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Licking asshole

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Started by #250344 at 15,Jul,12 12:00
Heterosexually speaking, licking and getting licked, what do you think?

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By #528342 at 09,Oct,17 02:05
Lick mine

By Ingot at 08,Oct,17 20:57 other posts of Ingot 
If you view my gallery, you'll know I am very big on facesitting and being rimmed.

By Walker at 08,Oct,17 15:32 other posts of Walker 
Super erotic. Some women love it and all anal sex, others asked did you intend to lick my asshole? Yes I did do you like it? Keep doing it and we will see. Some saw yes, some say no. Ass licking sometimes leads to anal sex. I do love having women lick my asshole massage my prostate and peg my ass with a strap on dildo.

By cody8789 at 13,Sep,17 22:26 other posts of cody8789 
Never did it and I don't care for it to be done to me

By foreskinlover52 at 13,Sep,17 14:41 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I love rimming both females when licking their pussies and males when licking their balls..I enjoy being rimmed also..So exciting!

By Purplegerkin at 13,Sep,17 10:32 other posts of Purplegerkin 
Yuk, yuk, yuk yuk........... can't imagine anything quite so gross. Someone once tried to do it to me, it completely grossed me out, instant floppy

By submissivemartyn at 13,Sep,17 07:51 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex wife/Mistress used to humiliate me by making me lick her asshole(knowing I disliked it) whilst doing online cam sessions.

By Eerect at 12,Sep,17 02:13 other posts of Eerect 
Love licking my Wifes' arse,stroke her clit while doing it-it always makes her cum and beg for my cock up her arsehole.

By leopoldij at 12,Sep,17 00:29 other posts of leopoldij 
I know many men (and women) who do it at work. Just because they seek promotion. They lick assholes. Assholes who happen to have licked other assholes earlier.

By kebmo at 12,Sep,17 00:25 other posts of kebmo 
I would NEVER do it. Never. But... I had a young guy do it to me once about three years ago and I was shocked! I couldn't believe he would do that...but I loved it.
When he came back next time I was ready for it and when it happened I was relaxed and my cock got SOOOOOOOOOOO hard. He did it for a much longer time and those are the only two times it ever happened to me.
Yes I read the poster's first two words "heterosexually speaking" but WTF; does it matter?

By Ingot at 11,Sep,17 22:33 other posts of Ingot 
I love to face sit. It's a wonderful way to establish dominance over your partner.

By #522085 at 11,Sep,17 22:33
I'm not a fan of mine being licked but I love eating a nice clean (I stress clean) ass. only if that girl enjoys it. As my gf now does.

By #541516 at 11,Sep,17 20:44
It's happened to me twice, both completely unexpectedly. The first was with my amazingly demure Korean girlfriend. I was licking her cunt, when suddenly I felt her tongur probing my butthole. At first I was so self-conscious of whether my arsehole was clean enough, but she just went straight in and didn't let up. I absolutely loved it. The next time it happened was under the same circumstances. It was a Dutch girl and she too was a very sweet thing, but so naughty.She told me she always did it for her boyfriend, so naturally thought I would like it too. I licked hers but I don't know if she really enjoyed it. I did it one other time with a magnificent redhead who was moaning in a porn star way as I licked her cunt, which was annoying me. Suddenly I swept my tongue across her tightly puckered arsehole and she opened her eyes wide, stopped moaning and said "OH!"

By smokieb69 at 18,Aug,12 09:16 other posts of smokieb69 
i love having my ass licked - my ex used to do it for me - its the only thing i miss about her but i wish my current g/f would do it. i have only done it a little - current g/f is too squeamish to enjoy it

By 67malibu at 18,Aug,12 02:12 other posts of 67malibu 
I've only rimmed a couple of guys. I love being rimmed. When I am down on a female i
naturally give that asshole. Some. Attention. I've known a few women who will rim. First time I was rimmed was by a female. Guys have rimmed me many times.

By 67malibu at 17,Aug,12 04:15 other posts of 67malibu 
I like

By iluvcox at 17,Jul,12 02:14 other posts of iluvcox 
I'm up for either,wife is too.

By dean_burns at 15,Jul,12 12:33 other posts of dean_burns 
Both - always after a good cleansing...

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