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Started by #154955 at 03,Jul,11 11:41

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By Komp122 at 09,Sep,18 02:13 other posts of Komp122 

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I can selfsuck
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Selfsuck is great it's so damn hot
By #563464 at 10,Sep,18 02:47
If you jerk off too much, you get hairy palms, but when you suck your own dick, your face melts off.
By Komp122 at 10,Sep,18 02:49 other posts of Komp122 
My face enjoy

By bella! at 10,Sep,18 04:09 other posts of bella! 
Is that why you are naked, because you are so damn hot?
By Komp122 at 10,Sep,18 04:11 other posts of Komp122 
Yes bella thanks for the comment,glad you like my body
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Drop by my page anytime

By Komp122 at 13,Sep,18 02:14 other posts of Komp122 

By Komp122 at 03,Oct,19 23:58 other posts of Komp122 

By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 22:21
I have tried a lot of times.Closest I was that I could kiss my cockhead with lips and lick it all over with my tongue.
By bella! at 10,Sep,18 04:06 other posts of bella! 
I call BS! Prove it. The next time you're inclined to try that, be sure to have your s i s t e r, mother our aunt help you by making it a Kodak moment.
By #566722 at 14,Sep,18 18:16
Yeah I think I need some help from my ****.She needs to bend my back harder as I try to reach my cock with mouth.Also she should hold me tight as soon as my cock slides inside my mouth and don't release until I finished and blew my load in my mouth and swallowed it.I wonder how would she react seeing me doing this
By #563464 at 14,Sep,18 20:39
By #539433 at 14,Sep,18 21:11

By #567296 at 14,Sep,18 19:58
So jealous of guys that can do this. I'd love to be able to do it!

By #552510 at 13,Sep,18 11:32
I used to be able to reach the head in to my mouth, and sometimes a little more. But I couldn't ever really get it too far.
If I had a longer cock it would have been much easier. Now I have a slight bit of a stomach and wouldn't be able to do it again.

By nekekal at 10,Sep,18 15:35 other posts of nekekal 
I have a lot of cock. And even though I am not very flexible, I can suck my own cock. I lay on my back and bring my feet up towards my ears and suck my cock. It is pretty good, but not as good as someone else sucking it.

By #146152 at 12,Jul,11 22:13
i have tried when i was young. but now could not reach my tip as it strains my back. but it is easily possible for those who practise yoga as their body is very flexible. lucky guys to have a such self pleasure.

By #139037 at 03,Jul,11 21:45
When I was around 16 the raging hormones and a more flexible body made me suck myself off once. Not long before that time I tried to reach my dick and succeeded, so the step to actually blow myself was a small one after that. I did come and did swallow, but I must say, due to the pressure on my back and neck, the orgasm itself wasn't worth remembering and I have never really tried to suck myself off after. I had a back-strain for a few days and decided it wasn't worth going through that for a less than average orgasm. Though I'm still proud in a way I once sucked myself off and occasionally still try to reach the tip with my mouth. Nowadays find it harder to reach it, but still make it if I really try.

I can imagine a guy would love to do this at least once, but you don't miss it really if you won't.
By slutfinder69 at 04,Jul,11 00:00 other posts of slutfinder69 
Your story is almost identical to mine only I can no longer reach the tip of my dick with my tongue - wish I still could - too afraid of injuring myself or getting stuck in an embarrassing position.

By niginni at 06,Jul,11 10:43 other posts of niginni 
i tried when younger but never managed just a facefull of cum

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