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married man

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Started by #127626 at 28,Feb,11 16:12
Has anyone had sex with a married man. Did the wife know or cared or was it in total secret

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By #516354 at 12,Feb,21 12:03
I assume this guy was married as he wore a wedding ring.Both myself and noe ex wife/Mistress enjoyed ourselves.

By LGA6969 at 05,Feb,21 22:42 other posts of LGA6969 
Yes. No wife didn’t know. There are a lot of married men who don’t get sex at home anymore. A lot of them seek man sex and I am happy to oblige
By bil47 at 11,Feb,21 22:07 other posts of bil47 
It's so much easier for a man to have a no-strings hook up with another man, compared to hooking up with a woman... except for a "professional" woman.

By bil47 at 11,Feb,21 22:02 other posts of bil47 
I'm married, and my preference for cock-sucking hook-ups is married guys around my age. The wives never know, though they probably suspect.

By deepchocolate2071 at 03,Feb,21 23:18 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
I Love fucking Married Men!!
I've had plenty of experiences with them, they're GREAT!!

I adore watching my cock disappear Into a white bottom whilst looking at his thick gold banded wedding ring is a huge turn on for me.

Love to fuck married men!!
By knewbi at 08,Feb,21 16:40 other posts of knewbi 
You can bury yours in me any time...
By deepchocolate2071 at 11,Feb,21 20:19 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
Really? Can I have you naked on all fours Doggy Style with lube?

By #633353 at 09,Feb,21 13:23
Yes, several. And No, the wives don't know....

By #632705 at 08,Feb,21 23:51
He can be dating and or married to either sex I don’t care not my business.

By Welshbloke at 05,Feb,21 16:27 other posts of Welshbloke 
I met my friends wifes husband and we used to get together and watch porn/beat off together. This went on for 10 yrs the furthest we got was sucking each other,, was enough for me- never wanted anal. But loved a blokes hand around my cock- at least he knew the pressure needed to make me cum lol.

By bella! at 03,Feb,21 23:22 other posts of bella! 
I have and no, she did not know!

By #622501 at 15,Aug,20 20:48
So do I, no one near me sadly

By #622501 at 15,Aug,20 14:57
Wish I could find one

By #147052 at 07,Oct,13 14:35
It is the best and safest.

By #220845 at 06,Oct,13 23:18
I've been Fucked by married men and sucked by married men and vice versa. I don't think their mates knew.

By cumaddik at 06,Oct,13 17:13 other posts of cumaddik 
I've been used by a few married men as their cum dump, and i loved it very much it was probably the best sex i had I'm pretty sure their wife had no ideas of what was going on...

By notnow at 20,Aug,11 23:12 other posts of notnow 
I had a four year affair with a married man , best sex ever! No one knew .

By #108602 at 28,Feb,11 18:39
As a 'bottom' gay guy I have been fucked by many married men. Most 'top' guys are married. I know for a fact all the guys I have been with the wifes never knew (one night stands).

I also have to add the best sex I have experianced has always been with married guys.

By spermkiss at 28,Feb,11 17:41 other posts of spermkiss 
Most gay men have. Like doglover, I've had sex with several dozen.

As for their wives knowing about it, as is doglover's experience, this is all over the spectrum. Sometimes the man-on-man sex was totally clandestine, sometimes the wife knew but pretended not to, sometimes she knew but didn't care, sometimes she watched and sometimes she participated.

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