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Have you ever cum without having a hard on?

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Started by liketoedge at 02,Jan,15 18:41  other posts of liketoedge
Have you ever cum without having a hard on

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By DarkMax at 04,Sep,17 12:08 other posts of DarkMax 
Yes, I have.

By smalldick at 03,Sep,17 19:16 other posts of smalldick 
oh yeah when I was fingering my ass one day the best ever

By #540402 at 24,Aug,17 22:17
Anytime I have a toy in my backside I'll be placid and cum. I don't usually get an erection during anal play. However, some of the most intense orgasms and largest amounts of cum have happened while playing with my flaccid cock with a toy in the ass.

By nakedjim at 15,Aug,17 05:18 other posts of nakedjim 
Age has taken away the hard, stiff dick that once deeply pleasured every hole it found. Now my fist pleasure my soft little wilted dicklett. The intensity now is stronger than the good old hardon climax.

By submissivemartyn at 13,Aug,17 05:58 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Yes,when my ex wife/Mistress used dildos in my arse and fucked me with Her strap-on.

By #536462 at 13,Aug,17 01:31
Yes while being fuck in the ass

By 4everanedger at 09,Dec,16 22:45 other posts of 4everanedger 
I have. I was edged before hand and then came while soft later just to see if I could.

By gingerhentai at 09,Dec,16 21:53 other posts of gingerhentai 
By 4everanedger at 09,Dec,16 22:44 other posts of 4everanedger 

By Frenum at 25,Jun,16 08:01 other posts of Frenum 
Watching a guy cum while flaccid turns me on.I've only managed it once while shaking my cock in the shower it felt good and soon there was spunk being shaken from my foreskin.
By liketoedge at 03,Dec,16 13:32 other posts of liketoedge 
Shaking my cock till I cum. I've done that before. It was great

By imnotshyy at 12,Oct,16 07:23 other posts of imnotshyy 
once during masturbation i came with semi hard cock

By Bjarne at 12,Oct,16 07:00 other posts of Bjarne 
Yes. When I give massage to my prostata with vibrator, then cumming witout hard cock

By Str8ab at 08,Oct,16 08:18 other posts of Str8ab 
Yeah after a good edging session i can cum easy without being hard especially by that time im feeling horny as fuck anyway and as much as i would prefer being hard when i cum sometimes it dont happen and ive gotta shoot with a semi.

By #493999 at 06,Oct,16 10:18
When very excited from edging.....for sure! Without touch sometimes!

By hardonow at 06,Oct,16 08:56 other posts of hardonow 
Never. I can't cum without being stiff. When I am stiff I cum easily.

By #517622 at 08,Aug,16 17:17
I really prefer cumming when my cock is soft now. I have been doing it for the past 6 months or so. I met a guy at a party and we started playing around we were kind of high and didn't get hard. We went to his house got naked and started playing around. Both of us were horned up but soft. He started rubbing my cock like it was a clit and I did the same to him. It felt amazing. We both brought each other to orgasm several times that night. After that I was hooked!
By liketoedge at 03,Oct,16 14:51 other posts of liketoedge 
Cumming while soft is intense.

By leopoldij at 09,Aug,16 18:33 other posts of leopoldij 
When you poke your ass, cum oozes out even without an erection, typically.

By Hrnyboy90 at 06,Jul,16 19:07 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Only happened once when I was giving myself some anal pleasure.. I had gotten really close to orgasm but couldn't quite hit my spot that day.. My cock was super sensitive from being so aroused but I was also wore out from moving my arm so much and had lost my full erection.. I grabbed my penis and started jerking. I was already so stimulated from the anal play that I started to cum in seconds.. faster than my dick had time to grow back to a full erection.. it was very intense kind of different sensation
By liketoedge at 08,Aug,16 16:59 other posts of liketoedge 
Felt great im sure
By Hrnyboy90 at 09,Aug,16 15:34 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Ooh yesss anal play always gives me very intense orgasms

By smokieb69 at 09,Aug,16 11:34 other posts of smokieb69 
Yes, if I am playing with my ass while I jerk off

By stlman4all at 06,Jul,16 18:52 other posts of stlman4all 
yes many of time

By markblush1 at 04,Jul,16 01:01 other posts of markblush1 
yes, i used to be fulltime crossdresser for 8-9 years. several people could continue past cuming and i would continue orgasm evenasmany as 10-12 times in a row. i could "control" somewhat by shaking/ legs/ feet/ toes. many people quit sucking or people quit after first ejaculation (many people are too sensitive at this point to continue stimulation)

By BushPilot at 01,Jul,16 01:33 other posts of BushPilot 
Yes. A few times.

