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Watching a video and points cost.

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Started by champstamp at 29,May,18 02:10  other posts of champstamp
Hello guys and girls. My latest video uploaded I asked a couple people to watch or rather just let them know.
One said it costs 14 points so they donít watch videos and the next member said last time she seen one of my videos it cost her 40 points.

I donít know much about how the cost is calculated and what factors determine the cost.

Iíd really like to know so if anyone has any information on this please let me know.

I donít know if file size or wether theyíre your friends or wether itís a private upload matter.


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By AussieMan187 at 29,May,18 08:22 other posts of AussieMan187 
If you're mutual friends with someone then it doesn't cost any points. Also the size of the file determines how many points you would have to spend to watch it.
By Leilani at 30,May,18 08:53 other posts of Leilani 
The mutual friends thing...I didn't know that.
By AussieMan187 at 30,May,18 09:07 other posts of AussieMan187 
You're welcome
By Leilani at 06,Jun,18 00:45 other posts of Leilani 

By admin at 30,May,18 10:09 other posts of admin 
To be precise - it's free to watch a video for anyone who is in a friend list of the uploader. Does not matter if it's mutual. It's also free to watch an upload that was sent to you privately.
By AussieMan187 at 30,May,18 18:11 other posts of AussieMan187 
Oh, so someone that friends you can watch a video for free, or they can only watch it for free if you are the one that friend's them?
By admin at 30,May,18 18:19 other posts of admin 
If you friend them, they can watch for free. Would not be much useful if other way around.

It was meant to increase interaction. You want to watch someone's video for free - you need to talk to them so they add you as a friend, not just hit the "add to friends" button.
By AussieMan187 at 31,May,18 05:26 other posts of AussieMan187 
Thanks for the info, admin

By weluvswinging69 at 31,May,18 11:50 other posts of weluvswinging69 
The thing that irritates us is that the videos are slower than piss to play and we're on a gigabit connection.

By champstamp at 30,May,18 14:39 other posts of champstamp 
Ok so to sum my thread up. After research and talking to the admin and as itís been stated here by him HIMSELF.

When clicking on a members video above the image of the video where you click to start it or right click to save in RED LETTERS itíll tell you how many POINTS it will cost YOU. If nothing is in RED it wonít cost you anything.

If youíre FRIENDS with the person itís FREE to watch.

If the video was uploaded to you PRIVATELY it is free to watch.

And last I believe that if youíre a DIAMOND member it is FREE as well and I think videos load and play faster as well.

By kebmo at 29,May,18 04:09 other posts of kebmo 
I quit watching them all together after I paid 17 points for the last one I saw. I'm done with them and I won't post any either. I call bull shit on the whole thing.

In my opinion, NO video is worth 17 points. Porn hub is free and better!! I pay 18 points per photo I post so I can't afford that expense.
By champstamp at 29,May,18 04:12 other posts of champstamp 
I actually figured it out. When you click on the thumbnail of a members video it takes you to the next page where you click to play or right click to choose to save it. Above it in red letters it tells you how many points itíll cost to watch. The size of the video plays a role in it.
By kebmo at 29,May,18 04:15 other posts of kebmo 
Fuck that. I've clicked on videos and it started playing or downloading and by then I've already paid the price. I'm DONE.
By admin at 29,May,18 09:27 other posts of admin 
That's because for whatever reason your browser works in violation of the standard. All videos have "autoload off" and should not be auto-playing.

By champstamp at 29,May,18 04:13 other posts of champstamp 
I donít think 17 points is that bad and I get why but unlike pornhhb it is a bit different in the way that itís a members page and amateur home made video which if you like their gallery itís a different form of satisfaction.
By kebmo at 29,May,18 04:20 other posts of kebmo 
17 points is absurd when I wasn't expecting it!! If I knew it was going to be 17 points I wouldn't have done it. Videos should all be the same price, whatever it is. Call it ten points and everyone knows that every video is ten points. PERIOD.

By bella! at 29,May,18 04:15 other posts of bella! 
To upload a file follow these simple instructions:

1. Select the file. (can be any file, but meant to be video)
2. Select a screenshot image - will be used as thumbnail, if not provided - the site will try to make it from the video automatically.
3. Type a comment if you wish.
4. Set upload mode if different.
5. Click "UPLOAD!" button

Files go to separate category. For files over 5Mb members have to spent points to view them unless they are your friends or private recipients
By kebmo at 29,May,18 04:33 other posts of kebmo 
If YOU are THEIR friend it's free, not if they are your friend. If it's mutual, it's free.

By mr_blue at 29,May,18 07:02 other posts of mr_blue 
Maybe you should clear out some of your pics,then you won't lose points....pornhub has how many users? and is made by a group of people..this site is small and made by one guy,he has overheads,bandwidth/data/storage/servers cost does admin make it that he is not just paying for this place himself?
Everything his restrictions make sense,why is he gonna cut his own throat by just allowing videos to be provided at no cost?
Especially as mobile technology allows 4k vids...
Just a thought
By kebmo at 29,May,18 14:01 other posts of kebmo 
How would clearing out some of my pics prevent me from losing points?
By mr_blue at 29,May,18 14:28 other posts of mr_blue 
You have over 300 hundred pictures,so you get "charged" points to post new reduce your public pictures to less than 300...
Then you don't have use points to post your pics...
By kebmo at 29,May,18 14:36 other posts of kebmo 
Thanks for the news flash. So you're suggesting that I delete 1600 photos? Yeah, I'll get right on that. I should be finished in about a week. End Sarcasm.

How I spend my points is my business. I choose not to spend them on mediocre, overpriced videos. Value is in the eye of the spender.
By mr_blue at 29,May,18 14:41 other posts of mr_blue 
how do you know if they are mediocre if you are not watching them !?
And I just suggested something to help you keep your points,so yeah, fuck you very much....
By kebmo at 29,May,18 14:59 other posts of kebmo 
Exhibitionists are at home on this site. It was made for us so I won't be deleting 1600 photos.
My 300th most viewed photo has 279 views and I have put a lot of work into my photos so forgive me if I think your idea is out of the question.
I have seen about 15 videos here and they really do nothing for me so in my opinion they are mediocre.
By mr_blue at 29,May,18 15:55 other posts of mr_blue 
So cuz you post more pics,you are more of an exhibitionist?

It was just a thought about the amount of pics,I don't really know how many people would go through all of those pictures you post.
So to me,having so many actually goes against your efforts.
And videos are user generated,so quality is debatable, depends what you require from said video...
Do you watch porn without sound and having grainy quality?
Do you get off from it if you do?
Anyway, there's always PornHub

By admin at 29,May,18 09:30 other posts of admin 
This site is not a tube and was never meant to be. Indeed pornhub is better video hosting site, because, you know... it's actually a video hosting site.

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