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estimate the cocksize from pictures

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Started by jing4321 at 19,Nov,17 15:46  other posts of jing4321
is there a way or a person who can say more or less how big a cock is when seeing pictures of said cock?

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By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 13:19 other posts of Bludgeon 

By buni at 09,Jan,18 04:52 other posts of buni 
By 3fdfd at 04,Feb,18 09:23 other posts of 3fdfd 
At least 1"

By 3fdfd at 04,Feb,18 09:23 other posts of 3fdfd 
Love the size

By deekayL at 23,Dec,17 22:56 other posts of deekayL 
full body shot gives context
By Darthshame at 05,Jan,18 07:36 other posts of Darthshame 

By 3fdfd at 05,Jan,18 11:07 other posts of 3fdfd 
Maybe 8" ?
By cupar at 11,Jan,18 05:17 other posts of cupar 

By johnwish at 11,Jan,18 07:12 other posts of johnwish 
I would say 7 or 8 inches?

By licksipsuckit at 09,Jan,18 19:05 other posts of licksipsuckit 
pictures can be very deceiving and the best way to measure is get them to put a rule on it.. l don't think it makes much difference anyways on line how big it is, unless youre planning on dating someone off site, then honesty is the best policy.. *lix*

By RealTitsLover at 05,Jan,18 09:34 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I have zero experience with this since I don't care about guys' dick sizes, but besides a full body shot, I would think a side/profile view that includes a guy's hand would at least give you a pretty good idea.

By dickisgreat at 28,Dec,17 03:32 other posts of dickisgreat 
The short answer is no because the angle often makes a cock look bigger or smaller. Full body shot sometimes helps but even then you often can't tell if the guy is 170cm with a big cock or 180cm with a small one. It helps a lot if they're holding something next to it for comparison.

By #544039 at 22,Nov,17 12:48

By #544039 at 22,Nov,17 10:53

By lawrenceo at 22,Nov,17 10:36 other posts of lawrenceo 
Probably not accurately. A lot depends upon the angle of the camera and distance. Mine, along with others I have seen, can look bigger than they are.
There is nothing quite like having his cock in your hand to know exactly!

By leopoldij at 22,Nov,17 07:12 other posts of leopoldij 
Sometimes it's impossible!

By onthelose at 21,Nov,17 15:25 other posts of onthelose 
Don't think so there is no such thing as truth in advertising anymore.

By Rob00 at 19,Nov,17 15:58 other posts of Rob00 
I cant, but I sure would like to feel the size of yours in my mouth
By jing4321 at 20,Nov,17 18:08 other posts of jing4321 
yeah thx

By liketoedge at 20,Nov,17 14:04 other posts of liketoedge 
definitly not when they are soft.
By jing4321 at 20,Nov,17 18:08 other posts of jing4321 
its a pic of a hard cock (at least one where its seen in total)

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