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public masturbation

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Started by leopoldij at 19,Mar,14 05:22  other posts of leopoldij
Here's a list of things I've done. What about you? Please list your experiences!
I have masturbated...
-- In the car, while driving
-- in the car, while in traffic jam
-- at a hotel corridor
-- in a classroom with my hand through hole in pocket. Teacher was hot.
-- at the beach under a towel
-- at the beach, exposed
-- in the sea
-- in a swimming pool
-- In locker room
-- on a bus, and managed to cum without touching my cock at all!
-- in dressing room of big department store
-- in the movie theater
-- while walking empty Street

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By liketoedge at 27,Apr,20 15:04 other posts of liketoedge 
My list is so long I don't think I could post them all

By knewbi at 27,Apr,20 11:51 other posts of knewbi 
in a car while driving
in a car parked
in a public rest room
in a pool
in the ocean
in a lake
in a cafe
in the wild
in a theater
in a friends moms bed
in a hotel/motel room
while out for an evening walk
outside while watching someone in their house
at work
and many more that I can't recall as well as many more to cum

By Rudeboy1977 at 27,Apr,20 07:42 other posts of Rudeboy1977 
-- standing up on a public nude beach
-- standing up on a public non-nude beach
-- in my office
-- in a coworker's office
-- in a stall in a public bathroom
-- at a urinal in a public bathroom
-- on a hill looking out over I-10 in Phoenix

By leopoldij at 19,Mar,14 12:05 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm now on a train. Masturbating! Who wants to see?

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