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I love a pretty, well-formed glans

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Started by #436014 at 07,Jul,17 05:24
Who doesn't love a pretty, well-formed glans?

what do you think of this one over here
squirting fresh warm cum out?

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New Comment

By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 07:52

What do you guys think?All the other glands are very pretty,

By DarkMax at 03,Sep,18 15:21 other posts of DarkMax 

By jake1988 at 03,Sep,18 11:39 other posts of jake1988 

By #559372 at 18,Jun,18 12:27
A beautiful glans is a sight to behold... especially the reveal of an uncut cock.
By ukcur70 at 01,Sep,18 20:52 other posts of ukcur70 

By #566236 at 01,Sep,18 10:10

I hope you like my glands
By sinanff47 at 01,Sep,18 20:23 other posts of sinanff47 
Un poco de ayuda:
In English:
'glans' -- 'head' of penis.
'glands' -- internal organs such as thyroid, adrenal.

By #565196 at 23,Aug,18 13:49

By #541363 at 19,Aug,18 16:29

By #545303 at 18,Aug,18 19:49

By soharditspurple at 15,Aug,18 23:11 other posts of soharditspurple 

By lawrenceo at 14,Aug,18 07:12 other posts of lawrenceo 
So do I and I think that I have one too.

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 05:19

What do you guys think?

By #552510 at 21,Jun,18 23:43

By tixHH at 21,Jun,18 05:23 other posts of tixHH 

By Lunkerbass at 20,Jun,18 20:55 other posts of Lunkerbass 

By #559915 at 18,Jun,18 03:48

What you guys think?

By lawrenceo at 15,Jun,18 01:47 other posts of lawrenceo 

How about this one?

By massco at 13,Jun,18 18:53 other posts of massco 
All head

By newwt10 at 13,Jun,18 11:18 other posts of newwt10 
Looking for a good kiss!

By #539358 at 10,Jun,18 10:47
Mine’s very purple and shiny

By bluemn7 at 10,Jun,18 10:40 other posts of bluemn7 

By Lenatur at 28,May,18 15:53 other posts of Lenatur 

By Lenatur at 28,May,18 15:48 other posts of Lenatur 

By Lenatur at 28,May,18 15:45 other posts of Lenatur 

By nell62 at 28,May,18 15:36 other posts of nell62 

By john3 at 14,May,18 22:35 other posts of john3 

By nell62 at 28,May,18 15:33 other posts of nell62 

By #558081 at 28,May,18 11:48
here is mine

By Lunkerbass at 19,May,18 11:15 other posts of Lunkerbass 

By uncutjoy at 18,May,18 16:51 other posts of uncutjoy 

By doedeldi at 18,May,18 10:22 other posts of doedeldi 

By Borol0585 at 17,May,18 22:24 other posts of Borol0585 

By pipcock at 13,May,18 05:25 other posts of pipcock 
Is mine OK?
By #539433 at 14,May,18 23:59
By pipcock at 15,May,18 18:35 other posts of pipcock 
Oh good...relief!!!

By lawrenceo at 15,May,18 02:36 other posts of lawrenceo 
I think mine is pretty

By #539358 at 15,Dec,17 07:38
My ridged red glans exposed for all to see.

--------------------------------------- added after 33 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 63 seconds

By MM_DD at 11,May,18 07:09 other posts of MM_DD 
What a beautiful, mouthwatering glans. I'll bet it tastes amazing.
By #539358 at 11,May,18 17:45
Thank you

By ScottsCock at 11,May,18 12:39 other posts of ScottsCock 

By weluvswinging69 at 11,May,18 09:30 other posts of weluvswinging69 

The wife thinks mine is perfect

By Louis at 22,Dec,17 08:12 other posts of Louis 
By cutroundhead at 11,May,18 04:48 other posts of cutroundhead 
That's a magnificent knob! And I like the bush too!

By #532695 at 20,Dec,17 22:05
A sexy head is great. I especially like it when the guy is uncut but you can see the shape of his head through his skin.
By #539358 at 21,Dec,17 04:51
By 3fdfd at 10,May,18 11:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
Yours certainly qualifies ... really nice head under your foreskin
By Defiant91 at 10,May,18 14:43 other posts of Defiant91 
By 3fdfd at 10,May,18 14:53 other posts of 3fdfd 
And so does yours ... both of you guys have great uncut dicks
By Defiant91 at 10,May,18 19:31 other posts of Defiant91 
Thank you.

