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Started by #32371 at 01,Jan,10 05:16
...a girl tells you she's been with bigger dicks than yours ?? i mean i'm happy with what i have(although i with it was bigger/longer) but everytime a girl tells me "your cock is nice but my ex's was bigger and longer" it hits my pride like "damn maybe i'm not gonna satisfy her enough !"

am i the only one ?!?!? let me hear your thoughts about this

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By Smoothmann at 04,Apr,19 19:11 other posts of Smoothmann 
So true! When you know how to pleasure each other.that's all that really matters!

By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 14:38
Many men ask me if I like their big sized dicks or if I mind their small size one. Some are bragging, some were told they don't measure up. My response is always the same, "Size is for shoes. It's not how big you are but, what you do with what you have," And, in my opinion, every man should tell a dumb woman that when they say something stupid like that. Believe me guys, this from a long time whore, make us happy and we won't care what your size is.
By #584365 at 04,Apr,19 02:13
Yep... that's exactly how I think it is

By leopoldij at 04,Apr,19 19:05 other posts of leopoldij 
I've been making women happy all my life because I wanted to show that I'm as good as big sized ones but also because I love doing that. Never had any complaints.
By #578610 at 04,Apr,19 19:07

By X_Y_Z at 04,Apr,19 14:52 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I dont care About that at all. I just wonder why she isn't with the Big One anymore

By anyfun at 04,Apr,19 08:43 other posts of anyfun 
Doesn't bother me at all. I feel that if she's been with bigger and smaller and keeps fucking you she must like something.

By cody8789 at 04,Apr,19 00:00 other posts of cody8789 
I know this is an old thread, but when she tells you she's been with bigger men, just tell her that all the girls you been with are much tighter

By #584430 at 03,Apr,19 22:37
I feel the same shit

By jsmythe73 at 03,Apr,19 02:35 other posts of jsmythe73 
The amazing thing about a lot of women, is that big dicks just aren't their joy!! Too big, goes too deep, and hurts!
If you know how to touch, tease, and entice them, and know where their most erotic parts are, you could have no penis, at all, and still satisfy many, just focusing on what THEY LOVE and not what you imagine that they like!!

By pussylover78 at 28,Mar,19 16:08 other posts of pussylover78 
It's never happened to me, if you both get the result you're after it shouldn't matter. one recent girlfriend told me that i was better than most blokes who just wanted to out it in and bang away. She and I both prefer slow sex.

By knewbi at 28,Mar,19 14:20 other posts of knewbi 
Hell, doesn't bother me at all. My wife has had much bigger cocks than mine and some of those were set up by me... (We are swingers)

By nekekal at 27,Mar,19 22:54 other posts of nekekal 
no one has ever told me that. I heard a lot more of " OMG, i don't think that will fit into me. Do you have any lube? "

By #582293 at 26,Mar,19 09:43
Never happened to me.

By lawrenceo at 26,Mar,19 09:26 other posts of lawrenceo 
I what......either you want it or not....if not go home!

By submissivemartyn at 24,Mar,19 06:18 other posts of submissivemartyn 
As a submissive I enjoy having my small cock compared to bigger ones,I find it humiliating and enjoy humiliation.On a few occasions my now ex wife(also my Mistress)invited guys to our house we had met online.All three of us would strip and then the cock comparison and humiliation would start.And to make it even more humiliating the guy would then fuck my wife and her telling me how much bigger and better he was than me.If I was lucky and in her good books I was allowed to masturbate as long as I cleaned up my 'mess' afterwards.

By Allalexallday at 22,Mar,19 23:58 other posts of Allalexallday 
It turns me on to hear my girl tell me about how much bigger her past guys were

By #124665 at 12,May,13 03:39
If a chick straight out tells you this then she is most likely a bitch and has no consideration for your feelings. That would be like a guy saying "damn you got a really loose cow pussy". Even if she does, it's not something you should bring up! If you ASK a women about her previous lovers, then you're just setting yourself up for a major ego hit. Even if you're 8", more then likely, if she's been with 10 or more guys she's going to tell you she had bigger, even though it's probably untrue, it's a way for women to keep your ego in check. Their little way of saying "yeah I've had a bigger dick and can get one again if you're not good to me". Women lie. And the often can't judge size worth a damn. A guy tells his chick that he has an 8" dick and he's only 6" and she will believe it. Then if she does have a real 8 she will think it's a foot long You'll hear this a lot among women talk "oh yeah, he was like at least 9 inches.." I highly doubt it

By bigone21 at 09,May,13 13:15 other posts of bigone21 
I've never been there...

By #301038 at 08,May,13 21:10
I seriously doubt a female would willingly disclose that information, without being asked first. Or being provoked by a selfish, overly confident behavior. I bet your mouth wrote a check your body couldn't cash. And the female felt like bringing you down a little...
By #360973 at 09,May,13 00:20
. That, or the opposite: an aggressive/domineering/evil-spirited woman and an insecure/gutless/doormat of a man with "bully me" tattooed on his forehead (and whole existence)
By sinanff47 at 09,May,13 03:47 other posts of sinanff47 
Wow! Have you been vacationing in the USA lately?

By oldbugle at 05,Jan,10 18:36 other posts of oldbugle 
At one time I would have been (and I was) fairly discomfited as I'm sure women who say stuff like this want us to be. However, it always pays to be one step ahead with women and she was probably testing your ego to see how you would react.......

....The best way to react is to laugh as women appreciate men who can laugh at themselves. Then, make a soft retaliation by telling her that since you are 'so small' you will be relying on HER to make sure it gets a large as possible for her........

By bigfella at 05,Jan,10 16:46 other posts of bigfella 
Not personally no...but if she said that to me then my answer would be "Why is he your 'ex' then?" I wouldnt worry about too much, shes just being insensitive and or rude. As the others say just leave her and be on your way. Life is too short to worry if your dick is

By slipper at 01,Jan,10 23:22 other posts of slipper 
Cum now! Are you having a good time with her? If so, who cares what she asks! Forget her rudeness, enjoy, and move on! There is no need to take personally everything everyone says to ya!

By #39556 at 01,Jan,10 12:57
if she tells u that tell her FUCK YOU it!

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