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Stuck on island with 8 people who do you take

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Started by #699038 at 16,Sep,23 13:46
If you were permanatly stuck on an island never to leave the island and only have contact with people on the island and you could pic the other 7 people who would you take and would you take all male or all female or mix of both i would take 6 male and one female id take meryl streep,clint eastwood,seth rogen,timothee charlamet,cole sprouse,ansel elgort,leonardo decaprio

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By Cody8789 at 29,Sep,23 19:05 other posts of Cody8789 
The eisier question is if you were stuck on an island with one person, who would that be.
By PITBULL at 30,Sep,23 14:34 other posts of PITBULL 
Yes, the question needs to be rephrased as one person only.
By #699038 at 30,Sep,23 17:27
Ok cool il fix it up might make bit easier ay

By #699038 at 30,Sep,23 17:28
Il suss out an se if i can edit it cheers for advice

By Robben at 28,Sep,23 14:04 other posts of Robben 
7 sexy women would be OK for me - one each night during the week.
By #699038 at 29,Sep,23 17:35
Nice have you got any thoughts on who

By phart at 28,Sep,23 14:11 other posts of phart 
Yea be careful how you pick them, you might wind up a couple generations later with the terms Uncle Daddy and Aunt mama
Or uh let me fix that, Uncle mama and Aunt Daddy. got to get with the times

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