By #539358 at 11,May,18 02:06
Thank you!
By #539433 at 11,May,18 03:27
nice dick

By champstamp at 10,May,18 19:55 other posts of champstamp 

By winnie at 21,Dec,17 07:05 other posts of winnie 

By #505379 at 20,Dec,17 14:20
By JeffinKS at 20,Dec,17 15:38 other posts of JeffinKS 
very nice indeed!!

By Lunkerbass at 20,Dec,17 10:56 other posts of Lunkerbass 
Check out my helmet head

By lawrenceo at 19,Dec,17 04:30 other posts of lawrenceo 
Anyone like mine?

By #543053 at 18,Dec,17 20:09

By Ramil1 at 16,Dec,17 19:45 other posts of Ramil1 

By Ramil1 at 16,Dec,17 19:37 other posts of Ramil1 

By DarkMax at 16,Dec,17 12:14 other posts of DarkMax 
My old pics

By #540084 at 15,Dec,17 08:18

By cutroundhead at 15,Dec,17 04:48 other posts of cutroundhead 
This is mine...

By #531942 at 15,Dec,17 01:25

By #545929 at 14,Dec,17 23:03

By GloriD at 14,Dec,17 19:48 other posts of GloriD 
how's this always leaking precum sometimes when I'm not even horny

By lawrenceo at 14,Dec,17 16:05 other posts of lawrenceo 
How about mine?

By JeffinKS at 22,Jul,17 08:21 other posts of JeffinKS 

By gsmiley6 at 22,Jul,17 07:28 other posts of gsmiley6 

By corby at 21,Jul,17 07:34 other posts of corby 

By Athickstumpyone at 21,Jul,17 04:49 other posts of Athickstumpyone 

By malecall4 at 21,Jul,17 04:25 other posts of malecall4 

By Ramil1 at 16,Jul,17 08:57 other posts of Ramil1 
Just shaved and semi erect....

By Cummings1023 at 15,Jul,17 14:12 other posts of Cummings1023 
I like to think that I do.

By *kmadeau* at 15,Jul,17 14:09 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By cumaddik at 15,Jul,17 13:25 other posts of cumaddik 
Here's mine...

By bil47 at 10,Jul,17 06:48 other posts of bil47 
By Eichel52 at 10,Jul,17 14:17 other posts of Eichel52 
beautiful hairy cock! nice head!

By #531019 at 10,Jul,17 08:40
Here's mine!

By Eichel52 at 10,Jul,17 14:16 other posts of Eichel52 
Beautiful glans

By ilovemydick at 08,Jul,17 12:35 other posts of ilovemydick 
By cock#57 at 09,Jul,17 19:13 other posts of cock#57 
this is a beautiful cockhead. would suck.

By splitman at 08,Jul,17 13:28 other posts of splitman 

Not sure how you added the pics (html i guess ) but I have a split glans, had a perfect one and a strong fetish later and now I have two

By #537868 at 08,Jul,17 13:11

Think it's a nice glans
Comments appreciatd

By oldbugle at 08,Jul,17 07:52 other posts of oldbugle 
...What about an older one?

By gaitengo at 08,Jul,17 02:46 other posts of gaitengo 

By qhaos at 08,Jul,17 01:38 other posts of qhaos 
Foreskin down

Foreskin up

By routemaster at 08,Jul,17 01:24 other posts of routemaster 

By #537868 at 08,Jul,17 00:52
I think mines got a nice shape.

By Lenatur at 07,Jul,17 23:49 other posts of Lenatur 

By dickisgreat at 07,Jul,17 18:24 other posts of dickisgreat 
here's some nice ones

By cut5x5 at 07,Jul,17 09:35 other posts of cut5x5 
Here's my glans

By cutroundhead at 07,Jul,17 05:35 other posts of cutroundhead 
Here's mine...
By #436014 at 07,Jul,17 08:05

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