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What about the small dick?

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Started by Justashort1 at 07,Sep,17 14:11  other posts of Justashort1
Ok here goes... so everywhere you hear about big dicks. What about acknowledging the small dicks. Yeah my dick is little. 4x5 inches. And I'll be having sex and she says oh that's big. Uhhh... no it's not. You seen it felt it and know it's not. I'd rather hear oh your dick is little but it's good. Yeah cause I know how to use it. Point blank people why not be truthful and acknowledge small dick. Quit acting as if it's so terrible to have a small dick. We can't really change it. Not ranting just wondering why it's this way.

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By CharlieB at 09,Sep,17 16:10 other posts of CharlieB 
Kind of makes me a little self-conscious when people talk about what they consider small. 5 inches sounds pretty normal to me, but I guess I have a bias since that's my size. Do people really mean that it's small or that it's just small compared to their preferred size?

By LittleWeewee at 08,Sep,17 23:26 other posts of LittleWeewee 
Having a micropenis is worse than having just a small dick. I have one and it sucks.

By bil47 at 08,Sep,17 07:56 other posts of bil47 
I love small cocks, including my own. A stiff cock of 5 inches or less is much more suck-able than a larger one.

By Yortani at 08,Sep,17 20:07 other posts of Yortani 

By liketoedge at 08,Sep,17 12:51 other posts of liketoedge 
smaller dicks are usually much nixer looking

By jumbuk at 08,Sep,17 08:03 other posts of jumbuk 
Personally i think there is nothing better than sucking and playing with a small cock.I love them.

By Ohioguy at 07,Sep,17 14:38 other posts of Ohioguy 
Agree with everything you say.
By Justashort1 at 07,Sep,17 20:46 other posts of Justashort1 

By Moench at 07,Sep,17 17:14 other posts of Moench 
i have only 5 inch same you and working very well and i am proud of my little penis and my wife love and happy to fuck this little feller
By Justashort1 at 07,Sep,17 20:46 other posts of Justashort1 
I'm actually 4 inches length by 5 inches girth. And I been called big during sex. You know she lying. Lol

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