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Anyone interested in joining a support group for HellRaser?

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Started by Icudoiwill2 at 08,Sep,17 22:07  other posts of Icudoiwill2
Think she needs help. She says she’s not interested in this site. Just here to talk to “friends” but still hanging shit on members. Please explain?

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By Icudoiwill2 at 10,Sep,17 22:34 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Ha ha ha love it.
Thank you everybody who contributed
Tune in same time next week when I call dgraff a cheezal .
By Angelofdeath at 10,Sep,17 22:52 other posts of Angelofdeath 
Your use of emoticons reminds me of someone that used to be on the site... Someone that was very fond of using emoticons.... Hmmm
By Icudoiwill2 at 11,Sep,17 00:22 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Dose make you wonder?
By RealTitsLover at 11,Sep,17 02:38 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I think you could use a big dose.
By Icudoiwill2 at 11,Sep,17 05:16 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
not sure i could breath in there for long..
i,m only little.

By AussieMan187 at 11,Sep,17 01:58 other posts of AussieMan187 

By dgraff at 11,Sep,17 06:28 other posts of dgraff 
Go ahead call me what you want ramp me up if you can I'm hear all most 5 years I'm not going any were you Australia fucks are the ones that have to put up with me
By RealTitsLover at 11,Sep,17 07:32 other posts of RealTitsLover 
What the fuck's a cheezal, anyway?
By dgraff at 11,Sep,17 17:52 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha what's boy toy laughing about he must have finally figured out that he's fucking a 3000 pound sea cow that washed up on the beach have a good laugh aussie man we've been laughing at you for quite some time now

By Angelofdeath at 09,Sep,17 09:46 other posts of Angelofdeath 
It's okay really. Their uncreative insults are funny considering that they banned me and listed fucked up reasons for doing so... So I did it back, with funny reasons. It took them literally 6 months or so to get around to it and used my reasons in an unoriginal way to attack. Not that it matters but I have been here as hellraiser13 for almost 3 years and I have no beef with anyone except three people. These two plus someone I used to care for. I dont attack anymore and honestly this Bull began cuz I said I didn't think she was attractive. That's not an attack it's me having an opinion and last time that I checked it was my right as a human. I keep to myself and talk to people that have been cool to me in the past and maybe some new people occasionally. It's not anyones beeswax what I am here for. If I want to browse pics of naked guys in peace without worry of getting unsolicited pics asking for rating and so on that's my choice. As for my tits and body being ugly funny how they wanted to fuck me into ragnarock before his keeper got all bothered. The insults about my so called eating disorder, being depressed after my boyfriend and mom died and having an electra complex and now saying I was **** as a **** are funny. Keep it up you guys. Just shows you can't handle anyone not agreeing with yall. Yall started this shit. You could have let it die but you resurrected this shit like it was zombie Jesus.
By JustWill at 09,Sep,17 10:50 other posts of JustWill 
Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck, HR13. They aren't worth the waste of your time, and anyone here with a lick of common sense sees through that woman's "I'm an innocent victim" bullshit.
By Angelofdeath at 09,Sep,17 11:07 other posts of Angelofdeath 
It's okay. Let them say crap. I know I didn't start the shit. I know I haven't always been a saint in the past and I can't commit for the actions of my friends that make accounts and what they do.
By JustWill at 09,Sep,17 13:56 other posts of JustWill 
Dude compared you (wrongly) to "Sloth from the Goonie's" [sic]
Apparently, he keeps his eyes tightly closed when he's banging the walrus...
By #527431 at 09,Sep,17 14:44

Semolina pilchards
Climbing up the Eiffel Tower
Element'ry penguin singing Hare Krishna
Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe

By Angelofdeath at 09,Sep,17 15:21 other posts of Angelofdeath 
It's okay she looks like Ma Fratelli so at least keeping it in the same movie.

By RealTitsLover at 10,Sep,17 12:47 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I'd ask how else anyone could possibly bang that, but I think he just can't figure out how to tell if something looks good or not - why else would he try to say HR's tits are anything short of fantastic?

By Icudoiwill2 at 09,Sep,17 23:48 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
for someone not interested in this site you sure have a lot to say. hell?
By Angelofdeath at 10,Sep,17 02:53 other posts of Angelofdeath 
I do when I feel like it. Sue me I'm human. But then again you know all about me right?

By AussieMan187 at 09,Sep,17 06:37 other posts of AussieMan187 
I think she has issues with treating people with respect. She must be mad at the world, maybe she was sexually **** as a youngster, or maybe it's because her tits looks like they've been cut off of Rosie O'Donnell & sewed on to Hellraiser's armpits. I'd treat everyone like a piece of shit too if I looked like Sloth from the Goonie's haha
By Arexa at 09,Sep,17 08:33 other posts of Arexa 
I've known hellraiser a long ass time. I've never had any issues with her being disrespectful towards me, even when she has had every right to dislike me. She doesn't start anything until someone else takes the first jab, either...
And as someone who was sexually ab.used as a chi.ld, I hardly feel that's an appropriate assumption on your behalf.
By admin at 09,Sep,17 09:08 other posts of admin 
Is not she the same person as EvilFairy who was kicked from the site for attacking freshmen members? And as far as I recall not just attacking, but insulting them, waiting for them to insult back and then reporting them to be deleted.
By mr_blue at 09,Sep,17 09:32 other posts of mr_blue 
So using chi1d abus3 to mock someone is ok then ? Damn dude....forget what someone has done in their past, that doesn't justify using chi1d abus3 to get back at someone....
Insulting someone using that subject is just crappy behaviour...
I'm not having that.....if people wanna fling shit like apes here,let them,but using that subject is being a cunt just for the sake of being a cunt...
By admin at 09,Sep,17 10:00 other posts of admin 
Indeed this was a dick move, but it's not il1egal and is not significantly worse than what other side does.

