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Three somes

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Started by #136427 at 08,May,14 07:58
The wife and I are talking about threesomes. Has anybody had one and how has it worked out. I would prefer wwm, she would prefer mmw. So I guess we would have to do a little of each. What roles should we each expect to play?

Is it normal in the event of a wwm for the ladies to eat each others pussy? & is it normal in in a mmw for the men to suck each others cocks and do some anal?

Id like to see the wife munch box, and get her box munched by another woman. She says she would like to see my cock sucked by another man aand then suck my cock as he pounds my ass. Then all the regular sex too.

So is this how these events go down? Let us know what you would do with us in a mmw, or a wwm. We are curious to know what other people think...

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By andrew999999999 at 09,Sep,18 10:00 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've had an MMF. She watched us for a while, then joined in.

By bil47 at 09,Sep,18 01:16 other posts of bil47 
Does a MMM threesome count?

By #566722 at 09,Sep,18 00:45
One time I was invited by my **** to join them in a bed.I accepted and there was his wife lying naked on bed.We undressed and get in bed with her by her sides.I started touching her tit,lick her nipple and she were stroking both of us with her two hands.It was so much fun,I was fucking her pussy while she sucked my **** off.Then we changed and she sucked me for a while.Then we fucked her pussy and ass at the same time and she was screaming from happiness.In the end she jerked and finished us right on her chest.Her tits were covered in so much cum

By Endowed8 at 08,May,18 13:21 other posts of Endowed8 
Ive done the MMF threesome and it was awesome

By cumcouplessa at 29,Apr,18 23:06 other posts of cumcouplessa 
We've had our fair share of mmw 3'somes. Always works out great and loads of fun for all. We kind've share the guys cock, taking turns to suck it. A double penetration usually rounds the evening off.

By #552392 at 29,Apr,18 22:27
Laying next to my step mom with our legs spread wide as her friend takes turns anal fucking us

By #540883 at 06,Sep,17 21:46
I would have to say it's all about the comfort level. First and foremost, you have to be comfortable in your relationship, what you're willing to do, and boundaries. It's not always a porno movie. Especially if you're really involved with each other.

If it can be taken for what it is, then by all it.
But expect that she has fantasies and will probably want to fulfill them if she fulfills yours.

Decide if your relationship is worth the risk. Because some people can't "unsee" things while others can. Talk it out, see who is willing to go how far, and adjust accordingly.

It's only about a couple inviting another in to share pleasure. But weird shit pops in if you aren't prepared.
By licksipsuckit at 06,Sep,17 22:32 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah you need a rock solid relationship and doing this to save a bad one, l don't think has ever worked, finding that 3rd person should be mutual thing.. everyone on the same page for starters, or going to a swingers night to see if this is what you really need.. l great sex life is something wonderful, and should be treasured, its an evolving thing... never staying the same, finding new ways to keep that excitement and satisfaction for both.. and always a 2 way street *lix*

By Lenatur at 23,Apr,17 16:09 other posts of Lenatur 
There are Sisters 47 an 52 Years old .I love it

By Lenatur at 23,Apr,17 16:07 other posts of Lenatur 
We love FF M

By qhaos at 23,Apr,17 10:02 other posts of qhaos 
I've known my wife in a mmf threesome! It was between coworkers, in my house, was great! She preferred my cock because the other male was shorter and thin, but was great for all 3. Now after we married i asked her for a ffm...and the answer was obviously NOOOOO!

By dura2000 at 23,Apr,17 08:57 other posts of dura2000 
Well, I shared a girlfriend I had some years ago, my friend and I fucked her quite a few times together, it was just us fucking her, it was nice putting my cock in her after he had fucked her.

By submissivemartyn at 23,Apr,17 06:35 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex and me had a 3some a long time ago(she was also my Mistress).We used to cam on Alt and unknown to me She had invited someone from Alt to our house.When He arrived I was ordered to strip naked which was very humiliating in front of a stranger.Once I was naked(except for my collar and cock cage)I was tied face down on a table and had to watch my ex being fucked by the guy.After they had finished I had to lick the cum out of her pussy while he fucked me in the ass.When He was about to cum again he took his cock out of my ass and shoved it(to my ex's amusement)in my mouth and made me swallow it.To make the session even more humiliating my cock cage was removed and I had to masturbate for them and cum on the table and lick it all up.
Although the session was very humiliating it was also a massive turn on and I came loads.

By #136427 at 02,Jul,14 08:16
Still talking about, nothing yet
By spermkiss at 02,Jul,14 12:07 other posts of spermkiss 
Are you familiar with Dan Savage and his sex advice column Savage Love? It can be read on-line at and you should go there RIGHT NOW. This week's column addresses the very issue of MWW threesomes.

As you'll discover from reading his column, women willing to participate in an MWW threesome are so hard to find that they are sometimes called unicorns.

But finding a man for an MMW threesome is easy, if you're willing to go that route. I know this from personal experience. There are lots of (mostly) gay and bisexual men out there who will hop in the sack with a straight couple just for the asking. There are lots of straight men who want twat so badly that they're willing to accept having another man around to get it. But once the ball gets rolling (so to speak) they go with the flow and do all kinds of man-on-man stuff that they never thought they'd do.

