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Men wearing lingerie

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Started by #43881 at 09,Mar,11 18:52
Anyone get a raging rock hard boner when they put on womens lingerie? why do they get all the lacy stuff???

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By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 19:27 other posts of Lvphose 
Pic in pantyhose

By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 19:26 other posts of Lvphose 
In pantyhose,

By #662360 at 30,Nov,23 09:07
Wearing sexy girly panties always gives me a delicious boner. It’s the soft light feel of thin panties snuggling my balls and how they show my cock outline. [deleted image]

By #136638 at 30,Mar,11 18:40
I like wearing lingerie and my wife knows I wear panties and lingerie. She enjoys seeing me in panties and lingerie. We have went panties and lingerie shopping together and have bought matching panties and also matching lingerie. Its always fun to see the sales clerks face when they ring up two different sizes. We have many more panties than lingerie but our lingerie collection is growing, our lingerie collection includes stockings, bodystockings, corests, teddies, babydolls, silky robes and a few costumes. We have met so many other men and couples into wearing panties, there are men from all over the world who enjoy wearing lingerie, many woman do understand and are into there man wearing lingerie. My wife has talked with many woman and there reaction is why not and many are very curious about seeing a man wearing lingerie. Wearing lingerie does not mean you are gay, bisexual or even curious, most men who do wear lingerie are straight. Its very pleasureful wearing lingerie and that has nothing to do with a persons sexual preference. Woman have been wearing our clothing for years why should we not be able to explore there clothing, if it makes us feel good they should be totally fine with it. Check out our profile for more about us.
By spermkiss at 30,Mar,11 19:56 other posts of spermkiss 
It's long been my belief that wearing lingerie appeals more to straight men than it does to gay men. Thanks for sharing.

There are still precious few comments here. Where is everyone?

By #554098 at 03,Apr,19 03:43
It's great when you find a woman that understands, and doesn't think you are strange, or 'perverted' or a 'closet' SOMETHING, just liking the soft fabrics, the way they feel, and just the 'naughty' part of a straight guy, wearing panties!
I never would have tried it, or knew how nice women's feel, without a really open-minded lady, showing me, and loving men in panties, as her kink!!

By #580715 at 29,Mar,19 04:30
[deleted image]

Love wearing lacy bottoms. They feel good. I think they make me feel and look damn sexy and I love catching peoples reactions when they notice panties poking up above my jeans.
By #535695 at 03,Apr,19 01:16

By SluttySarah069 at 02,Apr,19 16:07 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I love dressing as a female slut and I wear pantie, stockings with suspenders as often as I can - gives me a great thrill.

By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 15:20 other posts of knewbi 
I do.. it is so sexy to feel a woman's panties or hose on your cock. I generally cum much harder and longer.

By foreskinlover52 at 29,Mar,19 09:37 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I find it a real turnon and always get a hardon

By #583907 at 28,Mar,19 19:11
I just love how it feels on me, even tho I just look like a guy in women's lingerie.

By #107983 at 30,Mar,11 22:29
Here is my two penneth. I am a lingeire wearer, been so for years. I am not trying to be femanine or have any wish to be a girl even, i wear for a few reasons.I love the feel of soft nylon undies, it makes me feel sexy. God knows in my relationship with my wife ,she never made me feel desirable and lingerie compensates for that i supose?
Guys, when you go into a shop for your boxers or Y Fronts ,,,,if you stand back and look properly , dont you think they have got to be the most boring items?????? Usually heavy cotton fabrics, white or black how on earth can you feel sexy in something thats made out of tent canvas?????????? Ladies get such more choice i think , any colour, any fabric,lacy, plain,you name it its there.And what do sex shops give us guys,,,,,,,,,, A f*cking G-String with an elephants head on the front with a trunk ............PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
By #107983 at 30,Mar,11 22:32
Forgot to add,,,,,,,, for me, us guys have to live such a macho life, be strong,masculine .Always the tough guy and to be honest to be able to switch that side of life off and the relax in something soft and "femanine" is a way i find best to relax, and get away from lifes shite
By PoloFields at 20,Jun,18 02:43 other posts of PoloFields 
Agreed. Men's undies are just so utilitarian. They cover just the basics. A nice frilly pair of panties, OTOH ... very nice. An instant hardon as well.

By #559915 at 19,Jun,18 19:25
If a man has a sexy bottom I enjoying seeing it with sexy panties and stockings

By #546476 at 22,May,18 18:10
I do....I love wearing tights and my wifes panties

By ***strokingnow at 22,May,18 01:19 other posts of ***strokingnow 
i love seeing a femboy/twink in lingerie. Something about a nice feminine body but with a cock in their panties excites me. I am mostly straight but exploring some bi feelings at the moment.

By #555799 at 21,May,18 20:04
Oh, yeah, I do for sure.

By #201155 at 07,Sep,12 18:08
I do!

[deleted image]
By #412225 at 13,Sep,13 13:58
I love pantyhose

By #416660 at 10,Sep,13 15:46
I love it feels so sexy and smooth. Love my men to wear them as well
By #412225 at 13,Sep,13 13:57
I also love the feeling

By #428293 at 13,Sep,13 13:19
I do but I can't tell you why. It just feel soooo good[deleted image]
By #412225 at 13,Sep,13 13:56
yes it does

By #172995 at 19,Oct,11 03:00
It depends on the guy wearing it. Some guys look hot and sexy no matter what they wear. Other guys look ridiculous.

By #143536 at 29,Aug,11 16:39
I love wearing lingerie. I've been loving it since I was a teen. Used to steal my mom and sister's undies to try on. For some reason, it has always given me a boner. I'll be honest: I have NO IDEA why???

By #6437 at 02,Apr,11 11:44
I am bi and love to dress. wife knows and loves it also. I am also a cocksucker

By spermkiss at 10,Mar,11 17:14 other posts of spermkiss 
OK, where are all the lingerie lovers? Except for dances12 comment everyone has said men in lingerie is a turn off. As I said in my original comment yesterday, from the huge number of photos on this site I can tell that a lot of men are doing it. Where are you?

By #34386 at 10,Mar,11 04:58
The same, a man in lingerie is a turn off. Brief or boxer looks good but pantis and so in guys looks bad. I know many guys straight and gays, like that and its ok, but particulary never like lingerie in men.

By #17000 at 10,Mar,11 00:20
I'm straight. A man in lingerie is a turn OFF. I've tried panties and pantyhose just to see what it was all about, and yuck, definitely not my bag. To each his own, however.

By #112574 at 09,Mar,11 19:44
Not me. I know there are those who are turned on by donning feminine garb or by seeing other guys do so. And that is fine---everybody to his own taste. However although I am gay I am male and have no desire to try to look or act female or to watch those who do.
By spermkiss at 09,Mar,11 20:20 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm with you! For me, seeing a man in lingerie is a Major Turn Off. Obviously there are a lot of people, men and women both, who feel differently. Judging by the huge number of photographs on this site and elsewhere of men wearing lingerie it certainly appeals to a lot of people.

Like you, I, too, am gay. Certainly many gay men wear lingerie and/or do drag, but it has been my observation that wearing lingerie appeals more to straight men than it does to gay men. Would any other SYD members, gay and straight, care to weigh in on this subject? I'm eager to hear what you have to say.

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