This is a competition for who stoops lower or who is more disgusting. But none of them seem to understand it, no matter how hard I try to explain. So, let's see who "wins".

And I really wanted to know if Arexa knows who her friend is. Most of bullies are cool and entertaining as long as you are not on the wrong side from them...
By #527431 at 09,Sep,17 10:11
Hey ... one the most perfect statement on site:


Most of bullies are cool and entertaining as long as you are not on the wrong side from them...

Regardless of the side they are coming from.

By Arexa at 09,Sep,17 10:12 other posts of Arexa 
I do know her rather well. She's one of the very few from here I've spoken on the phone with. I can't comment as to what she'd done before I was in the picture... Perhaps that was all before I was here long enough to receive that magical 'evaluate abuse reports' button on my page? I know she was here well before I was, but as long as I've known her, I haven't personally seen her go all out on anyone without reason.
And I have been on the wrong side with her. That's actually how I got to know her, oddly enough.

By AussieMan187 at 09,Sep,17 19:38 other posts of AussieMan187 
I'm a dick, get over it. Giving her a taste of her own medicine. She says nasty shit about Lix & I all the time. I NEVER said or done anything bad to her & one day she just starts being a cunt. You wanna talk a bunch of shit on here, then expect to get pissed on right back.
By mr_blue at 09,Sep,17 20:22 other posts of mr_blue 
So using chi1d abuse to mock someone is ok to you then ?
Clearly it was....
are you fucking stoopid ?
By JustWill at 09,Sep,17 21:40 other posts of JustWill 
He and she operate on a huge double-standard here when it comes to "speaking their minds". They can say ANYTHING, but get their panties in a twist when others do the same.

By AussieMan187 at 10,Sep,17 04:33 other posts of AussieMan187 
By mr_blue at 10,Sep,17 06:40 other posts of mr_blue 
Tell you what....which goat didn't pull out after the farmer fucked your momma ?you look like your momma is your s1ster too ?....oh hang on.... you're fucking her!!!!! Does that sound nice ?
Don't start with me......I stood up for Lix, I don't care if you and Lix have to be all over this site like a high sch00l herpes epidemic and just don't notice how repulsive your behaviour is to so many people here....
Check yourself before you start with me.....

By Icudoiwill2 at 09,Sep,17 23:35 other posts of Icudoiwill2 

By Icudoiwill2 at 09,Sep,17 23:38 other posts of Icudoiwill2 

By bella! at 08,Sep,17 23:53 other posts of bella! 
Not fair.

Open your eyes, this isn't one sided. The member you are standing up for and defending does a fair amount "hanging shit" on others. Believe that.
By CountryCouple54 at 09,Sep,17 08:21 other posts of CountryCouple54 
And after she "hangs the shit" on others, she hides behind the bushes and cries innocence. While someone continually takes jabs and points fingers at the rest of us defending her.
By bella! at 09,Sep,17 12:01 other posts of bella! 
Oh, isn't that special!

How is it possible that the woman can even read my post and give it a negative rating/vote? She's blacklisted me so in essence, she is not interested in or able to see anything that I post. And she has the nerve to call me a fuckwit!?
By JustWill at 09,Sep,17 13:53 other posts of JustWill 
She is obviously obsessed with you (and HR13)
The crazy woman UN-blacklists you two every day so that she can read what you're saying, then quickly bans you again.
Not the behavior of an emotionally stable person...
By bella! at 09,Sep,17 15:32 other posts of bella! 
Oh, heck! I never considered this possible scenario, since many have been blacklisted (and I am the cornerstone of everything malicious and evil that happens on this site) MAYBE admin has her on speed dial to keep her abreast of what's going on in the forum and he was directed to provide the absentee vote on her behalf.
By Icudoiwill2 at 09,Sep,17 23:43 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Just maybe you might consider admin has a point.
How old are you??????? 60 or 5 ? (time to grow up)
By bella! at 10,Sep,17 00:02 other posts of bella! 
And what "point" do you continue to attempt to make?

By RealTitsLover at 10,Sep,17 02:34 other posts of RealTitsLover 
It wouldn't affect the vote, but she can also just log out anytime and read the posts from everyone she has blacklisted all at once. I've forgotten to log in and saw a bunch of her nasty pics posted as a quick reminder.

Her most recent update to my reason 'Why' says -
"clicked and my page and threw up he said when he saw me.. follows what the trolls say just to be popular with them. submitted an abuse report to someone that sent him tit shots. go figure *Lix*"

By Angelofdeath at 09,Sep,17 02:39 other posts of Angelofdeath 
What is there to understand? Because I don't want to deal with the likes of you and the Walrus? 😂 Seriously, I haven't encountered flesh that objectionable since the time I walked into the wrong room at the day spa and interrupted Rosie O'Donnell in the middle of her back wax appointment. Your lame attempt to insult me for your overlord isn't even amusing. At least spell my name correctly. Your post looks as if the midget baboon had a hand in writing it. Most of us can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and defecate a better constructed sentence than that.
By Icudoiwill2 at 09,Sep,17 23:53 other posts of Icudoiwill2 

By Angelofdeath at 09,Sep,17 09:49 other posts of Angelofdeath 

Funny all you have to do is read the first comment.

By #517356 at 09,Sep,17 02:57
Isn't everyone entitled to an opinion? If she doesn't want pm's ( probably mainly guys trying to send dick pics anyway! ) but still wants to talk to people she has become friends with then so be it...

No one stops the ' other party ' from throwing insults around ....

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