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Who's ever masturbated with toothpaste, Deep Heat, or Tabasco sauce?

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Started by #81941 at 26,Nov,11 01:07
Who's ever masturbated with toothpaste, Deep Heat, or Tabasco sauce?
I have. I found toothpaste gives a nice tingle, Deep Heat is almost bearable, but Tabasco really fucking hurts once it kicks in!
What else have you guys tried?

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By Ray10754 at 02,Dec,19 18:11 other posts of Ray10754 
what the fuck is wrong with people???

By Dev01 at 01,Dec,19 22:51 other posts of Dev01 
like I have said in many threads.... Toothpaste, deep heat and ghost chillies pale in comparison to a mixture of gasoline and anti freeze

By liccalottapussy2 at 01,Dec,19 21:15 other posts of liccalottapussy2 
Vicks vapo-rub

By penis-misterluke3 at 30,Nov,19 13:22 other posts of penis-misterluke3 
Be careful, folks, your dick doesn't deserve such unhealthy substances like toothpaste with dangerous microplastic and fluorine inside it. I wouldn't trust our chemical industry that permanently creates such crap like DDT and glyphosate.

By knewbi at 27,Nov,19 12:35 other posts of knewbi 
Love mixing in some tooth paste with some lotion... Also tried brushing teeth in shower and spit on my cock. Great wanking sessions.

By doedeldi at 27,Nov,19 11:13 other posts of doedeldi 
toothpaste is ok

By #596131 at 27,Nov,19 04:32
Done it. Feels good

By #149864 at 14,Dec,11 19:49
I used toothpaste sometimes. I don't think it hurts, just let your cock "minty hot", and it's an interesting sensation. Try to put a bit of toothpaste on your balls and your asshole too. It feels great!

By steve8211 at 14,Dec,11 14:26 other posts of steve8211 
You guys are crazy for doing that!

By iluvcox at 14,Dec,11 01:33 other posts of iluvcox 
In my late teens I tried just about anything(but tabasco) Yikes. This was pre-internet days so it was R rated Showtime movies.I would sometimes use a sports rub that got very hot and it stung,but in a good way.Just don't get it in your piss-slit.

By Vanillacum at 11,Dec,11 08:34 other posts of Vanillacum 

By #147052 at 01,Dec,11 09:56
Why would you want to do something that may damage you little willy for good?

By lumber at 27,Nov,11 06:56 other posts of lumber 
try ben gay

By #201583 at 27,Nov,11 03:30
the wierdest I have used is hershys syrup. But my wife a few years ago LMAO. I came home from work and she was crying, tucked in a ball on the bathroom floor. Well she diced up a bunch of hot peppers for me to put on the grill, and she forgot to wash her hands before she touched herself. Then she touched herself again because she thought there was glass in her pussy. I laughed while she cried.
By #205329 at 27,Nov,11 03:42
OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!

By #205329 at 27,Nov,11 02:28
I watched a comedy show once and they mentioned putting Tabasco sauce up your asshole. They claimed it gave an immediate erection. Not sure if was a big joke or if it actually does. No, I will NOT be trying this, at home or anywhere else.

By slipper at 27,Nov,11 01:25 other posts of slipper 

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