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descreet masturbation

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Started by #42349 at 24,Dec,09 19:05
have u guy masturbated while your wife is next 2u? Without her knowledge-sharing same bed?

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By leopoldij at 11,Apr,18 14:45 other posts of leopoldij 
I've also masturbated when not my wife, but some other woman, was next to me, quite discretely. Many times. I've been caught too.

By liketoedge at 05,Apr,18 11:02 other posts of liketoedge 
ive done it with my wife asleep beside me several times. I have also done it with others while there sleeping. Masturbating in situation where you could be busted has always turned me on since i was in grade school. Jerking off secretly in semi public places is a rush. I have always been a sneaky jacker.

By smokieb69 at 05,Apr,18 03:49 other posts of smokieb69 
i have a few times - one night last week, I was super horny but also needed some ass play. I spat on my fingers and slipped them into my ass while playing with my cock. Blew my load, cleaned my hands on a shirt that i had conveniently left next to the bed and went to **** - she was none the wiser

By #539358 at 04,Apr,18 12:08
My other half was asleep once and my Cock wouldn’t go down. I grabbed my briefs from the floor beside and wanked off into them really quietly. It was really great spunking into them and not making a sound, made it feel really naughty, but nice

By lawrenceo at 04,Apr,18 09:00 other posts of lawrenceo 
Yes, I have gently wanked my cock whilst lying on my back with my wife asleep beside me. Let the spunk go on my belly and use my pyjamas to soak it up.

By #289712 at 10,May,13 10:18
I have once with my girlfriend in bed with me. The thing was we were out earlier and i had a little coke.. Later at home, after a huge sex session, I couldn't **** and was still horny. So I rubbed one out quietly. I think she knew, and I really don't have to be discreet I can masturbate in front of her.

By #122997 at 09,May,13 09:31
I do it all the time when she is asleep!! It's more fun when she is awake though!! Especially if she's horny!!
Dooming it at work under my desk when there are others in an out if the office is much more challenging !!!
By bella! at 09,May,13 10:54 other posts of bella! 
At work, under the desk, challenging? No doubt! Hmmmm..... daringdirtydazzla (d3)
By #122997 at 09,May,13 14:13
it does get interesting I only do it when I'm alone but occasionally someone comes in with a job, or the cleaner pops in!! Danger wanks are ace
By bella! at 10,May,13 07:01 other posts of bella! 
To anyone who has doubt, he's not embellishing. ....... I AM A BELIEVER!

By liketoedge at 09,May,13 15:31 other posts of liketoedge 
Sneaky mastubation has always been a turn on for me

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