Send me a Private Message if you want to discuss this privately.
By #136427 at 03,Jul,14 07:42
Unicorns, thats awesome
By spermkiss at 03,Jul,14 16:41 other posts of spermkiss 
So, did you read Dan's column?
By #136427 at 04,Jul,14 08:55
Not yet, but iwill

By #160779 at 03,Jul,14 17:52
A golden rule - the one with the pussy makes the rules. Follow her lead and all will be great.
By spermkiss at 03,Jul,14 18:35 other posts of spermkiss 
So if she tells you to suck off the other man and swallow his load, do it.
By cumonme1 at 23,Apr,17 06:13 other posts of cumonme1 
yes i surely would that part of the fun the girl makes the rules ya got too do it for the lady

By 0-00 at 23,Apr,17 01:50 other posts of 0-00 
I haven't done MMF but have experience with FFM situations. Married couples should tread very lightly in these situations. You and your wife have to be rock solid in your relationship and trust in each other, the opportunity for jealousy is rife. Maybe you should question why you want to do this. Whatever you do make sure your wife is not forgotten in your enthusiasm to play with another woman... and vice versa. You may just find your relationship going downhill very quickly if you allow this to happen. You may also find the idea of a stranger fucking your wife to be quite erotic. If the idea is not as erotic while sitting at work at 11am then maybe your should give it a miss. We tend to think with our dicks when aroused. You may have more trouble than you bargained for when things get back to normal.
All considered, my experience was amazing and good fun. I am not married so do not have the baggage which goes with it. An earlier post here shows married couples can and do enjoy it. Just be careful.

By Peaky at 22,Apr,17 07:26 other posts of Peaky 
I'm so horny for a FMM threesome in Sydney. Anyone keen?
By Dalecash at 23,Apr,17 01:22 other posts of Dalecash 
I would be if I was in Sydney mate

By bipolycouple at 13,Jul,14 13:32 other posts of bipolycouple 
My wife and I have had many 3sums over the years. We've done both and prefer a bi guy to join us these days. It takes a special couple to adventure into this and love, trust are a must. If you have this, it is a very fun and rewarding experience.

By #289712 at 09,May,14 06:51
I'd love to experience a threesome just once
By spermkiss at 03,Jul,14 16:40 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, you should. It's something every man should do at least once in his life. Since you're straight, you're probably thinking about a MWW threesome and as I've said in my other comments on this subject, they're difficult to make happen.

So consider a MMW, as they're easier. Even if you don't do anything with the other man, they're fun. Watching him have sex with the lady can feel like your watching porn, except it's live, right before your very eyes. Having him watch you is also exciting. You'll feel like a porn star. And who knows what will happen once you get started. In my MMW threesome experience several straight guys did all kinds of things with me.
By #289712 at 04,Jul,14 10:16
It would be so much fun. MMW would still be exciting, getting naked in front of other guys doesn't bother me. It would be awesome! Obviously I'd love FMF but I'm aware it would be difficult to pull off. I've always wanted to experience two girls licking and sucking my penis and balls. One day maybe..
By leopoldij at 04,Jul,14 12:51 other posts of leopoldij 
I've done FMF last month!

By #465980 at 03,Jul,14 18:56
what to try a mmf really want to taste his hot cum in the wifes cunt and feel him squirt his hot cum in my tight little ass

By #136427 at 10,May,14 02:20
would you join us.what would you do with us?

By botanic at 09,May,14 04:35 other posts of botanic 
I have had MWW & MMW . In neither case was there any non hetero activity . It may happen and why not , but my limited experience was that it was all straight hetero sex . In my fantasy I expected all sorts to go on , but the reality was fantastic but straight. Although I may be wrong , I think Znaut that your expectations may well be based on internet porn rather than real life !
By #136427 at 09,May,14 08:01
Ya, im in the camp of the fantasy is usually better than the reality...

By spermkiss at 08,May,14 11:28 other posts of spermkiss 
Never did a MWW threesome so I cannot help you out there. But I'm sure other SYD members have and can. After all, this is a straight man's dream.

'Been in several MMW threesomes, however. There are no hard and fast rules about what is or is not done. It's whatever the three parties feel comfortable doing. Keep in mind that the number one rule of sex is that nobody has to do ANYTHING he or she does not want to do.

Usually, there is at least a little man-on-man sex action, both for the two men's pleasure and for the entertainment of the lady. Just as you find woman-on-woman sex exciting, most women are excited by two men together. How much man-on-man sex and what acts are done is an open question. Do whatever you and the other man are comfortable doing.

Often in MMW threesomes the woman tends to become the center of the action, with two dicks to go into various orifices. Pussy/mouth. Pussy/ass. Ass/mouth. Or one man can tongue massage the lady's clit while she sucks cock or while she gets fucked. Or put his tongue on the other man's dick shaft while he fucks her to lick off the pussy juice with each outward stroke. Or maybe eat the jizz out of the lady's pussy after the other man has come inside.

The possibilities are endless so use your imagination and have fun.

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