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Would you go to a member's page, esp. one you haven't interacted with, and leave a nasty comment?

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Started by leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 12:28  other posts of leopoldij
I ask again: Would you go to a member's page, especially one you haven't interacted with, and leave a nasty comment?

There's a member whose nickname is "milesbferry" /member.php?w=490079 I've never interacted with (unless he's someone who had a different nickname and changed it, maybe Boyd, maybe JohnS?), whom I don't know, but who, however, seems to find it proper to come to my page and leave comments as follows:
milesbferry [Ignore] at 09,Aug,17 18:56
Is it just me who sees that Leo is a real nutcase/dick/twat/areshole?

I never wrote anything to him. He seems to be posting a question to other members about me. Why does he do it on my page and not in the forum? Admin, and others, is it ok to go to a random member's page and leave **** comments? If it is, then, fine, these are the rules of the site. It's not my site. Let's all then practice this "fun" sport. But I doubt it that this site supports random **** comments.

When I first came to this site I used to link members ' pics and discuss them in the forum, when I found them sexy and hot. I discovered that this offends a small minority. I stopped doing it when I think it's not appropriate. I learn from interacting with others. I apologized to all those whom I've inadvertently offended and go on to have fun. But some people don't learn from experience.

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New Comment

By admin at 10,Aug,17 13:32 other posts of admin 
Delete the comment and blacklist the member, what's the problem?

Half the time members who are attacked did something in past and don't even realize that. I will not point fingers but you all know members who stir the shit here and when it fires back they seem to be genuinely surprised why is that, they did nothing wrong. And even if you did not do anything at all, there is still a lot of people who can h@te you for weirdest reasons.

Damn, I myself was stalked by a moron who was following me for over a year in my personal blog. I never met him, never talked to him in real life and I doubt I ever had an argument with him on some forums, since I did not advertise my blog anywhere. He just encountered it and something stung him. May be because I lived a life he never could. I don't know. But he followed me and left n@sty comments under every post. I was rather surprised by his persistence and abundance of free time since he was obviously accessing my blog from work (IP traced back to some bank). I could write a complaint to them and get him fired for doing stupid shit during work hours. But I did not. I wanted to study him and learn how to insult him in the most effective manner. He lasted over a year as I said. Then he disappeared. I don't know why he came I don't know why he stopped coming. May be he changed job and had to actually do work on his working place

I have no way of knowing who that member is in reality and what he has against you. All I can tell you - that is not Boyd and not Johns.
By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 14:19 other posts of leopoldij 
I admit it. I may have done something in the past and may have offended someone. That's what I said myself at the end of the posting. My approach is this: if I have done something that offends you, please tell me and I'll discuss and I'm willing to change, within reason. If, however, if, e.g. my opinion on sex education offends you then tough luck. As long as I don't impose my point of view on you, you should not be offended. If, on the other hand, I've been harsh in my comments to you, then, tell me, and I'll change.

But, yes, you're right. No point in arguing too much. I just found his reaction inexplicable, that's I posted here.
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Correction: I used the expression "reaction". Wrong expression. Wetting word. For reaction refers to an action to something I have caused to someone. In this particular case, I don't even know who he is.
By JustWill at 10,Aug,17 14:33 other posts of JustWill 
Just check his "other posts" in forum. That'll give you a rough idea of the type of person you are dealing with. Doesn't actually say many positive things to or about anyone.
By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 16:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Thnk you. Do you mean his blog? I've seen it. Indeed, he's an angry person. Very angry.
As i said, I've no clue who he is, i haven't interacted with him. But he seems to have been monitoring my page. And he came in there and, without replying to my posting, he excreted verbal diarrhoea.

I could very well be wrong in what I'm saying, I could be talking about of a different society, whatever, but any person who has brain should first engage in discussion. Not insults.
By JustWill at 10,Aug,17 19:50 other posts of JustWill 
Never read his blog. Real life is too full of bile and venom to voluntarily subject myself to that sort of thing. I was talking about his other posts in the Forum.
Some people just get their jollies by being nasty...
By bella! at 10,Aug,17 19:57 other posts of bella! 
That's something to think about!

By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 20:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh, ok. Thanks. I hadn 't read his posts. But I see what you mean.

By #535670 at 10,Aug,17 12:44
Dude can not you see all the negative postings here in forum, putting other members down? It seems like the worst ones are senior members. As they say we all have opinions just like we all have assholes. Some just like to prove they are assholes.

Just saying.
By pifad at 10,Aug,17 12:49 other posts of pifad 
I'm a senior member and am nothing like that.
By #535670 at 10,Aug,17 12:50
I did not mean that as in all senior members.
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or you
By pifad at 10,Aug,17 13:04 other posts of pifad 
Thanks man
By #535670 at 10,Aug,17 13:27
u r welcome stud

By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 16:12 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh ; that's funny. This Mickey mouse came here and blacklisted me.

By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 14:14 other posts of leopoldij 
No you are not, from the little i have communicated with you.
By #535670 at 10,Aug,17 14:25
I have no problem ignoring

By milesbferry at 10,Aug,17 15:54 other posts of milesbferry 
Let me summarise the original post: Leo would like the state to provide sex workers for young men.

The mind boggles at what some people would like to spend our taxes on.

Of course, if the state had provided **** girls for these men of Newcastle they would not have had the urge to ply with drink and drugs, and ****, these young women. (other UK cities have had the same court cases.)

only registered users can see external links

Edit: Und3r - ag3 R_a_p_e

PS. Same sex stuff should also be included in there somewhere.
By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 16:10 other posts of leopoldij 
You have no idea what I'm saying and evidence for this are the facts that (a) you give a link to an irrelevant case (the rap.ists were adult), (b) you bring in drinks and drugs into the equation (drinks and drugs have nothing to do with sex), and (c) I have no political influence, don't worry about your tax money.

But, regardless of what I'm saying in my blog, you did not reply to my posting, you just called me names and did not engage in a discussion. You just came in there and shat verbal excrement. It's only after I posted this in the forum that you felt obliged to explain your unsolicited words.

By pifad at 10,Aug,17 12:39 other posts of pifad 
Oh wow! I find this disturbing. I don't think it's normal behavior to lash out at someone like he did. Leopoldij, I think you're a nice guy. Pay no mind to him
By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 12:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you. The funniest thing of all is that I have no clue who he is!

By leopoldij at 10,Aug,17 12:29 other posts of leopoldij 
**** = n.a.s.t.y

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