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Started by Purplegerkin at 24,Apr,17 05:38  other posts of Purplegerkin
I'm bi and love looking at all the lovely cocks on this site. I regularly get rock hard and wank myself off but recently whenever I get together with a bloke for an NSA meet I just can't keep a hard on even though I love touching and sucking the other guy....... Any suggestions

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By JustWill at 25,Apr,17 12:59 other posts of JustWill 
My advice:
Stop THINKING about it and just FEEL and RELAX.
It might be that your brain is getting in the way. Worrying about whether or not you are going to get an erection is often what causes a boner to not happen.
By spermkiss at 28,Nov,17 11:28 other posts of spermkiss 
Good advice. It has often been said that the brain is the largest sex organ.

By kebmo at 28,Nov,17 01:42 other posts of kebmo 

By cumcouplessa at 25,Apr,17 23:52 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hi, hubby here. I often find it difficult to maintain a good erection when with a stranger, but have no problem once I get to know the person on a personal level. Always thought this to be a nervous issue. If its nsa sex you after, maybe look for a glory hole? Either way, best of luck, your cock looks realy hot.

By talk4s at 24,Apr,17 14:39 other posts of talk4s 
You just have to get past your innermost fear of being bi or gay. To do that you have to realize Society's beliefs about sexuality are just total BS. Driven by such things as the 'Bibble' (written by fearful men) and by latent bi/gay guys making all the laws for 'Amuricah'...Easy to say, far harder to do. If you can, just be yourself next time a hard dick presents itself to you and forget what EVERYBODY else thinks!...
By Purplegerkin at 25,Apr,17 05:13 other posts of Purplegerkin 
Thanks for your post, I don't think it's fear of being gay. I'm a very happy bisexual and have been for my whole life. Always get hard with my female partner and used to enjoy horny fun times with other blokes. It's just recently that over the past four or five meets I've got hard initially then it shrinks to the smallest possible and just won't play. There may be a guilt issues I am cheating on my partner but I wondered if it was a fantasy over reality thing.........
By oldbugle at 25,Apr,17 06:35 other posts of oldbugle 
...As ever we tend to answer our own questions if we just listen to ourselves when we describe the problem. There is obviously nothing wrong with the equipement, it's just a problem 'between the ears of the operator'......

Perhaps you should try to get your female partner on board about your more hidden desires....if she values your friendship and has any intelligence she will try to get involved or at least 'OK about it'..... Alternatively, consider that you might just stick to your lady as you clearly care about her and we all have to make some sacfifices for love if we are lucky enough to find it!
By Purplegerkin at 25,Apr,17 10:26 other posts of Purplegerkin 
Many thanks for your post Old bugle, and you are probably right about answering our own questions. I just wanted to see what others though/have experienced. It's true about the love thing and one of the reasons that I get aroused with my partner is that I love her very much. Sadly she has reached that age that some women do, when sex is a chore and cuddling and stroking are the only things that are required to make her purr. Hence my return to enjoying cock which is about sex and not romance rather than seeking any sort of affair with another female which could go horridly wrong. Probably better fantasising and walking but every so often the hankering for the touch and taste of cock just gets too strong.

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