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Started by #215570 at 09,Dec,11 00:42
...if you openly tell me what you think about my cock, I will rate yours honestly and write you some personal cock comment.

Please post the picture to be rated right here in this Forum. Let's go, post your cock!!

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New Comment

By HotFuckerBoy at 04,Jul,17 15:13 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
I think the original member that made this forum and thus was going to rate erections is long gone... just sayin...

By hotlicker69 at 04,Jul,17 15:09 other posts of hotlicker69 
Not erect but id still love a rating

By #335537 at 03,Jul,17 05:28

By cutroundhead at 03,Jul,17 04:34 other posts of cutroundhead 
Here's my hard-on

By Eerect at 02,Jul,17 10:38 other posts of Eerect 

Let me know what you think..

By #519017 at 02,Jul,17 08:24

By #487206 at 02,Jul,17 08:05
Tell me what you think

By #509938 at 16,Dec,16 14:14
By sinanff47 at 16,Dec,16 23:19 other posts of sinanff47 
Why do you keep posting this terrible photo asking for comments? You have been told several times how bad it is. Why not spend the time posting a much better pic?
By #509938 at 18,Dec,16 15:04
Hadn't been told at all!
By sinanff47 at 18,Dec,16 16:48 other posts of sinanff47 
Of course, since you erased the 8 July comments.
By leopoldij at 01,Jul,17 21:09 other posts of leopoldij 
This person must be a woman posing as a man.

By LapLog8 at 08,Mar,15 06:40 other posts of LapLog8 

By ahjoj at 05,Mar,15 09:56 other posts of ahjoj 

By #371590 at 28,Dec,14 16:01

By iowaguy at 15,Jul,14 18:37 other posts of iowaguy 
By #475905 at 28,Dec,14 11:22
That is a hard one..
By iowaguy at 28,Dec,14 13:15 other posts of iowaguy 
Mmmm thank you

By #347861 at 26,Jun,13 19:57
I don't understand how to insert a picture into this comment but I would really appriciate somebody rating me. please thank you!
By #371590 at 28,Dec,14 05:36
You have to go to the photo you want to insert, and under the photo you will see "Show it in a blog or forum".

Click on it and copy/paste the third link you see.

By bobbies12246 at 14,Jul,14 20:10 other posts of bobbies12246 
I like your cock its a 10+

By #335537 at 04,Sep,13 21:41


By #292979 at 02,Sep,13 08:12

By bigone21 at 27,Jun,13 17:57 other posts of bigone21 
The man (#215570) is gone for 1 1/2 years FGS! Never noticed?? He will honestly NOT rate your erection!!

By #78174 at 27,Jun,13 14:30

By vermillion at 26,Jun,13 23:01 other posts of vermillion 

By #386566 at 26,Jun,13 06:54
Rate lazyd515's Dick, I'd love to see what you would score it as. He's my favorite COCK on this site!

By Chandu at 24,Jun,13 16:19 other posts of Chandu 
Like it?

By #383274 at 15,Jun,13 06:39

By #323075 at 13,Jun,13 06:28

By sneeze88 at 21,Mar,12 17:58 other posts of sneeze88 
one of the more unique cocks on the site, for certain. looks at its best when in just hanging, thats my fav pic of yours

By welshlad at 07,Mar,12 03:53 other posts of welshlad 

By #48122 at 06,Mar,12 21:08
let me know what you think!

By wabbitz at 19,Jan,12 19:21 other posts of wabbitz 
nice cock...here's mine shaved and ready
By #215570 at 21,Jan,12 17:21
Just "nice cock" would be really an insult for your AWESOME ERECTION!!!! This dick looks SO SEXY, OMG I have to wank first a little to focus and then continue writing here...

Amazing, perfect,horny and very arousing!!! This pic is an invitation of a special kind... one for an event one would never forghet...

By wabbitz at 22,Jan,12 18:45 other posts of wabbitz 
your too kind

By Donni at 22,Jan,12 06:44 other posts of Donni 

By Sammy at 21,Jan,12 11:13 other posts of Sammy 
Good size. nice errection. I believe that cut job could have been done more neatly.

