answer.....

By MoeJoe at 03,Oct,12 21:18
I ignore anything that I get that is like's not worth the risk.

By MoeJoe at 02,Oct,12 12:04
I think mine is beautiful....I admire it all of the time and I continually take photos of it whenever I get the chance......see for yourself.

By MoeJoe at 17,Sep,12 19:17
Age does matter....there are lots of things I cannot do anymore that I could do when I was 20......

By MoeJoe at 16,Sep,12 15:43
I don't think this is the site for your'd best jump into the real world and figure out what you are going to do.

By MoeJoe at 16,Sep,12 15:35
I started when I was 12......and haven't stopped since!

By MoeJoe at 16,Sep,12 15:34
Sorry Bella...I had a senior moment and got what was I doing....oh yeah I was gonna masturbate...Where did I put my cock.....

By MoeJoe at 13,Sep,12 20:57
They are back as "Ourdirtypicsvids".....

By MoeJoe at 13,Sep,12 08:49
I'm curious....who would be a "qualified specialist" ? I looked in the yellow pages for Cock Piercing, but found no entries....?? LOL

By MoeJoe at 13,Sep,12 08:42
I've been taking photos of myself for years and the first time I posted was on another long since defunct site, but it was exciting and thrilling!

By MoeJoe at 13,Sep,12 08:38
Absolutely not!

By MoeJoe at 12,Sep,12 21:07
Take a look at will be somewhat amazed....

By MoeJoe at 10,Sep,12 09:19
The pics you take of yourself are really quite good...what kind of camera equipment will you use? Will you be naked as well, when taking the pics?

By MoeJoe at 10,Sep,12 09:15
Yes it is annoying, but what also annoys me is all of the unwarranted criticism of a site that is essentially free. Yes it does have a few premium benefits for those who do pay, but basically you can see and do just about anything here for free....there will probably come a day when it will evolve into a full blown paysite, and you will all be out.

By MoeJoe at 09,Sep,12 08:25
I piss in two streams....check out some of my pissing pics.

By MoeJoe at 09,Sep,12 08:22
It's a personal preference for me....I like the way it looks and feels and I didn't care for the color or the look of my natural pubes. Some guys look great in their pubes and if I had pubes like some do I might not have chosen to shave, but I did and continue to do so.

By MoeJoe at 06,Sep,12 11:33
Hmmmmm.....that's can that be your peehole, when it's mine and I took the pic.....??

By MoeJoe at 02,Sep,12 08:45
I haven't done it snce 1969....I wonder if today's "acid" is the same as the LSD that was around in the 60's.....

By MoeJoe at 31,Aug,12 10:49
Pics that make it to the main page are usually there because the cocks depicted are huge. There are many great looking cocks and great high quality pics that never make it, because they aren't big cocks, all because so many people here are fixated on size.

By MoeJoe at 29,Aug,12 09:58
I canned every financial advisor who talks like you....the one I've got now talks common sense and asks me if I want to make some money....

By MoeJoe at 29,Aug,12 09:54
Yes...3 of them....