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what`s your real size? (in cms)

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Started by #7176 at 04,Feb,09 23:32
every one know his real size but always change it. In the web you can see several ranks, now we`re gonna do ours.

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New Comment

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 03:31

My cock when is hard is 16 cm.

By leopoldij at 10,Jul,18 17:25 other posts of leopoldij 
I prefer to use a different unit for my size. My size is 376.58 watts.

By Peter1201 at 10,Jul,18 09:25 other posts of Peter1201 

16 cm * 14 cm

By #552510 at 10,Jul,18 01:11

By Sauerland at 09,Jul,18 12:58 other posts of Sauerland 
14 cm

By ScottsCock at 30,Jun,18 14:52 other posts of ScottsCock 
.... 15.875cm

By leopoldij at 29,Jun,18 18:21 other posts of leopoldij 
My real height is 180 cm.

By lahbr at 28,Jun,18 03:38 other posts of lahbr 

By #539358 at 29,Jun,18 01:52
I could have so much fun with you

By MichealAndDimitri at 28,Jun,18 13:50 other posts of MichealAndDimitri 
Who wanna compare with our write in private

By cutroundhead at 25,Jun,18 04:29 other posts of cutroundhead 
I'm 12.5cm long and 11cm in circumference...very thin
By #539358 at 27,Jun,18 12:51
One of my favourite cocks on here, perfect size and shape

By DarkMax at 27,Jun,18 10:41 other posts of DarkMax 
16-17 cm

By Sauerland at 25,Jun,18 06:29 other posts of Sauerland 
14 cm long and 12 girth when hard

By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,18 02:27 other posts of xdjxx1 
13.7 long and 11.8 round when erect.

By lawrenceo at 25,Jun,18 02:17 other posts of lawrenceo 
14 cms erect and about 12 girth

By #560220 at 23,Jun,18 21:50

By #560220 at 23,Jun,18 21:28
I'm 6 inchs hard and 5 inchs dia
By #556376 at 23,Jun,18 21:47
5 inches diameter means your girth is 15.7 inches, or 39.9cm

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 13:09 other posts of Bludgeon 

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 13:03 other posts of Bludgeon 
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By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 13:03 other posts of Bludgeon 
only registered users can see external links

By boc at 09,Feb,18 08:19 other posts of boc 

By BirdDog at 03,Feb,18 13:13 other posts of BirdDog 
15.24cm long

By #549442 at 03,Feb,18 12:18
Micro penis💋

By mmarkii at 03,Feb,18 06:03 other posts of mmarkii 
Mine 16.5 long
14.5 around
Your comments please

By DarkMax at 29,Jan,18 16:29 other posts of DarkMax 
~17 cm

By Hotcutboy at 29,Jan,18 16:19 other posts of Hotcutboy 
14.5 x 13

By doedeldi at 29,Jan,18 10:05 other posts of doedeldi 
15cm real

By banshee728 at 29,Jan,18 10:03 other posts of banshee728 
19 cm long

By #549480 at 29,Jan,18 08:49
I'm 6 hard,5 dia,,2 inchs soft

By mrseveninches at 28,Jan,18 12:32 other posts of mrseveninches 
17.7 long, 13.2 girth.

By Greek18cm at 23,Jan,18 17:11 other posts of Greek18cm 
Ok , 18cm... the thng is that i see pics here that looks much bgger than mine and yet they claim to have less cm than me

By Darthshame at 23,Jan,18 00:49 other posts of Darthshame 

By Andthisisme at 18,Jan,18 16:39 other posts of Andthisisme 
I think you are wrong, I really don't think we do. If we are talking flaccid there are so many factors that affect size and even erect, we vary. If we are totally, powerfully aroused our erection is larger than if we are just aroused. All measurments are good for that moment, but in general we all fall within a range of measurements.
By RealTitsLover at 23,Jan,18 00:35 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Yeah... I definitely never change mine. Even when I did a comparison pic that showed it's bigger than something that's longer than the measurement I stick with...

So to answer the topic question, I'm 18.5cm long, 16.5cm around.

By #539358 at 19,Jan,18 03:29
13cm. With the picture to prove it, and it does me proud!

By #206678 at 22,Jan,18 15:06
Yep. 13cm here too. seems to be standard issue.
By #539358 at 22,Jan,18 17:55
Any more is just greedy!

By #511422 at 20,Jan,18 03:41

By #546455 at 19,Jan,18 03:27
21 cm

By winnie at 18,Jan,18 06:15 other posts of winnie 

14,5 cm
--------------------------------------- added after 57 seconds

By JeffinKS at 17,Jan,18 23:17 other posts of JeffinKS 

By #535069 at 17,Jan,18 16:33
15 cm

By pifad at 17,Jan,18 16:02 other posts of pifad 
16.5 cm.

By 0-00 at 17,Jan,18 13:42 other posts of 0-00 
18 x 14

By naked-porn at 16,Jan,18 17:45 other posts of naked-porn 
16,1cm long - 12,0cm circumference

By gedert at 16,Jan,18 08:46 other posts of gedert 
My XS cock = 15/4,5 cm only

By lawrenceo at 16,Jan,18 08:43 other posts of lawrenceo 
14 cm

By #9039 at 12,Nov,09 14:39
erect 13cm long, circumference 12... would like to have a bigger one...
By lawrenceo at 16,Jan,18 08:39 other posts of lawrenceo 
A bit like me then? You pictures give the impression that you are bigger than you say.

By #52360 at 06,Mar,10 14:17
17.5cm long
19.8cm around
so very satisfied with my dick!!could not asked for a better tool!!
By hytiger at 06,Mar,10 14:56 other posts of hytiger 
19.8cm girth?
You should post measurement pics
By #52360 at 07,Mar,10 04:14

well here it is.
By hytiger at 09,Mar,10 00:22 other posts of hytiger 
where's the tape measure?

By axell at 06,Mar,10 20:40 other posts of axell 
20 lenght and 14 girth.

By #28110 at 06,Nov,09 08:37
Mine 14 x 11 cm

By #14773 at 06,Jul,09 10:18
Schlaff 10 cm....Steif 14 cm

By #5440 at 29,Jun,09 08:34

By #4650 at 19,Feb,09 09:02

By bjuk at 16,Feb,09 14:02 other posts of bjuk 

By #7507 at 13,Feb,09 13:18
18 cm

By #1047 at 07,Feb,09 12:26
i am about 12.5 cm erect

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