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Foreskin question

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Started by jocstfr at 06,Mar,11 18:18  other posts of jocstfr
As someone who is cut,can you uncut guys answer a question? When having sex doesnt your foreskin move back and forth with each thrust? So the foreskin moves with the friction as opposed to your actual cock? I cant imagine what it must be like to have this extra flap on my cock but I wish I did!

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By pke111 at 11,Aug,23 14:38 other posts of pke111 
Hi Jocstfr, you might like to have a look at the foreskin restoration sites and techniques. Here is a link to the National Organisation of Restoring Men

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I started restoring many years ago. I'm more than happy with my progress so far. The techniques use mitosis, cell division, not pumping or vacumn.

I think there may even be a group here??

FYI, it's possible to grow skin to cover your glan and the skin just below, which would have been on the inside of your foreskin. Both those areas will dekeritinise quickly and sensitivity returns individually. It is not possible to regrow a frenulum, it's very special skin.


By Zainn122 at 10,Aug,23 11:29 other posts of Zainn122 
Even doe my foreskin was really tight and hurt and impacted my penis due to medical issues, i still loved moving my wet cock inside the skin but then again I couldn’t properly pee as my foreskin was super tight and didn’t see my mushroom tip until I was 19 when I got circumcised.. but I had to get it removed for religious reasons but I would of had to get it removed anyways as it was too tight but most guys I’ve been with have great healthy foreskin, which should not be removed

By spikum1988 at 01,Aug,23 07:53 other posts of spikum1988 
as i become erect my foreskin retracts and stays that way during sex, the lubrication of the vagina eliminates most of the friction that would cause the foreskin to move with each thrust. The foreskin is vital to protect the glans during everyday activity. I have read anecdotal evidence from men who have lived with and without and they experience huge loss of sensitivity because of the glans rubbing against their clothes. If as an adult you are considering it or your doctor is recommending it, just say no. If it was done to you as a baby, do not thank the perpetrators and don’t do it to your children, let him decide when he is an adult.
By tb1 at 01,Aug,23 10:28 other posts of tb1 
Well said

By jocstfr at 07,Mar,11 00:51 other posts of jocstfr 
wow now i miss my foreskin more than ever It seems that the majority of cocks on the site are uncut. Am I in the minority cause i don't have one? Also, anyone on here get cut later in life and remember both having one and not? I can only imagine how good it would be to have a nice stretch of foreskin covering my cock head.
By slipper at 07,Mar,11 07:41 other posts of slipper 
Well, no, probably you cannot imagine.

The 4skin has MANY sense receptors including stretch receptors whose functioning you have never experienced if cut as an infant.

In fact, without this stimulation to a specific sensory area of the cerebral cortex, it does not even develop in the same manner as that which is stimulated for life. It is sort of like trying to explain sight to a congenitally blind man.

By #100660 at 06,Mar,11 18:58
It moves a bit but when my cock is fully erect the forskin stays behind the head prety well once its pulled back
By slipper at 07,Mar,11 07:37 other posts of slipper 
The skin may or may not remain behind the head depending on lots of things, including how long and how loose ones 4skin is. Mine nearly never stays behind my head for long, if at all.

By slipper at 07,Mar,11 07:36 other posts of slipper 
A lot of factors determine how the 4skin moves with respect to the "sleeve" (vagina or whatever), the shaft, and itself (if one has a lot of skin or a little). Such things as "angle of attack", amount of lube, if the 4skin is pulled up or back when inserted, tightness of the sleeve, etc., etc. The beauty of which is that they are all different!!!

By jocstfr at 07,Mar,11 02:07 other posts of jocstfr 
Dont know if a device could add that fold of skin. I will have to get by with what I have. Oh well. At leat I can look at all of you uncuts on here!

By #6568 at 06,Mar,11 20:27
Yes, for most of us the foreskin does move idependantly of either the shaft or vagina. Just as many women reach an orgasm by their clitoral hood being flexed and stretched with the movements of intercourse, so do we get sexual sensation from the frenulum being stretched and pulled with each thrust.......

......If one holds back the foreskin with one hand while thrusting the sensation is quite different, and for me, less pleasurable.

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