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Question for gay or bisexual men.

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Started by champstamp at 07,May,18 21:17  other posts of champstamp
Hello I am straight and I have a question.

The question is what is more important or what is the most attractive the guys penis or his ass? I am trying to relate it from a straight point of view. Would the guys ass be the equivalent of say what a girls ass is to me?

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By Stepheni57 at 12,May,18 13:27 other posts of Stepheni57 
Being bi I like to look at either one, Being on the fem side I enjoy a nice looking cock. I've topped and bottomed. So both have to be equally nice looking.

By champstamp at 09,May,18 01:05 other posts of champstamp 
Thanks for your opinions. I was curious because in general it seems as though women dont much care or in some cases would rather not look at a mans ass.
But gay or bi guys seem to compliment a nice guys ass.
By MM_DD at 09,May,18 21:15 other posts of MM_DD 
I would think it varies. The male ass is a beautiful thing. I think some women (or perhaps even many women) do admire it.

By brewer45 at 09,May,18 08:15 other posts of brewer45 
All about the cock. Not attracted to men at all but have a huge cock fetish.

By lawrenceo at 09,May,18 04:44 other posts of lawrenceo 
Penis; that is all I am interested in.

By kebmo at 09,May,18 02:48 other posts of kebmo 
Cock. No anal for me.

By spermkiss at 08,May,18 11:19 other posts of spermkiss 

For me, number one is his face. He need not be classically handsome, though that doesn't hurt, but he should look friendly and welcoming with a nice smile.

Number two is his general physique. He need not have a perfect Adonis body, though again that doesn't hurt, but he should be well proportioned. Lean is a major plus but if he's carrying a little extra weight it should be well distributed.

Then in number three position is his ass. (By the way, you have a nice one and thank you for showing it.)

Finally, is his penis. I LIKE DICKS. All dicks. Big ones, small ones, circumcised ones, intact ones. They're all fascinating and all fun to look at. The enormous variety of dicks on display on this site is one of the reasons I'm a member. Variety is the spice of life.

By Nottsplaymate at 08,May,18 10:58 other posts of Nottsplaymate 
Always the cock I'm a bottom

By cockslut69 at 08,May,18 10:34 other posts of cockslut69 

By JackHammer at 08,May,18 08:36 other posts of JackHammer 
The cock for me. Sometimes though a nice ass makes me hard.

By #556273 at 07,May,18 23:10
Definitely the penis, gay/bi sex with me is mostly an oral thing
By MM_DD at 08,May,18 07:21 other posts of MM_DD 
I'm mostly oral too, but I love eating out a man's ass, so...

By routemaster at 07,May,18 23:23 other posts of routemaster 
I'm attracted to both, the ass is one of the chief parts of a man's anatomy gay men enjoy seeing as it doesn't always have to be naked, tight shorts, briefs etc. are just as sexy for accentuating a man's buns
By *jamie at 08,May,18 01:20 other posts of *jamie 

By MM_DD at 07,May,18 22:23 other posts of MM_DD 
For me, I'm equally attracted to both.

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