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Any odd fetishes?

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Started by #280672 at 07,Jul,12 22:44
Any of you guys on here have odd enough fetishes that actually make it hard to find good vids on them?

I personally think my two are kind of odd...I get sooo turned on by the sound of heartbeats and stomach sounds. Mmmm, they get me so horny, haha. Anybody feel the same?

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By Enfrma1 at 05,Jan,20 17:48 other posts of Enfrma1 
Pierced cock in Gay porn

By overeight at 05,Jan,20 00:32 other posts of overeight 
I dont have many fetishes but one I have is women in glasses turn me on. But if she realm wants to turn me on and some people might think this is weird but a woman who is very intelligent and can provoke a nice intellectual discussion with me really gets me aroused and motivated.

By PartyWife at 09,Mar,15 11:50 other posts of PartyWife 
Does getting my pussy came in count? I am not just OK with it, I crave it! I absolutely love when I can feel a guy squirt in my pussy. It makes me cum so hard! I only had a guy use a condom one time and I absolutely hated it, so since then I have always done bareback. Most guys are a bit surprised when I tell them to leave the condom in their pocket, but they don't complain LOL. That build up, when I can tell he is getting close to cumming in me drives me wild and then when I see the look on his face as he shoots inside of me and I can feel the hot creaminess squirt inside...my god I love it!
By overeight at 05,Jan,20 00:29 other posts of overeight 
I love cumming inside a woman too its so hot and the hot rush usually does make her cum too.

By #570598 at 31,Dec,19 23:15
I'd like to be led around a nudist resort with a leash attached to my dick. And then ordered to doggy fuck any woman that wants it.i would even have a tail plug in my arse to be a dog

By #603447 at 31,Oct,19 03:41
I love everything panty related_also love to be naked in front of strangers
I want to go through someone's underwear drawers and sniff the dirty one and get off on it while being watched by whomever makes it possible
By Scorps at 31,Oct,19 03:46 other posts of Scorps 
Lol Who puts a "dirty one" in their drawer?
By #603447 at 31,Oct,19 04:05
I like it all! If it is the hamper i love to smell them

By Lilboi at 30,Oct,19 10:00 other posts of Lilboi 
Sexy feet turn me on always, also love seeing a twink being passed around

By Scorps at 30,Oct,19 09:30 other posts of Scorps 
I like nice feet on either sex... That's about as odd as it gets for me.

By Curias at 30,Oct,19 09:18 other posts of Curias 
Sometimes I love to see guys pissing all around + it's fun when there is more than one of them.

By Smoothmann at 30,Oct,19 09:17 other posts of Smoothmann 
I want too rub my smooth cock against another smooth cock!

By JackHammer at 30,Oct,19 09:02 other posts of JackHammer 
I want to suck a soaped up cock.

By leopoldij at 30,Oct,19 08:44 other posts of leopoldij 
I like pussy, especially when it's wet. Big fetish of mine.

By knewbi at 29,Oct,19 16:56 other posts of knewbi 
Mine would have to be something new for me. I have been fortunate to experience most of mine. I would have to say that right now I would like to try having sex with a large/fat massive titted black woman. Someone a bit on the homly side. Not looking for a beauty but someone average looking or even ugly but not sickening in appearance....

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 13:20
One of my odd fetishes are used dirty women panties.I get turned on by smell and taste.Everywhere I go visit my friends I try to find mom's or sister's used panties in laundry box.If I could find I would put them on my face and smell or even lick and taste.I got so turned on by that salty taste and smell.

By Lilboi at 07,Aug,19 02:29 other posts of Lilboi 
I like having my ass pounded till i cry with pleasure

By lawrenceo at 24,Jul,19 05:42 other posts of lawrenceo 
My fetish is to have a guy pretend he is asleep and then for me to find and play with his cock.

By #584599 at 22,Jul,19 16:42
I like looking at horse cocks.

By #390287 at 15,Mar,15 13:40
I'm a furry.
By #591974 at 21,Jul,19 19:12

By banshee728 at 15,Mar,15 15:27 other posts of banshee728 
Water works!!

By liketoedge at 09,Mar,15 14:35 other posts of liketoedge 
Secretly masturbating in odd or risky places has always been a huge turn on for me.

By Liketosee at 27,Nov,13 05:53 other posts of Liketosee 
Not unless you consider sucking on the wife's panties while jerking off then wearing them odd

By pifad at 26,Nov,13 10:42 other posts of pifad 
I like licking urinals
By sinanff47 at 27,Nov,13 02:50 other posts of sinanff47 
Even more than licking 'other stuff'??
By pifad at 27,Nov,13 04:13 other posts of pifad 

By stickyknickers at 27,Nov,13 03:32 other posts of stickyknickers 
I love (among other things) chastity play, and orgasm denial. Not being allowed or able to masturbate is such a turn-on for me, and the thought of the eventual release so exciting. I have had several mistresses here on SYD, who allowed me to touch myself only very infrequently. Have a look at my page for my other interests including bondage, butt-plugging and outdoor wanking

By #136427 at 25,Nov,13 15:56
I like joi, and cei videos...

By Bendy at 12,Mar,13 13:59 other posts of Bendy 
I like to have my cock bent in half, and played with like it's made of rubber by women... It turns me on when they are amazed by how flexible it is, and laugh at it while they bend and fold it, lol...

By #255813 at 06,Mar,13 14:06
women studying cocks, especially the foreskin and talking about circumcision...uporn has a couple and utube is better than nothing

By #280064 at 08,Jul,12 00:00
I luv pissing wile wearing my skin tight jeans . Any 1 the same ?
By #280672 at 08,Jul,12 00:03
Post a picture of it

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