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Why are all the discussion topics for guys?

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Started by #539779 at 12,Aug,17 16:00
I'm a noobie here, so if this is a stupid question, feel free to tell me that! All the discussion topics seem to be for guys. Just wondering why. Is there another separate forum for women somewhere that I haven't found?

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By t-rex at 12,Aug,17 21:01 other posts of t-rex 
Cassie feel free to start some topics, we welcome you 😘
By bella! at 12,Aug,17 21:19 other posts of bella! 

The PISSING AT URINALS thread might not be for SYC members but there are many more threads that I do not feel are exclusive to SYD.
By CountryCouple54 at 12,Aug,17 21:34 other posts of CountryCouple54 
@ Cassie. Start your own thread for the girls if you like. But chances are " by reading your blog" your probably a dude anyway.
By bella! at 12,Aug,17 21:55 other posts of bella! 
There aren't that many SYC members that participate in the forum. I really can't imagine that if there was a dedicated SYC forum, what topics would be unique and encourage more women to be involved.
By CountryCouple54 at 12,Aug,17 22:02 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Well her blog says she is a tramp and a whore who needed multiple cocks since middle school. She also claims to be straight. So I would think she would want to associate with the guys. Kinda throws up a red flag doesn't it.
By bella! at 12,Aug,17 22:18 other posts of bella! 
I'm not questioning your reasoning!

By admin at 13,Aug,17 16:01 other posts of admin 
I did not read the blog, but just this very topic's initial post makes me think "she" is a guy with 80% probability

By bella! at 14,Aug,17 13:53 other posts of bella! 
Well, she came and he went!

By nekekal at 13,Aug,17 22:02 other posts of nekekal 
I am always looking for good topics to talk about. What do you have in mind? Although I think you might have more interesting stuff than I do.

By chubbyloves at 13,Aug,17 14:53 other posts of chubbyloves 
might have a lot to do with the site. Show your pussy might have a lot more female threads. Guys like to talk about their dicks, cumming, fucking, ass games, dick sizes, etc. I would love to read what you have to say

By #482237 at 12,Aug,17 18:24
Cassie,,,i've asked the same question too. Admin is right in the statistics, but, i also think that women tend to be less into open forums. And, at least in my case, I get bored with the extreme gay chat rooms

By admin at 12,Aug,17 16:08 other posts of admin 
On "nude selfie" sites male to female ratio is about 100 to 15 at best. So you can figure out from these numbers why topics are predominantly created and participated in by guys.

Also, females on this site are usually too occupied replying loads of private messages, which they are bombarded with by... guess who... guys. So they don't have much time to participate in forum.

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