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Just shoved a carrot up my ass...?

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Started by #85875 at 21,Dec,10 00:59
Feels kind of funny , was wondering if anyone else on this site had any experience of improvised fruit based toys....?

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By Alan81 at 30,Jan,24 06:18 other posts of Alan81 
Well the Carrot 🥕 is the most obvious vegetable choice for the young and curious of both sex’s especially when you have outgrown using your own fingers. You can also have fun shopping for it in public while looking for provocative shapes lol. I choose something with the same length and girth as my own erection (Tip: add +2 inches, as you need something to hold onto ) l was being curious to see if I would really enjoy anal, before giving it a go for real
If you’re a lass trying this vaginally I’d highly recommend a condom. For all other circumstances a good scrub with anti bacterial soap be the go. Warm water adds more flex to your carrot (You don’t want it to snap!) you also don’t want it hard and freezing cold straight out the fridge either. Lube? Well if you’re using a carrot instead of an approved dildo you’re probably a beginner at this so won’t have Xglide or the like handy unless it’s in your mums nightstand? 😏 So try a decent dessert spoon of coconut 🌴 butter or margarine. Be alone, put a towel down, being “empty” is obvious, favourite anal porn on the big screen. Go really slow but once your all there try matching the actor thrust for thrust if you enjoy it and can handle it, I guess it’s now pretty clear you can add this to the bedroom with your next partner, No not the carrot 🥕 lol. Anal I mean have fun and don’t forget to peal and thank that carrot properly 🍽️ ✌️ out.
By biggg at 30,Jan,24 19:31 other posts of biggg 
Donґt eat the carrot afterwards
By Alan81 at 01,Feb,24 13:22 other posts of Alan81 
🐰No 🚫🥕carrots for you tonight then 🍽️ 🤣
By biggg at 01,Feb,24 20:27 other posts of biggg 
nope, carrots with special sauce arenґt on the menu today Bu t this does remind me of a joke about buttered corn, which iґll post elsewhere sooner or later

By wycowboy at 13,Dec,19 15:46 other posts of wycowboy 
Yep, tried a carrot, cucumber, zucchini.......

By Rudeboy1977 at 13,Dec,19 03:43 other posts of Rudeboy1977 
I tried a few different veggies, then I decided to carve myself a toy.



By #116477 at 23,Dec,10 18:08
That's one hole Bugs Bunny won't be diving in to that's for sure.. It said on the packet good for your eyes didn't it.. Think you may have misread it. It's not good for your ass or the carrot I believe. Did it feel diced
That's almost put me off my Christmas Dinner
By #23212 at 25,Dec,10 05:56
In the USA, carrot cake is a popular dessert. Hmmmmm, I wonder if he ... Nah, forget that thought--We now take you back to your regularly scheduled Figgy Pudding.

By hytiger at 21,Dec,10 08:20 other posts of hytiger 
Want to try my cock next?

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