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Age your cock doesnít get hard anymore?

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Started by Stunning at 02,Apr,20 10:18  other posts of Stunning
When does your cock stop getting hard? Iím 44 now have no problem getting hard still, just cum and hard to regain after one good hump.

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By liketoedge at 18,May,20 03:39 other posts of liketoedge 
I have a friend that still gets a hard boner and he is 76. But a know another friend that is 36 or 37 and doesn't get boner at all anymore.

By DondeEstamos at 16,May,20 18:46 other posts of DondeEstamos 
Still hard in my 60s, but don't shoot as much as I used to when I cum.

By maxhendrix at 08,May,20 21:22 other posts of maxhendrix 
I am 42 years old and my penis has not become hard for a couple of years
this is my grow up max erection

By uncut1944 at 30,Apr,20 15:57 other posts of uncut1944 
Here is my 75 year old cockt
By 3fdfd at 07,May,20 16:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
You are very lucky at our age to still be getting hard.

By Bratwurst at 06,May,20 16:49 other posts of Bratwurst 
About 45 - 50 years old

By doedeldi at 30,Apr,20 10:21 other posts of doedeldi 
Since 55 not so hard as before.

By nekekal at 29,Apr,20 22:32 other posts of nekekal 
About 70. My cock was working fine up to about that time. Strong hard erections. Now, it is kind of pathetic. It gets bigger, but not real hard. I doubt that it would work in in a tight cunt. Viagra does help, it feels better, but is not rock hard. Nobody wants it hard so maybe it is ok.

By cumcouplessa at 25,Apr,20 06:12 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here, I reckon I noticed at 50 that stamina was starting to fade. Also cant hit a good second round straight away and need to wait a while. I suppose will just deteriorate as time goes by. Thats seems to be a damb good reason to use it as much as possible now? We've been in lockdown for 4 weeks here, so havent had much else to do. Wife's pussy going to look like a bulldogs porridge by the time we allowed back out lol. I'm seriously craving some cock action though. Very sad we're not allowed any visitors

By cody8789 at 23,Apr,20 21:00 other posts of cody8789 
By Stunning at 24,Apr,20 10:52 other posts of Stunning 
Oh no, you hit 45 and canít get hard anymore? Sorry to hear that.

By Peke3047 at 23,Apr,20 23:21 other posts of Peke3047 
68 here and it's still gets hard especially in the morning

By Lycrathong at 23,Apr,20 15:18 other posts of Lycrathong 
72 and still get a large, hard erection - certainly hard enough to fuck the tight little asses I like.

By t-rex at 03,Apr,20 07:47 other posts of t-rex 

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62 this month and still going strong
By 3fdfd at 03,Apr,20 09:40 other posts of 3fdfd 
That's good to know

By 3fdfd at 03,Apr,20 01:48 other posts of 3fdfd 
77 ... gets longer & thicker but not hard. Bendable & floppy. I was getting hard until I was 55-60. After that no. I have neuropathy .... one of the side effects is that your cock doesn't get hard
By wycowboy at 03,Apr,20 07:39 other posts of wycowboy 
I have neuropathy too. That's one of the reasons I need viagra at times for help. Another effect is less feeling so it takes longer to cum, which my wife loves, lol

By wycowboy at 02,Apr,20 19:17 other posts of wycowboy 
I'm 56 and can still get an erection. Keeping it without almost constant manipulation is harder though but viagra helps with that when needed. I'm not in good shape and have to take quite a few medications which doesn't help.

By bil47 at 02,Apr,20 17:14 other posts of bil47 
I'm in my late-60s and my only sex these days is masturbation. Just takes a little more work than it used to, to get hard for solo-sex.
Helps if I'm jacking with porn and lube. (Marijuana is good too.)
Erection drugs definitely speed up and maintain the erection process.

By pifad at 02,Apr,20 12:52 other posts of pifad 
Iím 71 and still get bone hard.

By DJS at 02,Apr,20 11:22 other posts of DJS 
No problems @58 still get good erections still get morning wood still get night wood 4/5times a night,eat pretty healthy,drink beers most nights (before this virus)in the pub.
And stays hard when fking..

By midyorkie at 02,Apr,20 10:54 other posts of midyorkie 
Still get hard but does not last so long, alos lost some of its size !

By #612667 at 02,Apr,20 10:49
Im 52 an still going strong i think some of it has to do more with health and how fit you are as far as how much excersize you do and youre diet aswell as if you drink or smoke

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