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How to keep foreskin retracted ?

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Started by #497509 at 18,Sep,15 05:50
Please make me clear .
I've found this on the internet, after searching Google for "keep foreskin retracted":

"First, grasp the penis near its base with the left thumb and
index finger, pulling the foreskin back slightly behind the rim
of the glans. Then, forming a loose circle with the thumb and
index finger of the right hand, gently stroke forward on the
folds of foreskin until they turn under. If done correctly, the
characteristically ragged leading edge of the folds of foreskin
will be turned under completely, leaving a sculptured look, as if
one had been circumcised by an expensive plastic surgeon.
Moreover, the foreskin will remain retracted almost forever."

I don't completely understand these instructions. Maybe someone could point me towards some help?

Once again, how do I wear my foreskin retracted comfortably 24/7? Is the uncomfort/inflating skin I'm experiencing normal? ANY help is greatly appreciated.

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By Mazinga at 08,Feb,18 22:00 other posts of Mazinga 
I've had my foreskin permanently retracted since
my early teens. I started out just by slowly
rolling it back, gradually, for a few minutes
every day until it no longer hurt as it slid
over and behind my glans.

No folding, no taping, just rolling it back
and leaving it retracted that way.
It hurt less and less each day that my foreskin
stretched over my glans on its way back towards
my shaft...

It often hurt tight during erections, but that
pain had also subsided gradually, in the long run.
Meanwhile my foreskin grew less tight.
I did this every day and night while my cock was dry,
and while in the hot shower...

Once it was fully rolled back I left it that way.
For the first few weeks after this, my glans hurt
from rubbing against my underwear; so, I stopped
wearing underwear during this process.
(I still go commando to this day)

I've done it every day for several years until it
was fully rolled back by my late teens.
By the time I reached my 20s, all discomfort and
pain had subsided and my exposed glans felt normal.

My foreskin had remained permanently retracted
all these years (I'm 52yo now) while still feeling
sensitive to masturbation and even More sensitive
to stimulation, oral, and handjobs performed on me
by a buddy.

How does it feel in motion, now? like a short
fleshy sleeve that doesn't interfere with my glans
while I masturbate (and while I'm being handjobbed
and sucked).
I can still feel some slight friction while
penetrating a tight ass, but it feels pleasing to me.
it almost tickles me when I stroke my foreskin
forward towards the ridge beneath my glans.

How does it look? Slightly darker than my natural
lighter skin complexion, especially when my
cock is flaccid. You can see it in some of my
cock pics in my profile page.

My next step is to "bleach" my shaft to match my
lighter skin complexion; but that is a separate topic
for another thread.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to enjoy the best of both worlds,
as "cut" and as uncut.
By #497509 at 22,Feb,18 05:53
You have done great job. Really it's much difficult to get permanently retracted . I have also tried to do in the similar way but could not continue due to disturbances in ****. Also the cock used to get erected in public places or when talking or sitting with some body. That put me in awkward situation many times.
By Mazinga at 22,Feb,18 10:53 other posts of Mazinga 
It takes time and patience. Every now and then just roll it back and leave it that way for a few minutes or an hour each day or night, then roll it forward. Then try sleeping with it rolled back until the glans is used to the exposure... soft bed sheets are fine for the glans to get used to when touching against fine fabrics. Avoid coarse, thick, or aggressive fabrics, as these will cause discomfort.

In my lifetime with my retracted foreskin, I can go commando in tight denim and spandex jeans and my glans is used to it.
During the summer months I wear lose shorts with boxers underneath. And during summer strolls through the park I like to go commando beneath a pair of dark fleece flannel shorts cut from pajama pants, lol. The soft fleece against my cock feels so good that I often get boners while out in public.

Even if the foreskin doesn't stay permanently retracted you can still enjoy sensual pleasure with it and the glans, especially if you're a heavy pre-cummer.

By soundsgreat87 at 28,Feb,18 20:19 other posts of soundsgreat87 
And it looks great on you. You were lucky to start young enough that you grew out of your foreskin, too!

What got you started doing it anyway?
By Mazinga at 01,Mar,18 01:38 other posts of Mazinga 
What got me started doing it anyway?

I was envious of the Cut guys who's cocks look so
darn HOT in that sexy streamlined ballistic appearance!

Other than that, I got tired of dealing with residue
(sweat, piss, pre-cum) inside the foreskin.
I had always kept my cock clean; but it was a pain in
the ass going through that pull-back routine to get
all that gungus outta there.
So that was when I decided to retract it back and leave it
that way for easy washing. After retracting it I never
again saw anymore schtinky residue.
Cleaning and hygiene maintenance had become so easy
since I retracted it.

By heylittleman at 23,Feb,18 03:23 other posts of heylittleman 
I regularly tuck my foreskin back on itself

Stays like it all day if left undisturbed

By 0-00 at 22,Feb,18 12:37 other posts of 0-00 
I keep mine fully retracted at all times. I am lucky in that mine stays behind the glans when I pull it back, no tricks required. I started out to reduce sensitivity in my glans because a good BJ was always uncomfortable to the point of losing my erection. I jumped straight in the deep end... I pulled it back and soldiered through the discomfort. It took a few months and was not too uncomfortable to endure. There is a trade off though, loss of sensitivity makes it a lot more difficut for me to reach orgasm during intercourse. Sometimes a good thing but more often not. My friend gives really good head as can be seen in my video so I am happy with the trade off.

By leopoldij at 18,Sep,15 17:52 other posts of leopoldij 
From your profile: "claims to be living in India, Kathmandu".
Katmandu is not in India, you know... :-)
By #497509 at 20,Sep,15 02:57
now corrected
By leopoldij at 20,Sep,15 08:17 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok my friend. I hope you were not affected much by that terrible earthquake a few months ago. Take care.

By JustWill at 18,Sep,15 20:05 other posts of JustWill 
Thumb tacks would work pretty well...
By JeffinKS at 18,Sep,15 20:31 other posts of JeffinKS 
oh.. um what?!
By #316057 at 18,Sep,15 22:33

By bella! at 20,Sep,15 03:23 other posts of bella! 
Thumb tacks? I thought that a man used duct tape ( or is it duck tape? ) to fix everything!

By leopoldij at 18,Sep,15 17:51 other posts of leopoldij 
You can't do that.
By Br99xx at 18,Sep,15 18:57 other posts of Br99xx 
And why would you?

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