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By xdjxx1 at 26,Jun,19 10:25
It's not something I've discussed with anyone other than those that I've been with at that exact moment.

Most people I know won't care either way that I'm bi but suspect a few wouldn't be surprised.

By xdjxx1 at 23,Jun,19 02:48
I have in the past but it's not something I do regularly. Always feels a bit wrong.

I would however love somebody to sneak into a cubicle with me and join in. Always been a fantasy though... work colleagues just aren't interested.

By xdjxx1 at 23,May,19 02:37
31, with a guy from work who I'd been flirty with but was originally more interested in his twin sis.

Being bi, I was delighted when he asked if he minded if she join us but actually it was his cock that made the experience. It was the first and thus far only one I've sucked but I've been trying to seek out more.

By xdjxx1 at 23,May,19 02:27
I always hope to see something more than just the normal flaccid dicks in the gym showers/ changing rooms however have never been successful.

My gym has shower cubicles, which limits this likelihood.

By xdjxx1 at 22,May,19 11:18
Having a guy jerk off in my face while I have sex with his partner.

Only done it once... would love to do it again... and again.

By xdjxx1 at 28,Jun,18 09:46
I'd probably do likewise.

It's hard not to compare but if somebody tried to hold conversation whilst obviously looking I'd bolt.

By xdjxx1 at 28,Jun,18 09:42
Wouldn't say no to an extra inch length and 3/4in girth if it was ever going, however even better than any change to its size would be having greater confidence in the situations I have opportunity to use it so it would be used more regularly!

By xdjxx1 at 28,Jun,18 09:36

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By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,18 02:31
Yes, but whether that is because I struggle to associate any reflection or video image with the reality that it is me, I don't know!

By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,18 02:27
13.7 long and 11.8 round when erect.

By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,18 02:24
Definitely under 5in around.

By xdjxx1 at 24,Jun,18 23:00

Joined MF couples in a couple of threesomes and sucked/been sucked by a couple of guys however never gone any further.

By xdjxx1 at 22,Jun,18 18:57

By xdjxx1 at 22,Jun,18 18:18
Feel like I have to comment again now on this thread as whilst I used to be a little pee-shy, I've got much more comfortable over the last 2/3 years and now always use the urinal and I've been known to have a little compare too (albeit discreetly).

Night clubs/ festival urinals are my favourite as there is usually no segregation and it feels like everyone is trying it!

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By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,17 16:58
6'1 and roughly 5 1/2 inches.

By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,17 16:57
Show myself soft for comparison - about 12.

Show myself hard and actually get somewhere - 17. She wasn't convinced!

By xdjxx1 at 25,Jun,17 16:55
Love it... even more so when you can hear them moan as they shoot their juice all over the place.

Can't get enough.

By xdjxx1 at 24,Jun,17 18:03
Whenever I can at least once a day... more if I can!

By xdjxx1 at 15,Mar,17 19:50
Definitely. Getting hard in the gym changing rooms - or anywhere else for that matter is perfectly natural.

Just wish more guys got excited at my gym!

By xdjxx1 at 12,Mar,17 20:10
About 11/12... More hair growth than anything else though. Always had quite a deep voice.

Started getting regular erections when I was about 12, too.

By xdjxx1 at 12,Mar,17 14:21
Tissue, sock, hand and lick it up, or leave it in my boxers and carry it round with me normally.

Depends where and when I blow my load!

By xdjxx1 at 12,Mar,17 13:46

Nice and hard and starting to moisten...

By xdjxx1 at 06,Jul,16 15:12
It's got to be that little flick of extra stiffness off the tongue into the roof of my mouth just as the cock starts to spit down my throat.

By xdjxx1 at 11,Feb,16 14:10

Just me, in a normal state!

By xdjxx1 at 11,Feb,16 14:08
Never at school or work but when I was 17 at sixth form I frequently used to pop out to the toilets that were slightly off the main site and whack one out...

Never on the receiving end of anything on site, used to head out into the local woodlands for anything more exotic!

By xdjxx1 at 20,Jul,15 16:42
Was about 11/12. Only ever had a couple...soon worked out how to control it!

By xdjxx1 at 06,Jul,15 14:28

By xdjxx1 at 06,Jul,15 14:12

Heres me!

By xdjxx1 at 06,Dec,13 17:44
I'd say you have more than enough for you and any partners to enjoy.

The only thing that can prevent you from doing that is yourself. Be proud of yourself and your penis, grow confident in what you can do with it, and remember if anyone ever makes a big deal out of what they think to be small, they weren't worth getting it out for in the first place!

By xdjxx1 at 01,Dec,13 17:59
Always pulled the foreskin backwards and forwards over the glans. Makes for the most comfortable masturbation session I find. If I pull back, I tend to dry out which can result in discomfort.

By xdjxx1 at 25,Nov,13 18:28
Love to watch myself get hard and stroke it.

