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Started by #47935 at 29,Dec,10 20:36
Every girl dont like/ or dont want to be/get raped but what about us boys?

anyone have had fantasies about getting raped by a hot mature lady? or even a young hot girl?

It fuckign turns me on man! anyone interested?

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By lovetolickyou at 21,Dec,23 00:03 other posts of lovetolickyou 
It's a bit of a tough subject.....When I hear **** in regard to guys doing it to women, I immediately feel repulsed and revolted by any violence toward women. As a guy who's been a victim of a sexual assault by another guy, I don't want any part of that....Although I've reluctantly submitted at times in the past, being assaulted finished it for me. In regard to being the victim of an assault by women, I definitely would be interested in participating. I love the idea of being used by dominating women and, to a certain point, would be happy to accept the pain they might inflict. I'd be happy to be on the receiving end of humiliation or anything else they might want.

By nekekal at 18,Dec,23 17:39 other posts of nekekal 
So, a woman or bunch of women, grab me and tie me down and then come and fuck my cock until they are tired of having my big cock in them and are filled with cum. What is not to like? It is one of my favorite fantasies. Hopefully it will take days.
By hytiger at 19,Dec,23 10:39 other posts of hytiger 
What is not to like?
When they all turn up 9 months later, demanding child support???
By nekekal at 19,Dec,23 17:54 other posts of nekekal 
I think that is a risk that they took. They are forcing themselves on me. If they were worried they should have brought a case of condoms to use. Legally it would be an interesting case as they describe how they found me tied up and could not help themselves as they jumped on my cock and fucked themselves.

Besides I an not that fertile. I have no natural children.

By bella! at 19,Dec,23 11:46 other posts of bella! 
Okay, you state this as being your fantasy, however all joking aside as this is a sincere question......IF you were abducted by a "bunch of women" for whatever the reason and they sexually tortured you, do you believe you would be aroused?
By nekekal at 19,Dec,23 17:48 other posts of nekekal 
Probably. My cock has always had a mind of its own and gets hard at very inopportune times. I cannot remember a time when it didn't respond to stimulation, either by a man or a woman. I remember my first encounter with a guy, when he reached down and caressed my cock, it responded by getting hard.

I am a bit worried by your use of the word torture. I don do pain well, but if tied down and some started to caress and suck my cock, I am pretty sure that it would get hard.

By Lvphose at 14,Dec,23 02:28 other posts of Lvphose 
A fantasy I’ve had a long time that involves being commanded to do something!
I have a pantyhose/nylon fetish! I’ve fantasized that my GF calls me over to here place and in her living room are like my old boss not bad looking, my best friends wife, co workers and other friends of hers. They are all sitting wearing only sheer to waist pantyhose ( I love darker colors suntan to coffee to jet black) and those are the colors. My gf tells me to go to the middle of the Room and take off all my clothes. She then tells. Me to pleasure myself and if I don’t get hard I’ll be punished by each one. If I do I’ll get rewarded by each. Well I get hard and all give me pantyhose encased foot jobs some singular others all their stocking feet. Then my gf says ok part one. I’m not touched or touch myself. The then commands me to get my self hard again. So once hard a little harder to get erect aa second time she threatens me as I jerk saying each one will fuck my ass with a strap on! Well I didn’t want 8 chicks fucking my ass 1 but not 8! So I worked up another erection! My reward I got to tear open the pantyhose crotch lick them then fuck them. Them the all put their stocking feet together and I shot a big hot load of cum all over their nylon encased feet & I watched them lick it off each other’s hose.

By admin at 30,Dec,10 04:53 other posts of admin 
Actually your statement about women is not correct.

About 30% of members of "Fantasy Rape" sites were women. Now almost all of those sites are closed, but I knew one owner of a bunch of such sites, he told me that stat.

Also, not every women get raped by accident. There are women who have a rape-seeking behavior. Those usually get raped not once, but twice or more when normally raped women are overcautious after the first time. I personally knew at least one of such women. That behavior is usually subconscious, indeed. If you ask them they will deny.

So, I don't know if that is a deviance or a mental sickness, but some women DO dream about rape, wish to be raped and even look for it.
By #59855 at 30,Dec,10 06:49
From Matt's Wife: Those are interesting stats

By #127462 at 30,Dec,10 07:06
A few years ago I heard about a study with perpetrators, that had attacked women multiple times. They sent women, that had been attacked before, and 'normal' women through an underpass and let the perpetrators decide, who could be a possible victim. The perpetrators identified many of the attacked women and a few of the others. The scary thing is, that these women didn't looked antsy or making themselves small and walking near the wall of the underpass or such. For me they looked perfectly normal. The surmise is that it has something to do with how they move, how the hold their arms etc. and the perpetrators that had attacked multiple times have some sort of a 'radar' for these patterns.
By admin at 31,Dec,10 04:54 other posts of admin 
Well, that's interesting, but the rape-seeking behavior is more about places and situations, not that much about how the woman move. For example, the woman I knew first was raped in apartment being invited there by a stranger, I mean they met on a street that day. Second time she was raped taking a ride by the driver who was also unfamiliar to her. It was not too soon after first time, but not long enough to forget.

If I was a woman and raped that way, I would sure avoid to get into cars that are not officially taxis with unfamiliar drivers.

We can also speculate that she was just plain stupid...

By the way, the second time she got her rectum torn and had to undergo a surgery. She was with a fever several days and too scared to go to a doctor. When I found out that the reason of that fever was an anal rape I literally forced her to go.

By #88520 at 30,Dec,10 08:13
Well as long as they're hot and free from std:s they can rape me as much as they want

By slipper at 30,Dec,10 03:03 other posts of slipper 
I've had a couple cum real close to trying a few times! Talk about not believing "NO" means no...

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