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By t-rex at 07,Feb,24 03:31
Such a sad loss,,, here’s to you Toby 🍺

By t-rex at 10,Jan,24 01:12
You can spam me anytime sweetheart

By t-rex at 18,Dec,23 02:14
Nice 👍

By t-rex at 17,Dec,23 20:58
Now that is hot buddy

By t-rex at 14,Dec,23 00:28

By t-rex at 10,Dec,23 22:28
All my wife’s pictures are fake,,, wait I’m not married 🤣

By t-rex at 19,Nov,23 01:54

By t-rex at 15,Oct,23 00:51
Divorced here

By t-rex at 14,Oct,23 14:10
Hell yes,

By t-rex at 10,Oct,23 02:17
Very nice

By t-rex at 09,Oct,23 11:49

By t-rex at 09,Oct,23 11:43
Nice 😃

By t-rex at 21,Aug,23 05:17
Yes, it comes up under a different title, I think it says show your Cunt miscellaneous category

By t-rex at 31,Jul,23 21:45
If I remember correctly i was 14,a few of us were playing doctor

By t-rex at 31,Jul,23 21:17
You want to suck socks ?

By t-rex at 11,Jul,23 02:23
Definitely prime material

By t-rex at 04,Jul,23 02:15
I would, conditions being correct

By t-rex at 21,Jun,23 00:28
Sometimes nothin can be a real cool hand,,,,, movie Cool hand Luke

By t-rex at 24,May,23 23:53
A sad loss

By t-rex at 24,May,23 23:37
Such a historic lady, bless you young lady and RIP

By t-rex at 27,Apr,23 01:21
I’m a moaner, I have to concentrate to be quiet, I dirty talk some, depends on the woman’s reaction and if she gets turned on by it

By t-rex at 27,Apr,23 01:16
And I love it

By t-rex at 19,Apr,23 10:26
Thank you

By t-rex at 19,Apr,23 02:16
It’s a shame, luckily the kid wasn’t killed

By t-rex at 19,Apr,23 01:33
Yes I heard of this, I’m sure the 84 year old was frightened, but what have we come to, that we shoot first, and ask questions later…just my opinion, I don’t know the details of the case

By t-rex at 19,Apr,23 01:17
Nice view

By t-rex at 19,Apr,23 01:09

By t-rex at 13,Apr,23 22:38
Much nicer than going at it alone

By t-rex at 14,Mar,23 02:35
You are a lucky couple

By t-rex at 21,Jan,23 02:17
Another sad loss

By t-rex at 28,Dec,22 03:47
They are beauties

By t-rex at 28,Dec,22 03:46

By t-rex at 28,Dec,22 03:43
I love all sizes 😁

By t-rex at 21,Dec,22 14:55

By t-rex at 25,Oct,22 16:54

By t-rex at 01,Oct,22 22:20
Be very proud of them, we need the ones that always step up, there are a lot of brave souls out there in a lot of different organizations. I also am very proud of my children, I also wish there were a lot more that stood up instead of wasting time.

By t-rex at 01,Oct,22 17:08
If she is willing, go for it, she will love watching you, and will be moaning when your warm cum splashes on her, just talking from past experience

By t-rex at 18,Sep,22 13:46
Looking good

By t-rex at 27,Aug,22 11:51

By t-rex at 27,Aug,22 08:20

By t-rex at 25,Aug,22 01:48
Yes, another great one in my book

By t-rex at 25,Aug,22 01:29
She was a cutie

By t-rex at 24,Aug,22 01:46
Who was the hot blonde ?

By t-rex at 21,Aug,22 18:22
Yes it was pretty funny

By t-rex at 21,Aug,22 14:57
That’s it

By t-rex at 21,Aug,22 13:24
I grew up watching the same westerns, gunsmoke, the rifleman, I remember wagon train, what was the one where it showed them breaking his sword, Branded ? So many great old western movies also

By t-rex at 01,May,22 22:19
I love blowjobs, but it’s hard to let it be all about me, plus I love licking pussy and fucking 😃

By t-rex at 10,Apr,22 17:11
I love this position, I love watching a woman enjoy herself being in control, Although when a woman loses control and starts pounding like crazy I don’t seem to be able to last as long, But still enjoy it immensely

By t-rex at 10,Apr,22 17:05
I can imagine you get tons of admirers looking at you 😃

By t-rex at 08,Mar,22 01:53
I guess we all have to do, what we have to do 👍