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Exposing Yourself " accidentaly"

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Started by #15182 at 05,Jan,10 13:00
I realy want to expose myself "accidentally" to strangers(and not get into trouble as its by `accident`) For example getting changed in a swimming changing room cubicle and `accidently` leaving the door slightly open so people get a quick look e.t.c Can you give me a few other options, maybe so i could even support an erection and it be considered accidental. cheers guys n girls

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By #491232 at 26,Jan,18 22:09
URL=http://showitoff.org/cowt7z6j71vzpic.html][/URL] lol

By swvsucker at 26,Jan,18 18:32 other posts of swvsucker 
I used to go to my in-laws house a lot when me and my wife first got married. I would wear these sweatpants that had a hole in the crotch with no underwear and when my wife's little **** was around I would allow my cock to fall out of the hole. She saw it often but never said anything to anyone, so I assume she enjoyed the view.
By spermkiss at 26,Jan,18 19:29 other posts of spermkiss 
I had a quick look at the photos on your page. Lots of cocksucking, even thru glory holes, lots of mouthfuls of jizz.

Between those and this remark you seem like a nice wholesome pervert. My kinda guy.

By Lenatur at 25,Jan,18 00:56 other posts of Lenatur 
Last Summer in a German BIERGARTEN !!!
--------------------------------------- added after 25 hours

Two older Ladies looking for Minutes but say nothing only Looking
By spermkiss at 25,Jan,18 10:21 other posts of spermkiss 
This photo demonstrates why underpants should NEVER be worn with short pants.
By Lenatur at 26,Jan,18 02:10 other posts of Lenatur 

By Scottbill69 at 23,Jan,18 11:39 other posts of Scottbill69 
find a centre where the changing rooms are communal and just show it either when getting changed or in the shower . Also when you visit a urinal don't stand close and when the flow starts , take your hand away . The other way is when wearing shorts you can lift the leg into a position where your bits are on show
By spermkiss at 25,Jan,18 10:22 other posts of spermkiss 
Exactly! One should NEVER wear underpants with short pants.

By Boylover at 15,Jan,18 02:48 other posts of Boylover 
Peeing in public bathrooms, exposing my pierced cock, or showering naked at the swimming pool. At home, I often walk around naked, couple of times was seen by a neigbour boy when calling at my front door, which has a glass window pane.

By licksipsuckit at 28,Nov,17 19:53 other posts of licksipsuckit 
no undies, wide leg shorts and let your balls hang out while youre having coffee *lix*

By leopoldij at 28,Nov,17 19:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Don't do it in the US. In Europe, it's easier.

By liketoedge at 28,Nov,17 13:42 other posts of liketoedge 
I alway stand back at the urinal and i can tell you most guys peek. Its a turn on watching then trying to be non chalant about it. I have also had a few that dont try to hide the fact they are looking at your dick.

By #17503 at 05,Jan,10 14:14
Depending on where you are, this could be dangerous. In the Washington, DC area just recently, a young man was home alone and was walking around his house nude. A woman walking by the house happened to see him standing in front of a window. She called the police and had him arrested. I think he actually got some jail time.
By #8288 at 06,Jan,10 05:01
Some people are just too prudish....~sigh~

MY HOUSE. MY BACKYARD. I'm not molesting a child, or anyone. I'm not having sex in front of school children. I should be able to walk/lay around without clothes on if I want to. If you don't like it, then don't look. Simple. Easy. ~sigh~

That idiot woman should be charged as a "peeping tom".
By MoeJoe at 06,Jan,10 05:12 other posts of MoeJoe 
I agree completely...this morality bullshit has exceeded it's bounds.

By #45180 at 06,Jan,10 11:53
I think the apparent problem was that the woman was walking with a small child (daughter/niece - i can't remember) so she told the police the guy was flashing infront of a minor!

A load of bollocks obviously, she shouldn't have been a nosey cow in the first place. I don't think the guy served any jail time though...i could be wrong.
By supablack at 06,Jan,10 12:25 other posts of supablack 
thats how i feel, your looking inside my house, and i get arrested, that lady i am sure didnt pay for anything inside of his house so why is she looking inside i say off

By small_dik at 09,Sep,14 20:58 other posts of small_dik 
It is considered ‘wilful exposure’ if you're in your house naked but can be clearly seen through windows from the street. Just because you are in your house doesn't mean you're exempt from the same laws that apply if your standing in the middle of the street in the nude. So here's a tip, if you want to be nude in your home/yard then make sure that you close the curtains/blinds or have high fences that obstruct peoples view from outside. It's not being prudish, it's being considerate of other people who shouldn't have to be assaulted by seeing you naked if they don't want to. If they want to see you naked then let them come to SYD where it's their choice.

By spermkiss at 09,Sep,14 15:10 other posts of spermkiss 
Wear short pants without underpants.
By JeffinKS at 09,Sep,14 18:07 other posts of JeffinKS 

By Blade at 08,Sep,14 22:52 other posts of Blade 
the craziest place I've done this, and it wasn't even planned was at the changing room at a water park.

It was super crowded, and my friends were waiting for me. There was a line for the 2 stalls they had, and then had a room with benches along the walls and in the middle of the room.

I didn't want to wait, so I went into the room and took a spot on ther middle bench where only 1 other person was. It was narrow betweent the benches, and you had to walk around peoples stuff.
I'm sitting across from 3 young teen friends that were changing back into clothes. they were sitting down just doing their shoes, when I got there.

I figured I'd extend my exposure by taking my pants off first then shirt. I had to turn to my right to actually have room to stand and take my pants and undeware off. when I turned back the one teen was bent over tying his shoes. My dick was head level with him, and if I leaned forward a foot or two my dick would have went in his hair.

I start to take my shirt off while still standing and the other 2 were looking at me, then started to laugh, and one of them calls their friend by saying 'dude look at that quick' or soemthing like that. As he turns from them and looks up my dick is 2 feet or so from his face. He jumped back and swore at his friends.

I couldn't help it, and as I sat I laughed too. Becuase of the shape of the room eveyone else just saw me from behind, and I dont this people were paying attention. My dick was laying on the bench, as I pretended to be fussy about how I folded my clothes.

I felt I was starting to quickly get hard, so I quickly put my bathing suit on. I had to sit there pretending to be on my phone, to give my dick time to relax, as I didn't want to walk out of the place to greet my friends with a tent in my suit.

By pifad at 27,Feb,10 03:26 other posts of pifad 
Take a piss in a department store and "forget" to zip up. Then go shopping. Works best if you freeball

By MoeJoe at 06,Jan,10 05:14 other posts of MoeJoe 
When you go into a public urinal, stand a few inches further back from the urinal and get your cock all the way out of your pants, so that the person next to you can get a good view. If he's looking, then that's a good sign.

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