Gives me an impression of what others will see if they watch me, and watch to see my little anatomical quirks in action... Some of the faces I pull must have scared my partners.

By xdjxx1 at 25,Nov,13 18:21
Walked in on someone once in a service station toilet... Never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Darted straight for the cubicles to get out the way.

Definitely not for me. Take a peek along the line by all means whilst peeing, but those cubicles offer extra privacy for a reason (not strictly masturbation, but you get the point).

By xdjxx1 at 17,Oct,13 06:45
If big feet meant a big cock, I'd be on the larger side with my size 13s. Not the case, however.

It's impossible to judge from the size of somebody or their hands, feet, whatever how big they are in their trousers. The biggest cock I've seen in the flesh belonged to a bloke that couldn't have been more than 5'6" and he barely had enough hand to hold it when he went for a piss. He'd have looked like a clown if he had feet to match it.

By xdjxx1 at 15,Sep,13 18:58
Most women I've been with have wanted company, to have a laugh and feel wanted. Oh and to be listened to, particularly in the bedroom.

By xdjxx1 at 15,Sep,13 18:49
I can't say that penis size is one way I've taken after my Dad.

His is hardly enormous but it's longer than mine and wider too. My sibling has always followed me in many respects and duly my little bro is smaller than me.

By xdjxx1 at 13,Sep,13 17:47
Not keen on the idea. Don't particularly like the taste of my own product. Likewise, my girlfriend isn't keen on cleaning up for me. Think it's probably just never appealed to either of us.

Besides, I like to start with a little cunnilingus... That way, we're both fairly sure of getting some real enjoyment.

By xdjxx1 at 13,Sep,13 17:36
Depends. If it's too crowded I'll stand as close as possible to avoid getting 'pee shy'. Otherwise I've not why concerns about people looking over. Standing at the troughs gives a chance to compare along the line.

By xdjxx1 at 11,Sep,13 17:42
Well you can always do nothing...

The trick is to choose to do something... Like masturbate!

By xdjxx1 at 08,Sep,13 18:55
I'd be more concerned if my girlfriend were to openly admit to loving another guy than having slept with one...

At the end of the day, I'd be able to get over a little promiscuity in time even if I wasn't originally consulted but if she actually had feelings for them I think it would be curtains

Having been in a similar position with an ex, the reaction and the first few weeks are vital. Once you lose all trust and confidence in the other person, that's the time to bail.

By xdjxx1 at 29,Aug,13 17:16
I remember getting a pretty visible erection in my shorts whilst sitting next to my best mates grandmother once - at least she found it amusing!

And the more obvious at school.I'd just been running around the track and typically finished last so the whole class sarcastically applauded my finish whilst simultaneously giggling at the bulge in my gym shorts which most inconveniently were a year old and a size too small. So embarrassed at the time but I certainly wasn't the only lad in that class that had poorly timed spontaneous erections.

By xdjxx1 at 26,Aug,13 03:12
I first saw the appearance of pubes at around eleven, was twelve when I first remember getting an erection and first ejaculation, can't really say when penile growth occurred. Somewhen between 11 & 18 my flaccid penis gained an inch or so, and my erect length increased by around half an inch.

By xdjxx1 at 22,Aug,13 23:56

By xdjxx1 at 21,Aug,13 18:48
Sorry are you on about cocks or fries?

Why the need for categories?

If I'm forced into a category I go small to medium, at 5.5 hard. Doesn't make any difference to me though, I get to enjoy mine more than a couple of my more vocal and arrogant m.ates with considerably larger equipment.

By xdjxx1 at 21,Aug,13 18:41
All depends on proportion. A particularly slim girl having DDs never quite looks right any more than a larger girl having next to nothing. Thankfully, nature often takes care of this so the majority of people look natural for their size. Don't get me wrong, it is possible to have an attractive appearance without this sense of proportion but it helps.

For me, I like enough to get my hands around and a responsive pair of nipples. Love little more than a little tickle and nibble around a good pair of breasts.

By xdjxx1 at 21,Aug,13 14:59
I'm far more discerning than bowing to that!

I bought her friend one later that night though for a dare and struck up a conversation. She was alright but she certainly wasn't getting anywhere near my cock, even if she wanted, which I doubt.

By xdjxx1 at 20,Aug,13 18:34
Between work, catching up with people and trying to maintain a relationship, time is tight. Masturbation is one of the last things to go but if it comes to a straight choice, I'm going to try and maintain the relationship and occasional sex over jerking off.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I've only had this problem once...

By xdjxx1 at 18,Aug,13 10:54
Like quite a few people, I think I was drawn to the fact this was a place I could show myself off without doing anything which would result in breaking the law!

It's fun seeing what people think of your cock and this site gives a perfect platform to do that.

Add to that the change to compare with pictorial evidence with other men, and the fact that there's the Show Your Cunt side of the site and it's a winning formula for me!