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Your boobs.

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Started by #537593 at 23,Jun,18 13:15

Hello, ladies. Please show me your boobs.

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By SmoothWetandPierced at 24,Jun,18 18:14 other posts of SmoothWetandPierced 
Also on this note, men, please stop begging for responses to private messages, especially if we've never spoken before. You are not owed, and It's really not hot.
By bella! at 24,Jun,18 18:36 other posts of bella! 
Men are definitely from Mars. This can be posted all day long and everywhere on the site but it won't matter.

By kebmo at 24,Jun,18 05:16 other posts of kebmo 
21 comments and still no boobs. Hmmmm Plan B?
By leopoldij at 24,Jun,18 12:49 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's a boob

--------------------------------------- added after 58 seconds

Both her boobs.
Hope you like.

By #556372 at 24,Jun,18 11:25
he's gone,,

By onthelose at 23,Jun,18 23:28 other posts of onthelose 
Both Bella and Lancer reflect the common belief of most women. You have to play the game. there are NO shortcuts. We control what you want and that's how it is , so like it or lump, it either way you are not getting anything unless we say so. So say the PC police. fortunately there are women who don't play the game and like sex. Sadly they are branded by many names to shame them for giving away, something so valuable to most women, for free.
By bella! at 23,Jun,18 23:59 other posts of bella! 
Who said anything about a game? It's been said several times over the years that I've been here, men are wired differently then women. We look different, we act different, we think different.

I'm not going to mention names however a member had kindly asked that the SYD members DO NOT send her their unsolicited dick pics. She does not want them. Does that stop men? HELL NO, probably because men THINK DIFFERENTLY.

There may be a couple women who choose to post their boob pictures here, but he shouldn't hold his breath waiting.

By #556372 at 24,Jun,18 08:37
My wife, twowarmtts, was a member here for over 3 yrs, by her own words, all she wanted to be remembered as was a slutty whore. She was very popular and some where threatened by her attitude and looks. She never left her boobs or anything else anywhere unless the man started a conversation with her. She did start conversations with men but alway by pasting a pic of the guy and praising it. The only place she showed her girls or other assets was on her page or in a chat room.

By bella! at 23,Jun,18 14:04 other posts of bella! 
I'm just going to give you MY opinion.

Your junk ain't that special and YOU come across as being desperate and needy. It doesn't matter if you have the face of model, you're way too nerdy. I can't imagine ANY woman being drawn to a needy man.
By #537593 at 23,Jun,18 14:14
Well, yeah. I come to this site to jerk off. Iím not looking for a relationship. As for my junk, I never said it was special. This is a site where itís acceptable for me to show it. If that makes you uncomfortable, Iíll refrain from posting it on anything you post. However, this post wasnít aimed at you.
By bella! at 23,Jun,18 14:27 other posts of bella! 
I didn't suspect that your forum thread was aimed at me or for me however as I said, I was providing MY opinion.

Question; do you really believe that there will be many or even any ladies that are going to flock into the forum and post pictures of their boobs for you?

And by the way, feel free to post on any of my comments and/or thread but try to bring something more substantial than a cock pic. And hey, check out the "Dumpster", some of my BEST threads are there!
By #537593 at 23,Jun,18 14:33
On this site, yes, I expected at least a couple of women to enjoy seeing my cock. Isnít that pretty much the reason for this site? Itís not like Iím doing this in the real world or even claiming mine is the best.

By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 14:58
If you want to see boobs there are pages of boobs you can wank to,,I suspect that you want to know if a woman wants to show you her girls because you posted a pic of your junk. That sounds needy and childish. The women in this site may like to show off their assets but they want respect, and appreciation of their humanity, too. Try to make friends with these women and see if they want to be friends and, because they are friends, show you their "boob"
By bella! at 23,Jun,18 15:02 other posts of bella! 
Nice jab at me, twowarmtts!
By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 15:15
Bella, please, any jab was purely unintentional. What you wrote was to the mark, (dumb me, I have to study for a pee test). MamŠ made sure I was always polite to any and all women.

By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 20:11
And not twowarmtts either but she would say the same

By #537593 at 23,Jun,18 15:09
Yes, Iím aware of the pages of boobs available. No, I donít think showing my dick is going to be the only thing that makes anyone want to show their boobs to me. Itís a tit-for-tat exchange. Nothing I am doing is disrespectful.
--------------------------------------- added after 8 minutes

I think whatís being misunderstood here, is that Iím coming across as cocky (Pun intended). I guess to explain better, is that Iím not just here to jerk off anonymously. There are porn sites for that which would take far less effort. Itís the jerking off and the other person knowing that itís happening. Iím not trying to get a relationship/friendship out of it, lanser. That would be dishonest.
By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 15:18
I did not say you were disrespectful, but,your post comes across like going to the corner and blurting out to the nearest woman, " Want to fuck?"
By #537593 at 23,Jun,18 15:24
Well then it came across correctly. The fact that thereís any level of stigma to that seems like you think promiscuous behavior is disrespectful. If a woman isnít interested, I wonít try to ****/guilt her into anything, but I also donít want to make meaningless small talk.
By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 15:28
Levigun, as Bella can confirm, I'm married to a woman that exudes and wants sex all the time, yet, she wouldn't give you the time of day with that approach. Anyway, good luck
By #537593 at 23,Jun,18 15:33
Again. I donít expect every woman to be into it. Just that those that arenít interested in it that way donít interest me either. Iím filtering myself out for the women that arenít into that. I mean, this site is pretty much made for that type of scenario. Doing what youíre suggesting should be more for dating apps.

By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 15:21
Why wouldn't you want to have a friendship? I'm not talking about a traditional one like "hey, lets go for a beer,,just on line.
By #537593 at 23,Jun,18 15:25
Why is f. O R. C. E. Censored?
By #556372 at 23,Jun,18 15:31
Many words are. The program is not able to recognize connotations
By kebmo at 24,Jun,18 05:14 other posts of kebmo 
The word f0rce might be censored because some idiot would use it with the word Space.
By #556372 at 24,Jun,18 08:25

By CountryCouple54 at 23,Jun,18 16:01 other posts of CountryCouple54 
A word of advice. If you're waiting for the woman of this site to show you their tits, you will grow old and grey. You only been here a year. It takes years to establish that kind of response out of the ladies. Your best bet is to just check out the Tits page on the main page. Good luck.

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