By splitman at 26,Jun,16 02:05 other posts of splitman 
I have. I cinched off and jacked off before i got numb. Its very strange cumming with a flaccid cock. Of course, I am erect below the cinch so its not a true flaccid.

By Frenum at 25,Jun,16 07:58 other posts of Frenum 
Very nice

By olddog at 04,Jun,16 16:14 other posts of olddog 
Many times

By #471389 at 01,Jun,16 01:40
I have, quite a few times. It happens a lot more with prostate stimulation, which is a hell of a lot of fun! Nothing like milking your cum out without getting hard! It's intense!
By liketoedge at 04,Jun,16 16:02 other posts of liketoedge 
Definitly intense. I sometime edge so long that ive went back and fourth from hard to soft when i finally cum im soft and its and incredible orgasm

By liketoedge at 30,May,16 15:02 other posts of liketoedge 
It feels great

By #359325 at 16,May,16 23:40
Yes, many times

By Avillager at 16,May,16 00:03 other posts of Avillager 
Yes, many times. ED can't stop a climax from a good btw job.

By yeahright at 15,May,16 23:27 other posts of yeahright 
Yes. Did last night actually. Got a new toy the other day so I had my first experience with playing with a dildo. I have to say it was one of the best orgasms I've ever had and I wasn't hard and didn't even touch my dick.

By bi1953 at 15,May,16 22:41 other posts of bi1953 

By youngjpcock at 15,May,16 22:38 other posts of youngjpcock 


By 67malibu at 15,May,16 17:10 other posts of 67malibu 

By ekroft at 15,May,16 15:24 other posts of ekroft 
Yeah.. not the greatest tale, but when I was younger, I'd came home after a night out clubbing, coked up and horny. I was a bit fried and my dick wouldn't stay hard half the time. I persisted and after a while worked a nice orgasm from my quite soft penis. What a relief!

By #509475 at 10,May,16 16:32
At my age you just have to forget about the soldier standing to attention on duty . And just be thankfull you can still get the jungle juice to flow .
By like2jack at 15,May,16 11:47 other posts of like2jack 
I can identify with that condition. Still feels good to shoot though, soft, semi-hard or hard.

By yorkie11 at 14,May,16 14:10 other posts of yorkie11 
I remember back at school in the gym climbing the big thick ropes with your legs wrapped round it and your groin rubbing against the rope made me good and made me cum now and then. It was not long after id started masturbating and still remember how good it felt even after all these years.

By BirdDog at 05,May,16 22:27 other posts of BirdDog 
YESSSSSS! and it feels sooooooo good!

By liketoedge at 05,May,16 15:08 other posts of liketoedge 
I am rarely hard after the second or third orgasm. Sometimes cumming without a boner is even more intense

By Filly at 07,Nov,15 17:00 other posts of Filly 
Only once, when I gave myself a prostate massage in late puberty just to see how and what it is. Not my thing I concluded.

By foreskinfetish at 06,Nov,15 22:07 other posts of foreskinfetish 
Same here- meds keep mine limp but nothing else is different, feels great just like it always has. The closest I get to hard is when I go down on a woman.

By liketoedge at 09,Mar,15 15:12 other posts of liketoedge 
I asked a friend at work this question and he said do to **** pressure meds he hasn't had a full boner in a few years but has no problem cumming.He says he cums aleast daily and it feels great..he just doest get hard anymore
By #204902 at 06,Nov,15 17:06
Same problem
By liketoedge at 06,Nov,15 17:31 other posts of liketoedge 
Im pretty sure it is alot more common that we think

By Avillager at 05,Nov,15 00:09 other posts of Avillager 
There are many causes of ED which don't impact the sensitivity of the head or the ability to cum. The head (on your shoulders) is the biggest sex organ. Dry or almost dry climaxes are also possible if the prostrate has been irradiated or removed. It is the pump and also provides most of the non-sperm fluid in cum. An erection is only necessary for insertion.
By #204902 at 06,Nov,15 17:05
I often can t get it hard. So I wank the limp cock till I cum

By 67malibu at 06,Nov,15 13:19 other posts of 67malibu 
Once when I was in my twenties , adult bookstore, I was pretty nervous not much male experience, he was stroking me through a gloryhole

By #473011 at 08,Jan,15 15:43
i cant. how do you guys do it? im usually like a rock before i even start
--------------------------------------- added after 7319 hours

I just can't see how it would happen. I've had times where I've been super horny and even came without touching. Sometimes I'll go soft before hand but as soon as I get the feeling of an orgasm coming on no matter what I'll grow all the way hard before I shoot. Guess we'll see if age changes things haha
By Avillager at 05,Nov,15 00:11 other posts of Avillager 
Your time will come, old age is not for the feint of heart.

