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First time sucking: Cut or Uncut

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Started by #4222 at 29,Dec,11 18:40
When you popped your oral sex cherry on a cock, was it cut or uncut? Then did you ever try the other type? Compare experiences.

First time for me was uncut--the sensation of a smooth head on the roof of my mouth was amazing!

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By #575378 at 01,Jan,19 00:47
I never have sucked anyone,but for my first time I hope I will find cut cock to suck. As I have uncut cock I would be more interested sucking a different one for my first time.

By Allalexallday at 27,Dec,18 00:18 other posts of Allalexallday 
First time was a few years ago. Meet a guy on Craigslist he came over I was so nervous and excited. He sat down on my bed and asked me what I wanted to do "I wanna to suck your cock" I replied so he took his shorts n sexy little manties off. I got on my knees grabbed his sexy semi hard cock n put it in my mouth. It felt so good feeling it grow. He still to this day has the best dick ever 7.5" long, pretty fat ,uncut and curved down. We sucked each other off for a while I made his big sexy cock cum all over my face....greatest sexual experience ever

By #482836 at 03,Apr,18 14:16
Only ever sucked uncut, but my first had a foreskin so short it popped back over his helmet as soon as he got hard. I've never seen a cut dick close up in real life

By littlemike58 at 03,Apr,18 13:50 other posts of littlemike58 
Only sucked cut ones so far

By foreskinlover52 at 30,Mar,18 14:47 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I have only sucked uncut cocks and love them..Dont like the cut ones at all!

By #535069 at 29,Mar,18 14:58
My first was uncut. But I've sucked and enjoyed both. Uncut turns me on a bit more, though.

By 67malibu at 29,Mar,18 14:43 other posts of 67malibu 

By cumaddik at 29,Mar,18 13:01 other posts of cumaddik 
My first was it so much!
Of course i have sucked cut cocks too!
I just love sucking cocks! Cut or uncut!

By Cumeleon at 30,Dec,13 06:35 other posts of Cumeleon 
Only uncut so far. Dont feel like sucking a cut cock, as im cut myself.
By superstudme at 19,Mar,18 17:53 other posts of superstudme 
Being cut in Germany must be unusual .Is it?
By #460523 at 19,Mar,18 19:52
do not know

By Cumeleon at 28,Mar,18 04:14 other posts of Cumeleon 
Well, maybe not unsual (I see cut guys once in a while at the gym), but luckily it's not the rule.

By talk4s at 19,Mar,18 14:27 other posts of talk4s 
KIN dis ackually beee??? NON existent member spouting...
By #549651 at 20,Mar,18 03:27
You do realize that these "non existent" members you speak of are simply deleted accounts, don't you? I have four of them myself. Most recently 167701. Jumper 5 years ago.
By talk4s at 21,Mar,18 15:30 other posts of talk4s 
Shore ah does...teehee...drinking the coolaide, jis lak ya is.

By knewbi at 21,Mar,18 14:00 other posts of knewbi 
First time. Did a 2 guy couple. Both were cut.

By louther at 21,Mar,18 09:21 other posts of louther 
Only had cut so far but itís been years since.

By cumonme1 at 21,Mar,18 08:47 other posts of cumonme1 
Only cut ones so far

By #549651 at 20,Mar,18 03:23
Cut, but since have had plenty of both. Retired from both now, too.

By #363802 at 19,Mar,18 19:42
I've only sucked cut cocks, I've always wanted to suck an uncut cock! I would love to find someone to help train me the right way to properly take care of one!
By kebmo at 19,Mar,18 20:12 other posts of kebmo 
I've never sucked an uncut cock either. Once I wanted to find some tips about how to do it so I posed the question on my blog in my profile. This is it and the responses from members. /blogs/25055.html

By Rob00 at 19,Mar,18 18:33 other posts of Rob00 
I sucked my first cock when I was either 5 or 6 and he was cut I enjoy sucking either

By talk4s at 19,Mar,18 14:29 other posts of talk4s 
Yet agin...Methinks sumthin's up heere on dis bored

By #539358 at 19,Mar,18 14:10
Iíve only ever sucked intact cocks

By #461011 at 19,Mar,18 09:58
it was uncut and have sucked both. prefer uncut because of my first sucking and because im cut.

By Ablaze at 19,Mar,18 07:50 other posts of Ablaze 
I was only with uncut cocks till now but wanna try cut. What is the difference ?

By foreskinlover52 at 19,Mar,18 07:10 other posts of foreskinlover52 
The first was uncut..Necer sucked a cut one before! I like sucking foreskin to much to start with cut cocks

By niginni at 19,Mar,18 05:54 other posts of niginni 
The first cock i sucked was uncut when i was 13, started by licking first then very quickly sucking each other . I have sucked a couple of cut cocks as well

By Sal5408 at 18,Mar,18 20:13 other posts of Sal5408 
My first was uncut.

By 3fdfd at 30,Dec,13 07:12 other posts of 3fdfd 
I've yet to suck a cock - so either would be a new experience - but an uncut one just might be really special.

By #33070 at 01,Apr,13 22:27
Uncut was first and find funner to play with.

By #188764 at 02,Jan,12 10:15
All my sex-buddies back when I was 13 were circumcised. (So was I.) I loved sucking their smooth, cut cocks

By #175123 at 30,Dec,11 08:57
Cut or uncut, it's all good. Foreskin has never been a problem for me. As Jamiesex said, just pull back the foreskin on uncut.
By slipper at 31,Dec,11 00:07 other posts of slipper 
Just a suggestion as an uncut who gets sucked, don't be in a hurry to pull-back and hide the foreskin... for many of us it is one of the most sensitive parts, especially the very tip that can get hidden and lost from play when retracted.

By slutfinder69 at 30,Dec,11 08:52 other posts of slutfinder69 
I haven't popped my oral sex cherry yet but yours looks good enough to eat!

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