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Father & Son: Cut/Uncut ... same ? different?

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Started by 3fdfd at 24,Nov,17 15:21  other posts of 3fdfd
My Dad was uncut. I am cut. I'm wondering what's the pattern with you guys ... you - your dad - your sons - your grandsons. I suppose this depends on when the guys in your family were born. My Dad was born just before WWI. I was born during WWII. Depends too I guess in where you were born; family background' things like that. Your comments ?

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By mattyboy90 at 07,Mar,21 04:10 other posts of mattyboy90 
So I guess I'll ask... how do you all know who is cut/uncut in your family? I've seen my Dad as a kid. I *believe* he is cut but I was a kid so I don't know. I know I'm cut, that's about it haha
By wycowboy at 08,Mar,21 16:02 other posts of wycowboy 
My dad and I would go to the Y together to work out before he died and would then hit the showers, thats how I know he wasn't cut. I of course know about my sons because I made the choice there and I know about my grandson because we raised him for a year as a baby and had to change his diapers.

By nekekal at 06,Mar,21 19:04 other posts of nekekal 
My father was circumcised. So was I and my brothers. I think my older brothers kids were uncut and I know one of his kids children were uncut. I saw him running around naked once.

By wycowboy at 06,Mar,21 14:21 other posts of wycowboy 
My dad was uncut, I am cut, he was bigger. All of my sons were cut, My oldest we didn't have a choice, I was in the military and they cut all the boys at birth, the other 2 we decided. All are bigger than me, it ain't hard to be bigger than me, lol. My grandson is uncut. He was born in Oregon and being circumcised is an elective procedure so my son and his girlfriend said no.

By Welshbloke at 06,Mar,21 14:03 other posts of Welshbloke 
dad and 3 sons all intact,

By #622304 at 25,Feb,21 15:16
My grandad was uncut and really the largest sized cock of the men in my fam at ab 7”. My dad and I are both cut. As well as my cousins. I measured with my dad when I was 17 and found that I was the same size as him and am now a full inch longer.

I think it does depend on where and when you were born whether it not you get cut

By Skinnywank at 20,Feb,21 15:47 other posts of Skinnywank 
On my dads side of family: Grandpa - uncut, Uncle - uncut, Dad and cousins - cut

By Ananas2xLekker at 19,Feb,21 17:18 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
My father, my brother and myself are all uncut. In The Netherlands about 30% of men are circumcised, but they are mostly religious and/or immigrants. For native non-religious men, like me, it is rare and mostly only done out of medical necessity.

By cut5x5 at 19,Feb,21 16:01 other posts of cut5x5 
My dad and brother uncut. Me cut. I’m 7 years younger than my bro. My cock is an inch or smaller than both of them.

By #632553 at 17,Feb,21 23:41
Dad uncut me cut dad 9inches or better me 6inches.

By #631189 at 12,Feb,21 22:29
Dad intact from Scotland, me intact from England

By #624390 at 12,Feb,21 21:31
Dad was uncut, born 1927.
My brother and I, born in the 50s are both cut.
All born in USA.

By Silverfur at 11,Feb,21 18:57 other posts of Silverfur 
New Zealander. Dad born 1929 cut, me born 1962 cut, two sons born 1988 1990 uncut.

By Dalecash at 10,Feb,21 21:50 other posts of Dalecash 
My dad is cut, as are my brothers and I

By #621517 at 09,Feb,21 18:24
My father was uncut. I saw his big hairy uncut swinging cock once or twice. I was circumcised as a baby, I don’t know why, not for religious reasons as my dad was CofE and my mum was RC.
By spermkiss at 09,Feb,21 19:21 other posts of spermkiss 
A circumcised guy in the UK. Unusual but not unheard of. Prince Charles is circumcised.
By #621517 at 09,Feb,21 21:29
Yeah. Most of the boys I knew had uncut cocks. I wondered why mine looked different but at first thought it was just like faces were different. I was late teens when I discovered. But it never bothered me at all and I was as much into masturbating and hand jobbing as everyone else.

By spermkiss at 09,Feb,21 16:36 other posts of spermkiss 
Same experience for me. My father was born in 1912 at home and was uncut. I was born in 1942 in a hospital and was cut.

By galaxy123 at 09,Feb,21 14:56 other posts of galaxy123 
My father was circumcised and I am uncut.
Both british - Father mentioned his grandmother was jewish
He was born 1940s
I was born 1970s
His was much larger than mine both soft and hard.

By yellowman at 29,Nov,17 18:13 other posts of yellowman 
As far as I know none of the men or boys in my family are cut. Mind you, I've never asked!

By uncut1944 at 29,Nov,17 00:34 other posts of uncut1944 
All men born before 1950 in my family uncut

By smplcsms at 26,Nov,17 22:07 other posts of smplcsms 
My dad's policy: The Good Lord allowed us guys a little extra - for "fair wear and tear" ! He, me, my sons all uncut! Thanks be!

By pifad at 26,Nov,17 10:44 other posts of pifad 
USA: me cut at birth 1948, Dad cut at birth 1919, Grandfather uncut born in Ireland 1880

By #372855 at 25,Nov,17 08:54
Dad is in cut.

By routemaster at 25,Nov,17 08:00 other posts of routemaster 
My late dad was uncut like me

By Rob00 at 25,Nov,17 00:40 other posts of Rob00 
Aussie here,my father was cut,i am cut,i Wish I still had my foreskin,but I never had a say in that

By #539473 at 25,Nov,17 00:23
Australian. My father is cut, and I'm uncut and loving it!

By #542930 at 24,Nov,17 22:48
Australian .Father uncut me cut no sons

By #538435 at 24,Nov,17 19:29
American . Dad uncut me uncut son cut grandson uncut .

By #539358 at 24,Nov,17 17:56
Me: English, uncut. My Dad: Scottish, uncut.

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