By 6inches at 05,Nov,15 09:33 other posts of 6inches 
your young just give it time,things change a lot when you hit forty and over,just enjoy the hell out of it now.

By #472683 at 26,Aug,15 23:52
This happened to a guy I was with. He was older, and he said he took half a Cialis before coming over, but he was nervous and couldn't get hard. He went down on me, and got so excited that he said he was going to cum, even though soft. I didn't know that was possible. So I finished him off by mouth.
By licksipsuckit at 27,Aug,15 02:21 other posts of licksipsuckit 
is it like a Viagra pill? did he get hard when you sucked him later?? *lix*

By ChocolateDevine at 04,Nov,15 16:13 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Something similar happened to me except I hadn't taken a pill. I was in the back of a girl's suv and was eating her out, I was nervous and couldn't get hard. I got excited and told her to put her mouth on my dick. As soon as her lips touched the head of my cock I exploded! She said the same thing...that she didn't think that could happen. Kind of a cool feeling...

By t-rex at 04,Nov,15 16:22 other posts of t-rex 
You are such a great lady

By liketoedge at 04,Nov,15 02:46 other posts of liketoedge 
I always figured most guys have at sometime

By Peeweebeefed at 27,Aug,15 01:27 other posts of Peeweebeefed 
I've had a few times where I edged so many times and played with myself for so long that I just couldn't really get hard but was still able to cum.
By liketoedge at 04,Sep,15 13:24 other posts of liketoedge 
I have done that before also. Great orgasm too

By #323075 at 27,Aug,15 01:10
Yes! On the bike! I was wearing very short gym trousers! My dick looked out a little bit. It rubbed a bit between my thigh and the bike saddle. It remained soft and suddenly I got a very great orgasme without cumming😊

By bi1953 at 26,Aug,15 22:03 other posts of bi1953 
Yes, it usually happens to me when I'm getting fucked in the ass.

By #496728 at 25,Aug,15 18:43
i can cum when limp from getting fucked.

By Raypark at 10,Apr,15 11:03 other posts of Raypark 
Yes, had this guy in next stall who wanted to suck me in a roadside bathroom about 10 - 15 yrs ago. I obliged, and he was so good, first time and only time I came within a minute or two. I was so horny but soft. Damn he was good !!!!!
By liketoedge at 25,Aug,15 13:02 other posts of liketoedge 
Sometimes your just so horny you cant hold back

By jocstfr at 09,Jan,15 19:15 other posts of jocstfr 
yes once when I was at a nude beach just lying in the sun, my cock was hanging between my legs and all of a sudden I got that familiar tingling feeling in my cock and next thing I know its spewing cum. Very strange because it never got hard. One other time was in a Dr's office when he was checking my prostate. My soft cock shot a huge load all over the table.
By Raypark at 10,Apr,15 10:57 other posts of Raypark 
Wow, must have been embarrassing for you both

By basque9 at 13,Feb,15 14:06 other posts of basque9 
Mostly happened when I was younger but can still occur when I am under extreme emotional pressure, severe competition or bodily attack...cock shoots off in my shorts and the pressure dissipates! It still feels pleasurable. I figured all cocks did this!

By stroker11 at 08,Jan,15 06:25 other posts of stroker11 
Soft is great if it is all you've got....feels the same and cum is just as tasty!
By tb1 at 09,Feb,15 00:13 other posts of tb1 
yes it is gr8 if you can cum when you can't get a boner, soft is better than nothing!!!!

By liketoedge at 08,Feb,15 18:43 other posts of liketoedge 
What percentage of guys have made themselves cum while soft?

By slipper at 24,Jan,15 00:49 other posts of slipper 
I can cum completely soft, hard, and every which way in between and each feels a little different.

By ekroft at 23,Jan,15 05:02 other posts of ekroft 
Only when I was a younger crazy clubber, home alone in the wee hours..Coked up, horny, battling to keep it hard, I would masturbate furiously, a number of times cumming while pretty soft, just to get it out.

By liketoedge at 23,Jan,15 01:58 other posts of liketoedge 
Drunk and tired I jacked off and came while soft just 2 nights ago

By lahbr at 10,Jan,15 05:46 other posts of lahbr 

By #447598 at 03,Jan,15 14:19
Yep. Just have to be quick enough. =P

By liketoedge at 03,Jan,15 13:02 other posts of liketoedge 
It definitely feels good

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