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Started by TriAngle_Walks at 08,May,18 21:02  other posts of TriAngle_Walks
I recently replied to a post under the forum topic *"IS IT JUST ME"*. The topic I replied to was referring to the perception of several members that the current POTM section is flawed and often unfair. I happen to agree with this opinion. I thought it was deserving of it's own topic on the board. Below I will copy/paste my original reply explaining my personal view of the system, which includes some suggestions that might make it better. I hope to see you all post with your own suggestions. Perhaps we can refer the site admin to this post in hope that the POTM section will be revamped.

Original Post:
I COMPLETELY agree with this! Seems the whole voting system is flawed. It is definitely an issue. I ran for pic of month sometime last fall. I did end up winning, but it was a quite grueling process.

I started by asking my friends and contacts to help vote for me. It soon became clear, however, that my competition was going on a site wide campaign asking for votes. My reaction? Well... what the hell?... I've come this far. Might as well go big or go home. I crafted a polite message asking for votes and offered help in return. Most members were awesome about it, but I did encounter some who were offended by my asking (including a few who blacklisted).

I was, essentially, scrolling through the "members online" section on a daily basis towards the end, frantically sending out requests as fast as I could. I only just barely came out on top. My competition didn't bow out until the last few hours of voting. It ended up being a very trying experience!!

On the plus side, running for pic of the month gave my page more exposure on the site than I've ever had. The pic I was running with still has the largest number of views to date. On the down side, feeling like I needed to relentlessly ask for votes on a daily basis took all the fun out of being here. It was so exhausting that I took a break from the site for a few months. Sure, I could have decided it wasn't worth it and left it at that. However, I was still relatively new here and felt challenged to win my first POTM trophy. I've yet to re-enter for POTM for these reasons.

Hopefully something can be done to even out the playing field, as you say. I think part of the problem is that unless a member requests another to vote, most members don't seem to visit the POTM section or feel motivated to vote in general. Aside from the lead 2 or 3, most submissions have less than 50 overall votes and the majority are less than 20. Perhaps the site could provide some incentive to all members, such as offering a once daily point bonus for voting for POTM. This would drive traffic to the POTM section and possibly negate the need for people to feel that they need to ask for votes. I also agree that something needs to be done with the [NOT] vote. Either remove it completely, or perhaps they could design it so that giving a [NOT] vote would require spending a certain amount of points. Well... those are my thoughts on the matter!

Hope to hear from all of you in regards to your suggestions for improvement!

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New Comment

By CountryCouple54 at 16,May,18 09:26 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Since we stopped begging for votes last week for POTM contest. We have received 40 votes. Lix has received 300 votes. Way to go Lix, that has to be some kind of new record. On the men's side the contest leader is around 200 votes. But Lix has an astounding 1,050 votes. Hot damn. I didn't even know there were a thousand members on this site. Something smells fishy, or maybe that's just the snatch I smell.
By aoneeyedmonster at 16,May,18 14:48 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Just saw this on the home page...Members 21025. I'd say most are passive and many not active.....1,050 votes is still pretty impressive though. I think Admin is trying to figure out a way to level the playing field with the new contest may work better. I like it so far but there may be too many categories. I entered a cumshot video and the format seems to be working ok
By bella! at 16,May,18 16:24 other posts of bella! 
With regard to the new photo contest and "too many categories", there's only too many categories JUST BECAUSE. It's going to happen when membership can pay their 20 points and create whatever they want. I really have to wonder if the members who create these contests are really putting any thought into them before they do so?

There was one contest created and it had to do with "SEXY" however the person spelled sexy wrong and decided to create a new contest but spell it correctly. Also, members are getting too weird and wild with their titles which in my head, conveys their expectations. There's one contest that caught my eye, it was something about pointy nipples and big bellies. I mean, what if you have pointy nipples and a flat belly or a big belly and flat nipples?
By JustWill at 16,May,18 22:17 other posts of JustWill 
I think some members are missing the point with the new contest section. There are a few contests posted that are titled [MEMBER'S NAME] by that member's name.

By bella! at 16,May,18 22:23 other posts of bella! 
I noticed that, too.

Strangely, I was looking at the various photo contests and some don't appear to have any rhyme or reason. What caught my attention was there were several photo contests that were created by the same member that were dedicated to balls. The best photo from behind, the best photo from below, the best photo from the side....... Yikes, people! Do balls look that much different based on which way you're photographing them?

By bella! at 16,May,18 16:32 other posts of bella! 
I think you have done a bang up job in the Pic of the Month contest. Have you noticed that you and your wife have had 736 members befriend you and have received the votes of over 800 members. On the other hand, *lix* has had 1806 members befriend her yet has only seen 1053 votes cast on her behalf. YOU have seen more than 110% participation and that's nothing to sneeze at.
By aoneeyedmonster at 16,May,18 19:20 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Bella our certified mathematician is correct

By TriAngle_Walks at 08,May,18 22:11 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
I'd like to further elaborate on my suggestions for improvement. In regards to voting, perhaps the one vote per member per pic could be revamped to where every site member is allowed to vote for one pic per day.

I'd also like to see some point incentive to help draw members to the POTM section. Perhaps a 5 to 10 point daily bonus for voting? As I stated above, I'd like to either see the [NOT] option done away with or revamped. If the [NOT] vote stays than perhaps there could be a 5 to 10 point expenditure to vote [NOT] with no point bonus for voting that way.

