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With or without foreskin?

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Started by #201917 at 25,Oct,11 11:11
Hi all do you prefer my cock with foreskin or with foreskin retracted?

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New Comment

By tcputts at 24,Jan,20 12:21 other posts of tcputts 
Dicks always look better with abundant foreskin!

By Lenatur at 24,Jan,20 03:38 other posts of Lenatur 
With Foreskin

By X_Y_Z at 21,Jan,20 12:37 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I am uncut and I am glad About it. Like to Play with (my) foreskin

By foreskin at 20,Jan,20 19:12 other posts of foreskin 
Peeled back skin. I want to see the head!

By CesenaDaBere at 29,Nov,13 20:17 other posts of CesenaDaBere 
facciamogli prendere aria!

with of course

By sum1ndme at 28,Nov,13 03:30 other posts of sum1ndme 

By #371643 at 16,Nov,13 12:33
I like my foreskin. That's it really
By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,13 09:06 other posts of 3fdfd 
great cock & I agree - I like your foreskin too

By #161491 at 26,Jan,13 11:25
Whether the hood is up or down, I think my husband's uncut penis is absolutely beautiful.

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,13 09:04 other posts of 3fdfd 
you have found quite a husband

By ttonio at 18,Jan,12 14:34 other posts of ttonio 

By #347242 at 26,Jan,13 09:26
damn your nuts hang like 2 iches past your cock. not good bro!
By bella! at 26,Jan,13 09:33 other posts of bella! 
Really? Low hangers are visually appealing and quite sexy!

By 3fdfd at 27,Nov,13 09:03 other posts of 3fdfd 
bella! & gaydude65 are both correct - those are great balls & what a super foreskin

By chris23d at 26,Nov,13 20:08 other posts of chris23d 
Penises look so much better without foreskin...

By rubbercock at 11,Nov,13 02:37 other posts of rubbercock 
I prefer to see the head exposed. So foreskin is fine as long as it's pulled back. If you keep it retracted all the time that's even better

By ramrod at 15,Mar,13 21:33 other posts of ramrod 
Any foreskin is a bonus!

By pifad at 26,Oct,11 07:40 other posts of pifad 
With foreskin because I want to peel it back with my tongue
By Ablaze at 26,Jan,13 08:42 other posts of Ablaze 
Exactly !

By #105904 at 24,Jan,13 21:03
Photo of a hot dog from al33Photo of a drain pipe from al33

By #12345 at 18,Jan,12 18:15
yes, with or without? Photo of a prick from bully Photo of a equipment from bully
By #345209 at 23,Jan,13 15:53
No hesitation: your cock is much nicer when covered!

(BTW: how do you manage to paste pics ???? I have tried all classical methods, but I couldn't find the trick... Thanks!)
By Ray10754 at 23,Jan,13 16:19 other posts of Ray10754 
Answer: Go to the image page, look for button under the image that says "post it in blog or forum", hit it, copy the code that says "ubb for most of forums" and then paste it into your message that you are going to post into forum or blog. This is how you do it here on this site

By #286358 at 02,Aug,12 14:33
It makes no real difference, hygiene is better without foreskin anyway
By cocking at 02,Aug,12 14:56 other posts of cocking 
Crap, hygiene depends on the person and not the foreskin. Who would miss the opportunity to wash your knob in the shower thus keeping it squeaky clean? I love cleaning my dick head in the shower.

By delboy at 31,Jul,12 20:29 other posts of delboy 
anyone want to give an opinion on my foreskin pics

By #161491 at 26,Oct,11 08:08
I just prefer a cock with foreskin, regardless of whether it's protracted or retracted.
By 3fdfd at 30,Oct,11 10:30 other posts of 3fdfd 
I wonder why ?

By #199710 at 29,Oct,11 17:51
Foreskin is really sexy. Comment on my pics of my uncut dick
By #199710 at 29,Oct,11 18:19

By #204074 at 26,Oct,11 11:31
with foreskin not only ur but mine also it seems more sexy.its ultimate by it self.

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