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By qhaos at 06,Feb,20 03:56
I have a 6.8 inches long cock and my girth is 6.5. And it appeats a little squat. If you need more girth, i need more lenght!

By qhaos at 26,Jan,20 01:40
My first time was with a virgin pussy, i remember how tight she was and my cock completely wrapped by that warm, wet coat. I came in a second!

By qhaos at 26,Jan,20 01:35
Here’s my experiment of prostatic stimulation. A handsfree cum and was great! Try it if you want!

By qhaos at 26,Jan,20 01:30
Yes, several times, but just a second before cum, the boner comes!

By qhaos at 26,Dec,19 01:54
The kinkiest? I think you can see it on this site...

By qhaos at 26,Dec,19 01:08
I really love to start and finish a sex intercourse with a blowjob, by 69 better!

By qhaos at 26,Dec,19 01:04

This is my most viewed at the moment

By qhaos at 15,Dec,19 07:54
Totally agree with you, no differences, no brands, no social classes. When we’re naked, we are only us with our nature. And is amazing!

By qhaos at 13,Dec,19 07:24

Here’s the best view of my frenulum... for now...

By qhaos at 25,Nov,19 06:05

By qhaos at 25,Nov,19 06:05
This is mine’s

By qhaos at 25,Oct,19 14:04
Eheh no selfie stick! Pic was taken by my wife, too shy for nude pics and we was in my courtyard, in august, with everyone in vacation

By qhaos at 25,Oct,19 03:59
Try this

By qhaos at 20,Apr,19 11:26

Not naked but alwais out!

By qhaos at 06,Feb,19 05:53
Wild is the Wind - David Bowie

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By qhaos at 01,Jan,19 23:46

This is my best pic for me, you agree?

By qhaos at 16,Sep,18 01:32

By qhaos at 06,Sep,18 07:28

By qhaos at 10,Aug,18 01:28
The brave do not fear the grave! Is my whatsapp status! (And im an addicted of ff7 too)

By qhaos at 12,Jul,18 10:30
I’ve cummed touchless by prostating stimulation. Was awesome!

Here’s the video

By qhaos at 08,Jul,18 02:29
I trained my foreskin to stay retracted all day long, in every situation. I am able to leep my glans covered, but it helped me to have a less sensitive glans

By qhaos at 20,Apr,18 12:39
Mine is quite your ideal but is only 6.8”

By qhaos at 01,Apr,18 01:37

I really love my frenulum, is very sensitive. And if i touch it with something vibrant, i can cum handless!

By qhaos at 23,Feb,18 07:14
My wife prefer when i fuck her without cockring, but i love to fuck her with my cockring on, so, in pussy forever without cockring, when she suck me ibputbit on my cock

By qhaos at 16,Feb,18 03:33
Im in!

By qhaos at 16,Feb,18 03:29
I have deflorated 2 girls in my life, the first time wasn’t so good for the first one, i was young too and never experienced the girl’s first time, so i hurted her and i spent the rest of night with an ice pack on her pussy. The second one was easier, i worked on her pussy with my tongue letting her cum a couple of times, and after i deflorate her, was not so painful but she bleeded more than the first girl

By qhaos at 05,Feb,18 03:22
For me is Sambuca, one shot a day keeps the doctor away!

By qhaos at 09,Nov,17 06:36
Same for me, maybe she has never tried an uncut cock i think

By qhaos at 28,Oct,17 07:51
Here's my best... for now...

By qhaos at 05,Sep,17 04:40
So good then, come on cocksuckers, if you like my cock to suck it, i'm ready for you!

By qhaos at 02,Sep,17 02:17
This is the problem, i don't feel ready to suck a cock yet, but i want to be sucked. I can do an handjob in exchance

By qhaos at 31,Aug,17 17:49
Not yet...

By qhaos at 31,Aug,17 07:47
In the bathroom of the school, i was 17, a girl was discussing with her boyfriend, she was very angry with him, I heard her saying to her boyfriend "now I suck cock at the first guy who passes!" And then I came in! I think I was more astonished than that guy! (and i think wasn't for my measures) I looked at him while she put my cock in her mouth and i said "c'est la vie!" No matter i had to piss! The guy was there until she finished and after they continue her discussion. I said thanks and go back to my class, with a smile!

By qhaos at 31,Aug,17 07:07
Morning wood for me is an health meter, the day i don't get it,i got sick!

By qhaos at 31,Aug,17 07:05
Something my friends dont know is that i want a blowjob by a man...

By qhaos at 16,Aug,17 03:39
Will I Let Lick You


By qhaos at 08,Aug,17 04:26
Heeeeee haaaaa!

By qhaos at 30,Jul,17 02:07

By qhaos at 14,Jul,17 07:47
I got rejected too, (not for gay porn but for straight) auditions went well, but the response was "the cock is perfect, but your body isn't for us, we're sorry". I know the feeling!

By qhaos at 08,Jul,17 01:38
Foreskin down

Foreskin up

By qhaos at 05,Jul,17 03:36
Here's the only one of mine

By qhaos at 04,Jul,17 12:10
Mmmh... dunno... but ###@ is quite similar to a chainsaw, so yes, i've done it!!

By qhaos at 30,Jun,17 02:12

I really love to jerk outside, i love to feel the air and the sun on my cock.

By qhaos at 29,Jun,17 02:52

By qhaos at 29,Jun,17 02:27
Was a guy (myself)

By qhaos at 29,Jun,17 02:13
I have something for you

By qhaos at 28,Jun,17 03:06

Here's my mushroom covered

By qhaos at 11,Jun,17 05:21

Integral cock

By qhaos at 11,Jun,17 03:21
Some shot of mine, what do you think?

By qhaos at 04,Jun,17 04:04
Me too, the link "recent comments" in the homepage, returns me the error 502 bad gateway.