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Best way to remove hair

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Started by #366338 at 01,Mar,16 13:58
I've been using Nads hair removal for men for the last year or so. Obviously I'd test it on a small area before covering your cock, balls and ass with it to make sure your skin doesn't react. Leave this stuff on for like 15 minutes, then 99% of the hair will just wash off. I'd tried shaving and plucking before, but the pain and cuts are just not good. I recommend this stuff 100% to anyone who wants that hair free look. Here's a link for you all:
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I'd always been a bit wary of hair removal creams given some of the painful experiences some people have had, I'm glad to say I've never had any pain from this. I started off with just my cock, but now do the full downstairs hair free. Never looked back

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By knewbi at 30,Apr,18 12:25 other posts of knewbi 
I generally use the cream. Would never do the permanent solution because some guys and gals like pubs and I will let mine grow for those that like pubs and remove them if they prefer smooth. Personally, I will do either but prefer smoot cock and balls.

By Boylover at 15,Apr,18 01:38 other posts of Boylover 
Wilkinson Sword Quattro is Ok for shaving my pubes and balls once a week. Sometimes, use my electrical shaver for my pubes in between.
Once used a hair removal cream (Veet): my balls burned for hours, never did that again.

By leopoldij at 10,Apr,18 20:47 other posts of leopoldij 
Use avid, like vitriol.
Or use fire.

By #553253 at 09,Apr,18 07:05

I used a Remington Laser System. Its permanent, and quite effective. Unfortunatly, dark skin can be easily scarred. So watch out!

By Mazinga at 08,Apr,18 05:25 other posts of Mazinga 
I don't want to shave any part of me except for the
routine sculpting of my beard; but I have indeed
suffered some form of slight hair loss.

I posted the following experience in another similar
thread topic. This could be useful Here.

I just want to share the following story, for those
who are looking for a natural means of removing
hair from your legs, all you ladies (and CD guys)...

Tight leggings and jeans... Read on:


If I may chime in... my thighs and lower legs
USED to be much more Hairier than they 'are' now.
Back in the early '90s I lived in Los Angeles CA for
about 6 years... nice dry weather most of the time,
and I was always outside in shorts.
My legs were at their Hairiest back then.

I moved back to NY in the summer of '95... my hairy leg
appearance went downhill since then, with the long-assed
winter months of wearing long-johns and layers of clothing
to stay warm outdoors.

But, I also love to wear tight black jeans
(it's always been a Rocker thing with me).

Long story short, all that tight leg wear took its toll
on my leg hairs... something about the tightness of
clothing against my legs caused my leg hairs to get
pulled and rubbed off.

Fabric Friction against the body = Heat causing some
hair loss, especially with tight leggings and jeans.

My thighs are half-smooth now, and most of the hairs
on my lower legs are gone thus leaving me with smooth
calves and shins.

I miss my leg hair. But just so you know, I lost most
of my leg hair in this unusual method wearing tight
jeans and long-johns throughout the cold weather season.
I never wanted to lose my leg hair; it just happened.

By spermkiss at 08,Mar,16 18:57 other posts of spermkiss 
If you really enjoy being hairless, you might want to consider a permanent solution. I've got a device called Silk'n Flash & Go permanent hair remover that works very well. I bought it for US$200.00 and I expect it (or something similar) is also available in the UK.
By #366338 at 12,Mar,16 15:10
It is, and I've looked at it before, but I seem to remember seeing you weren't supposed to use it on your scrotum. Otherwise, I'd buy this in a heartbeat. I love the sensation of being totally hairless.
By spermkiss at 12,Mar,16 15:56 other posts of spermkiss 
Go for it! I don't recall any restrictions about using it on the scrotum (I'll have to re-read the instructions to be absolutely sure). In any event, I've used it on mine without any ill effects.

By leopoldij at 10,Mar,16 05:48 other posts of leopoldij 

By talk4s at 09,Mar,16 12:56 other posts of talk4s 
Buy a full body electric razor. Trim pubic area. Then use a fresh razor (I use twin blade with lubricant strip)with 'Bikini Bare'. Use the razor lightly, not more than 2X or you will get red bumps from bacteria. Then use Witch Hazel on the area, followed by a quality skin lotion. You will be ultra smooth!

By #289712 at 08,Mar,16 06:00
Shave. After a couple times your skin gets used to it, and it's a few minutes every week maintaining it. Feels better, you'll always Have a hand on it!

By licksipsuckit at 01,Mar,16 17:46 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Go get it lasered off. *lix*

By Moench at 01,Mar,16 16:45 other posts of Moench 
i agree with you, i use women hair removal creme and its work perfect for me .i use it for more than 10 years from my feed to armpits.but keep it to long at my balls ,its painful

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