To help mitigate people spamming for votes perhaps the link to individual POTM contestants could be done away with. Additionally, there could be 3 or 4 tiers of trophys. Gold/Silver/Bronze or Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze. In that way more people might find it worth their time to place themselves in the running.

If something along these lines were implemented more people would be encouraged to vote and would hopefully create a situation where the best man/women wins according to whoever has more votes under the revamped system. Currently the most popular/most visible/most vote requesting members end up on top. Granted, it's nothing to scoff at as it takes plenty of work to get there. I just don't think that it truly reflects what should be considered "Pic Of The Month" status.
By Angelofdeath at 08,May,18 22:51 other posts of Angelofdeath 
These are good and well thought ideas but it won’t stop the people who live on this site, and need it to validate themselves from advertising themselves on site and begging for votes like a hobo on the free way asking for change.
By TriAngle_Walks at 08,May,18 22:57 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
That's entirely true! Though, any improvement is better than none! Thanks for your comment!

By roadguy32751 at 09,May,18 09:05 other posts of roadguy32751 
PLEASE do NOT get offended but: Anything worth winning is a LOT of HARD work and determination. I grew up in the times when there was ONE (1) WINNER ! Whether you are 2nd or last, you did not win. Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze is getting very close to the participation awards Admin mentioned. I give ALL the winners credit for their hard work and they deserve the Trophy. Bronze, Silver etc would diminish the POTM Trophy. Again, do not get offended, just giving my opinion. Good luck to all who enter. On a side note, you have incredibly hot pictures !
By TriAngle_Walks at 10,May,18 17:06 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
No offense taken I appreciate all the opinions here. On second thought, the tiered trophys do diminish the point of having a POTM win. You are correct in the sense that the winners have put in plenty of work and are deserving of their trophy. See my reply to admin for more details. Thanks for your reply and the awesome compliment!!
By roadguy32751 at 10,May,18 19:16 other posts of roadguy32751 
First, you are welcome for the compliment. Very well deserved.

Second, I in no way meant to imply that you did not work hard for everything. Being a winner of a POTM clearly shows that you are willing and able to do it. For that, I give you much credit.

Lastly and MOST important, you were man enough and strong enough to say "I've since re-evaluated my opinion on the matter" after listening what others say. THAT takes a BIG man to do so! You are clearly a wise man !
By TriAngle_Walks at 11,May,18 16:45 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
Aaaawww... Very sweet of you to say! Thanks a bunch!!

By lanser1026 at 09,May,18 11:00 other posts of lanser1026 
i'm new here so i wont give advice but, from what you say, the most popular people have an advantage,,,is this good or bad??? i don't know, but, their effort is worth something,, just saying,,

By CountryCouple54 at 11,May,18 10:40 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Well since we stopped asking for votes in the POTM contest 2 days ago. We have received 30 votes and the Sea Cow has received 170. Just goes to show you, if you want to win you better be the best begger. And by the way, someone let Lix know, (since we are blacklisted). We let her win.
By Angelofdeath at 11,May,18 11:34 other posts of Angelofdeath 
I'm still having a hard time finding that there are over 800 people on site, none the less ones that are blind and find it sexy...

By admin at 09,May,18 08:47 other posts of admin 
The POTM contest is a popularity contest therefore those who do most campaigning and are better in it will always win no matter what.

Besides, I like it exactly as it is. It's optimized for maximum drama and butthurt. If you are a Millennial that get used to receive participation awards for nothing - just don't be a part of it. I already changed excitement top so that everyone gets award for participation and it instantly killed all the heat around it as I expected. I'm not gonna kill the heat around this one.
By roadguy32751 at 09,May,18 09:06 other posts of roadguy32751 
I could not agree more Do NOT change it. The winner DESERVES the award the worked so hard for!

By TriAngle_Walks at 10,May,18 17:01 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
First of all, thank you for your reply! I've since re-evaluated my opinion on the matter. I suppose I got stuck on a train of thought and vomited out ideas here. I'd like to make it clear that I am in no way begrudging of any of the members who have ran or won POTM. I understand better now the importance of having one trophy and the fact that each winning member has worked hard to deserve their trophy. More than anything, I suppose, I'd like to see more members participating in the POTM section and more incentive for members (who don't receive requests) to vote. Either way, if you feel that the current system is best, then keep it the way it is.

To be clear, though I may be a millennial, I've worked for everything I have both in real life and here on the site. I did mention in my original post that I worked hard to win my POTM trophy and won it fair and square. I don't expect anything for free and I will not make any demands to. Thanks again for your response!

By bella! at 08,May,18 21:31 other posts of bella! 
You have offered admin some good things to think about!
By TriAngle_Walks at 08,May,18 22:22 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
Glad you think so! Feel free to include any of your own suggestions. If you think any of my ideas are unfeasible let me know how you would alter them.
By aoneeyedmonster at 09,May,18 11:52 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Very good observation and well spoken

By Darthshame at 09,May,18 01:12 other posts of Darthshame 
I honestly don't even know where the pic of month comp is. It might help to make it easier to find.
By TriAngle_Walks at 09,May,18 02:08 other posts of TriAngle_Walks 
The pic of the month is shown on the main page at the far right side near the top. It displays last months POTM and the current POTM with the most votes so far. You can also find a link under the games section.
By Darthshame at 09,May,18 02:52 other posts of Darthshame 
Thanks. I always thought that those were the winners.

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