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communal changing rooms

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Started by #342223 at 09,Mar,13 04:49
anybody else like letting it all hang out in changing rooms???
I was at health spar yesterday & when I went to use the pool there were about 5 older gents, must have been in their 70s just chatting & wondering around fully naked. I have to say I had more than a few sneaky peeks!! they all had shrivelled acorns but no hang ups about being nude so good on em. I have to say I soon joined in & it made me spend more time than usual with my cock out! towelling dry then under the shower & having a piss! lol. So I was just wondering if there are others who enjoy a bit of public showing??

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By liketoedge at 12,Feb,20 11:48 other posts of liketoedge 
I've never been embarrassed by being seen naked, actually the total opposite. I grew up in a time were communal shower and changing room was all there was and trough style urinals were the norm and individual urinals had no dividers. It was always a thrill that others could look and I know I always looked at other too. It was a thrill for sure and I think most guys think so, whether they would admit it is a totally diffrent thing.

By #298293 at 09,Mar,13 14:35
I love showing off at the gym, I'm not the biggest built guy by far but my cock size isn't too bad and most other guys there are much smaller.

One funny time, I had just got out the shower after a work out and was changing next to this bloke. I took my towel off to put my boxers on and he muttered under his breath "fuckin lucky bastard" but I don't think I was meant to hear
By spermkiss at 09,Mar,13 15:31 other posts of spermkiss 
Next time you change next to him be sure you have a hard-on when you do it.
By #298293 at 09,Mar,13 17:33
That would be so awesome, although he'd prob twat me, my gym is in Croydon after all
By spermkiss at 09,Mar,13 18:06 other posts of spermkiss 
So don't men in Croydon get erections?

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 22:37 other posts of earthy 
I've thought the same thing but never said it out loud

By earthy at 11,Feb,20 21:56 other posts of earthy 
I'm usually embarrassed but love it anyway. Just being seen naked is a turn on

By cutroundhead at 11,Feb,20 05:31 other posts of cutroundhead 
It's true that older guys aren't shy about being nude in the change room...that;'s how we were brought up; but the new 'snowflake' culture means that most younger guys are terrified of their tackle being seen in the chnage room. And, yes, newer facilities don't have communal showers. It's not a matter of 'showing off' but just doing what is'd strip off and walk nude into the shoiwer at home, so why not also when you're at the gym or sports club?

By new2day at 10,Feb,20 10:39 other posts of new2day 
Most changing rooms have private shower cubicles now, so its rare to see anyone naked, at least that's my experience over the past decade or so. About 20 years ago my regular gym had gang showers, so it was common to see people wander about naked.

I quite enjoy the freedom, so I'm happy to be naked and use the showers, but often find myself conforming to the masses and covering up with a towel.

By lawrenceo at 10,Feb,20 09:20 other posts of lawrenceo 
I am not shy in the changing rooms. However, there are some voyeurs about. Sitting on the seats under the clothing hooks. Usually with a towel over their thighs. I always go to use the spot next to them and you can usually see what they are hiding.

By Alwaysnude at 10,Feb,20 09:17 other posts of Alwaysnude 
URL=][/URL] I love being naked at the gym showing off my little cock

By mickey192 at 10,Mar,13 06:08 other posts of mickey192 
I am always naked in saunas i go on there naked days and you can spend all day naked with guys and all so have some fun it's a pity that there are many younger guys there

By #342223 at 09,Mar,13 15:11
seems it's not just me that likes a bit of public showing off! lol.
it's interesting seeing all the different sizes & shapes, one of the old boys had literally no shaft whatsoever but the biggest bell end I've ever seen !! it was like a big fat bell!!! spose the challenge is trying to get a picture in there???
By #298293 at 09,Mar,13 15:16
I've tried but can't turn off the sound of my camera on my BB, I even bought an app with fking thing didn't work
By #342223 at 09,Mar,13 15:22
ha ha denied
By spermkiss at 09,Mar,13 15:33 other posts of spermkiss 
No, it is not just you. Most men like to show themselves off. The popularity of this site proves that.

By spermkiss at 09,Mar,13 14:04 other posts of spermkiss 
Kick it up a bit and get a hard-on in the shower or changing room. It's really fun to watch guys pretend not to notice.

By notnow at 09,Mar,13 13:35 other posts of notnow 
I do it all the time at the spa , show it off a bit

By spermkiss at 09,Mar,13 12:29 other posts of spermkiss 
Hanging out nude in the changing room and showering with other men in the communal showers is the best part of going to a pool or gym. It's a lot of fun to show off your stuff and a lot of fun to check out the other guys. The camaraderie of being nude with other men cannot be beat.

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