By mpmforce at 19,Jan,12 23:33 other posts of mpmforce 
You have a really nice cock. I want to wrap my lips around it while massaging your balls and swallow every last drop of cum.your mushroom head is irresistible

By flipalink at 19,Jan,12 17:41 other posts of flipalink 
I like the big, thick head. The underside surprised me a little but it's still a sexy cock. /m121m6y2m1kbpic.html

By #225670 at 19,Jan,12 10:14

By I-Love-My-4skin at 17,Jan,12 12:03 other posts of I-Love-My-4skin 
Man i love your cock, Great head
Heres mine

By thunder_black at 15,Jan,12 18:17 other posts of thunder_black 
Awesome cock head, shape n size. My guess is that your cock is 5.5inches. one of the most interesting 5.5 i've ever seen
this is mine

By gradurgaur at 10,Jan,12 21:50 other posts of gradurgaur 

how about my cock..my friend..
By #215570 at 14,Jan,12 09:08
THIIIICK MAN, wow and a super lenght too... Sure you'll get any hole burning!! Really a great sexy toy and a cock to be proud of!
By gradurgaur at 14,Jan,12 19:11 other posts of gradurgaur 
Thank you my hot dear sexy friend...
I wil love to suck your hot beautifull cock..ani-time...of the week...

By #180868 at 14,Jan,12 02:08
I love your veiny cock and big head. Great body too.

By #102857 at 07,Jan,12 20:07
as always, i love your pics. good length and nice head!
By #215570 at 07,Jan,12 20:32
Thanks buddy, yours is young and hot and very suckable too! Great bathtube pics... Maybe I should take a bath now as well... or can you maybe lick me clean, pleeease?
By gradurgaur at 10,Jan,12 21:52 other posts of gradurgaur 
You have great hot cock my friend..love the length and you have very hot cockhead...

ps Can i have that load...please?

By xyz at 10,Jan,12 11:15 other posts of xyz 
not bad

rate this : /2rkc2tpiupk7pic.html

By SexyBoy92 at 09,Jan,12 21:34 other posts of SexyBoy92 
that's an interesting cock you have there..looks quite nice..nice body too

By badass at 09,Jan,12 21:23 other posts of badass 
LUV that mushroom headed cock of yours, very unusual glans but still good what do u think of mine ?

By mess at 08,Jan,12 17:45 other posts of mess 
another view...
Photo of a shaft from mess

By mess at 04,Jan,12 11:45 other posts of mess 
Love your cum shot Mate

By cupar at 02,Jan,12 17:59 other posts of cupar 

By Vita at 23,Dec,11 16:01 other posts of Vita 

... itīs okay ??!
By #215570 at 26,Dec,11 17:13
Great creative pics, nice cock, good lenght and girth! Love all your veins and the nice balls bag. The nutcracker is really a tough pic!! Aiiiii...... - Great!!!
By Vita at 29,Dec,11 17:13 other posts of Vita 
hey nice of you - thanks for your praise !

By Dutchman at 28,Dec,11 18:21 other posts of Dutchman 

By alanocala at 28,Dec,11 13:58 other posts of alanocala 
Too small ****

By alanocala at 28,Dec,11 13:57 other posts of alanocala 
Too small urs dick ****

By billybollocks at 23,Dec,11 16:46 other posts of billybollocks 
huge head dude

By badboy12345 at 22,Dec,11 18:14 other posts of badboy12345 

By CLinz49 at 17,Dec,11 04:41 other posts of CLinz49 
Like the large head, bet it feels good in the throat or entering a tight hole!
By #215570 at 20,Dec,11 10:27
Juicy pics, nice glans shape and a veiny thick looking shaft!! This is a great cock to play with. Great lenghtwhich is I guess about good average. Very arousing pics!!
By CLinz49 at 21,Dec,11 13:22 other posts of CLinz49 
Thanks 4 the evaluation, average + is about right on the length. Always seems to reach where it needs to at least, LOL!

By #188764 at 20,Dec,11 05:55
Yours isn't the most conventionally attractive cock, but I find it very sexy and suckable.

By #218775 at 19,Dec,11 23:01
Very nice looking cock u have

By nastyguy1979_69 at 19,Dec,11 22:03 other posts of nastyguy1979_69 
wow, I like that big mushroom head!

By #209045 at 14,Dec,11 16:10
check out mine, can't link it, i don't know why!!

yours isn't bad, not keen on the head but it's okay x

By qhaos at 11,Dec,11 03:32 other posts of qhaos 
honestly yours is not my kind of cock, but only for my eyes because i prefer uncut cocks, but from the functional point of view i think that his mushroom's head feeling great in a mouth! here's mine, soft and hard, is not a perfect cock but is the only one i have!

By langloot at 10,Dec,11 23:28 other posts of langloot 
What do you think? You have a great knob there.

By #196059 at 10,Dec,11 23:11
I iike your cock picture in the car and the one your juice runs down. Would love to suck on it.

By #41607 at 10,Dec,11 19:48
the shape of your cock is a bit unusual but that makes it that much more interesting. and i like that big cock head.

By Ray10754 at 10,Dec,11 09:45 other posts of Ray10754 
I see nothing wrong with your cock has a nice length to it and a nice large head also,Im sure it brings you much enjoyment and you should be proud of it

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