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who else plays with there nipples as there touching there cock

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Started by matster at 27,Dec,13 13:43  other posts of matster
I like hot guys with sexsy nipples and a hot cock

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By Earlybird at 07,Apr,18 23:42 other posts of Earlybird 
Same here! I get rock-hard in seconds when I touch 'em!

I discovered that my nips were connected to my cock back in grade-school. Ever since I discovered that, I've played with my nips whenever I masturbate. Can't even imagine not touching them!

They're so sensitive, I think I could reach orgasm just by playing with them. I've come really close on numerous occasions.

By ChocolateDevine at 29,Dec,13 23:35 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Every time! Can't jerk without touching them
By cumaddik at 07,Apr,18 19:20 other posts of cumaddik 
It's exactly the same for me!

By cronsket at 28,Dec,13 23:22 other posts of cronsket 
Everytime. Gets me way harder than if I dont

By #303133 at 28,Dec,13 13:49
I only play with here nipples and here cocks.
I don't like to travel just for sex...
By sinanff47 at 28,Dec,13 22:18 other posts of sinanff47 
There, there, it will be OK. lol

(Wondering what kind of English grammar/spelling is currently taught in Norwich? )

By stickyknickers at 28,Dec,13 14:03 other posts of stickyknickers 

By sinanff47 at 27,Dec,13 22:29 other posts of sinanff47 
Hey 'matster', you win the 2013 SYD Spelling Prize! This is for the DIFFERENT kind of misspelling of "there", THREE times in ONE sentence!!

By smplcsms at 27,Dec,13 14:25 other posts of smplcsms 
A mate of mine gets hard the moment you touch his nipples. Three moments later he's dripping pre-cum !

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