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Just broke up with my girl about a month ago. depressed

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Started by #546405 at 07,Dec,17 19:15
Thinking about fucking a guy just for some pleasure, without the emotional side. I need sex and women are to hard to hook up with and i catch feelings too quick. Anyone else ever contemplate this before?

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By leopoldij at 08,Dec,17 06:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, you should. If you like men, you're lucky because you can have sex with anyone. I'm not so lucky because I only like girls.

Also: deriving sexual pleasure doesn't have to be related to emotional attachment. If you think about it rationally, this ought to be the case. The reason that it is is because of chemicals in our bodies. These chemicals trigger the correlation between love and sex. And this makes humans pass on wrong messages from generation to generation, ending up with us, you, wondering whether you should have sex without emotional attachment.

Of course you should have sex. The reason you're asking is because you need it. And of course sex does not have to be accompanied by emotional attachment. On one hand there are chemicals causing this connection. On the other hand there are chemicals that cause me, us, use our brain too. Everything that happens in our bodies is the result of an electrical ****.

So, no problem man, find someone to fuck.

By bella! at 07,Dec,17 19:17 other posts of bella! 
You've been here before and I cannot remember your screen name.
By #546405 at 07,Dec,17 19:19
By bella! at 07,Dec,17 20:20 other posts of bella! 
No, I don't recall your name but I do recall the forum threads you authored when you were here.



Still no luck with the ladies?

By spermkiss at 07,Dec,17 19:20 other posts of spermkiss 
Go for it, man. We men can indeed sexually satisfy each other in a very satisfactory way. Straight men have been getting orgasmic release with other men for millennia, since the dawn of mankind.
By #546405 at 07,Dec,17 19:22
Thank you man
By spermkiss at 07,Dec,17 19:25 other posts of spermkiss 
You're welcome. And a hot looking guy like you should have no trouble what-so-ever finding a cocksucker to give you a no-strings-attached blow job.

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