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stuck up women

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Started by #137317 at 04,Feb,11 22:17
I am fed up trying to talk to women on here and on other personal sites. They love to play hard to get and all these other stupid games. This is the kind of behavior that is to be expected out of a 14 year old school girl with uber low self esteem. I prefer talking to men because they are up front and come out and say what they want.

Who else here has had it with women who think they are precious just because they have a cunt between their legs?

Hey honey, you are not special. 51 percent of the world's population has one too.

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By Maxwell_93 at 25,Mar,24 20:38 other posts of Maxwell_93 
A 13 year gravedig has to be an internet record

By Bicockwhore at 25,Mar,24 11:47 other posts of Bicockwhore 
Fuck women I am a sissy little slut I can please men better then women because I let fuck my throat and butt fuck me and choke me married men love fuck my throat and butt fuck me

By #7976 at 08,Feb,11 03:07
It occurs to me that the term "stuck-up" is a rather multi-use term when applied to women. IT can be said that a woman is "stuck-up" when referring to her rear in the air, legs spreed, and her pussy wet; and that's a good thing. When a woman is referred to as being "stuck-up" because her nipples point above the horizon, that's a good thing too. And if a woman has something "stuck-"up her, how great is that?! It's only when a woman's attitude is called "stuck-up" that we complain. As for me, if she has stuck-up because of number three, then I don't much care which of the other three references to stuck-up can be applied. She's a beautiful woman to me.

By #59855 at 07,Feb,11 19:47
From Matt's Wife: There are alot of cyberballs floating around here. I hope they feel better after venting. Now go get some help and learn how to act in general let alone around a woman. Thanks to all of the nice guys out there
By #7976 at 08,Feb,11 01:12
I like "cyberballs" and the image of them "floating" around is truly a verbally visual comment.

By #8824 at 06,Feb,11 21:14
Q. What you you call the fleshy area around and behind the vagina

A. Woman.
By #7976 at 08,Feb,11 01:11
And men wonder why women think their pigs. This is on man who doesn't think this is either true or funny.

Sorry, but to me a woman must foremost have a brain and a vocabulary and know how to use them. Then, their looks are important but their gentiles are at the bottom of the list of attractions. Of course, once I've discovered they're beautiful inside and out, then their pussy takes on a richer attraction.

By #137495 at 05,Feb,11 00:19
Women are flaky for the most part and I hate them. They are carbon copies and that's it. I wish I could love women more. I'm actually going out with a girl tomorrow and I have to pretend everything is fine, I don't want to settle down, but I get fake numbers, lies, etc. BECAUSE I DON'T DRESS THE PART OF THE "DISTINGUISHED MALE" and it's bull.

I have nobody that I can talk to about this who can see my side of the equation because they all dress normal. Me on the other hand are investing all of my money into my business and I have no time to dress "cute".

They say that women are "intuitive" but it's really a bunch of bull, because if they were, they'd probably take a greater chance on me.

I have women flirt with me all day, I flirt back and vice versa, but when it comes to the "nut up or shut up" part of the interaction, they are flakes for the most part and I despise a woman's personality.

My girl is great... Extremely Smart, University student, couple of degrees, cute.

Women are flakes and it's pathetic. I hate women.

(You want to know how to attract women... You tell them you have a girl.

In 5 minutes, I'm going to show this letter to a random girl at my school... She's going to read that I already have a girl and she's going to "talk me through it".

I know the game, have no problem seducing women, know when to "pull the trigger" etc. but I have no respect for "the game" whatsoever. It's all superficial bull.

I don't want to dress nice, just because women like it at the expense of my business.

I don't want to tell them about my personal life, because then, it's not me attracting the women, it's my social status that's attracting women.

I'll probably never get married because of this crap.

The girl that I'm with didn't start emailing me back until my podcast got really successful on itunes. (But I'm not going to fight it because I like the conversation and the sex)

I can attract women, but I don't respect them in the least. It's all way outside of my moral code the way that women are attracted.
By #59855 at 07,Feb,11 22:09
From Matt's Wife: If a woman started spewing this kind of crap about hating men they would be harrassed out of this site in a matter of days. Grow up and shut up. I guess we should put it to a vote. I for one don't need this site to be happy everyday. So if you want the real women to leave keep up these kinds of post and I will gladly oblige and Maat and I will leave the site. Have a nice day you whiners

By #7976 at 06,Feb,11 00:50
I've been a contributor to this site for some time now and there are several types of people that inhabit SYC/SYD. To keep it simple though, I'll stick to two types of women.

The first type are young and just want to play in a safe place where there is no chance of being hurt. They can say anything, to anyone, and then just evaporate. No consequences to deal with for being a totally slutty girl for a little while.

The second type is over 30-something and is here to live out her fantasies too. They approach the site with a more mature outlook and enjoy chatting about everyday comings and goings rather than about sex. Not to say there isn't sex talk but it's not the "hey Stud, cum on my picture" kind of talk.

In either case, some women are there to act out their fantasies, some are here because their sex life is boring, some are here to get validation that they are attractive; the young ones because there in need of hearing that someone likes them and the more mature ladies to see if after some years of marriage and child bearing that they're still attractive.

My experience is that a lot of women won't respond to me at all. Some are looking for something from me. And some I really enjoy talking to because we have many things in common and actually are building a friendship; at least as much as a cyber-relationship can offer.

My advice, for what it's worth, is that you need to stop worrying about the attitude of the women online. Ignore the ones you don't like and move on to someone who is interested in you for being you. You'll be happier and probably less defensive when you chat with the ladies.

On a final note, I hear and read that a lot of women are just as tired of "jerk men" online as you seem to be about the ladies. It's a two way street and we're all responsible to some extent. The only way to change this is to act as responsibly moral online as you would in public. Do that and your a long way to solving the problem.

At any rate, I hope this helps. It won't stop women who are going to play games and be stuck up but it might make it a bit easier to find the ones who aren't.

By MoeJoe at 05,Feb,11 09:35 other posts of MoeJoe some real disgust for women here....I think you guys had better talk over your issues with someone. I also think that this site is really not the place to try to establish a rapport with need to get face to face with them and work out your issues. There are good women and there are bad women.....just like there are good men and bad men.....and I might mention a whole lot of everyone in between the good and the bad.....where most of us are.
By mack at 05,Feb,11 12:11 other posts of mack 
agreed moe

By #6568 at 04,Feb,11 22:23
Unfortunately, although 51 percent of the worlds population might indeed own "cunts", it's unlikely to get to one without going via the womans brain........

.......And apparently it seems you may sadly lack some circuits in YOUR brain that will allow you to do that.....

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