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I love sex! My wife hates sex!

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Started by #108665 at 12,Jan,11 16:26
Anyone else out there married but your wife hates sex? Mine does because of a surgery that resulted in the total loss of her sexual desire. I love this site because it is a sexual relief for me. I realize some of you think if your married you shouldn't be on this site. I see it as harmless fun! And I do mean fun!

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By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:41 other posts of nekekal 
My wife hates sex. She hates dealing with my cock, cum, anything.

She has always hated to fuck. She faked it for years, because she wanted to be married and ruin my life .

I thought that it was me for a long time. I tried everything that she suggested. She didn't try anything I suggested. Gradually, I figured it out. She just hates everything about sex.

I actually used to like the woman, so we stayed together.

I decided long ago, that if I ever got the chance to fuck someone else, I would be on them so fast that their head would spin. A regular would be perfect. I would even pay on a regular basis if I could find a whore.

So my advice would be to go fuck the other woman. Don't tell the wife. She doesn't need to know and will probably be happy that you are no longer bothering her about it, and you seem happier and more relaxed.

By #617595 at 19,May,20 01:30
Hey; I have tried ALL but one thing with my wife & she just doesn't want or like sex anymore. When I say everything I mean from her head to her feet. We've had SO many conversations about what may be her problem. I know she's not getting it anywhere else. NOW MY Problem is that I found an old girlfriend who WANTS to have sex with me very much. We are sexting almost everyday. What do I do. I love my wife but I have needs...Very strong sexual needs. I'm 62 & won't live forever.
By leopoldij at 19,May,20 14:26 other posts of leopoldij 
I think the solution is simple. You're in conflict, I understand that, you don't want your marriage to break away, but you also have sexual needs. So, as I said, the solution is simple: you make a deal with three ex gf too see her without your wife knowing. You have sex with her. This will actually make you less frustrated and a better person, even towards your wife. But don't tell her. There's no point. I hope you can keep it secret. Don't do it too much do that your wife doesn't find out.
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Actually, ideally, it should have been your wife who would let you, and encourage you, to have sex with another woman. Sex is a need. Being married and caring for someone is another. If the two can't be done with the same person, you have no choice.
By #617595 at 19,May,20 16:03
Thank leopoldij So very much for understanding. I am good at keeping secrets VERY Good* It's gotten so Lame with my wife that it's a chore to get her to do anything. For the first time in my life my dick will lose hardness since I can tell she's not Into whatever we are doing & that has never happened before. She has gained weight but I still go out of my way to make her feel special & pretty. I have tried toys; lingerie food; and Nothing sparks her anymore. I know it's not all abot sex but the passion is almost non-exsistant.
By leopoldij at 19,May,20 22:23 other posts of leopoldij 
I perfectly understand. (By the way, sorry for my typos.) You shouldn't hurt her. I'm sure you don't want that. On the other hand, if you don't satisfy your needs there'll be tension between you and your wife, tension whose strength will increase.
You see, we're controlled by chemicals that build in our brains. If you don't find a way to fulfill your natural needs, your life quality will probably deteriorate. And this will be bad for you and your wife. On the other hand, if you periodically get your needs fulfilled then you'll be happier and this will be good for your wife too.
By #617595 at 20,May,20 00:32
leopoldij You're awesome. If & when I do "Get" a little at home sex; it's like a chore for her & Kills the mood for me instantly.We may discuss having sex & shower together but she don't touch me in the shower. If she does I gotta remind her it's NOT a rope & don't yank / pull it so hard.
By leopoldij at 20,May,20 03:56 other posts of leopoldij 
I understand man. It's incredible that she doesn't even try to fake it once in a while in order to make you happy. Women are so different from men...
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You see, throughout their lives, women take it for granted that it's the man's job to seduce them. Sexual gratification is a given for them. They don't have to try. So they never learn how to try when the spark isn't there. Whereas, a man, having tried each and every day of his life, knows how to fake it if necessary. Of course, exceptions exist, but, I think, that, generally speaking, this is what's going in.
By #617595 at 20,May,20 16:47
leopoldij you are so right. Since we have been together so long I can instantly catch on if she is faking it. MY problem is that I should have listened earlier. Back in 2005 she told me that she doesn't even like sex. I should have caught on back then but silly me I kept hoping that would change. That's when I started trying toys but wound up throwing them all away.. My old ex girlfriend is looking better everyday. I don't want to cheat but when there's no sex & no passion & no fore play~ that all sucks & NOT in a good way*
By leopoldij at 20,May,20 17:46 other posts of leopoldij 
It's 100% clear. If you don't have sex you'll end up being grumpy and that's not good
for either you. If you have sex you'll be cheating but you'll have solved your mood problem. You weigh the two alternatives, you choose the most sustainable one. That it's, the second alternative.
By #617595 at 20,May,20 23:28
I agree since I can keep it secret. The other woman lives far enough away that I won't be bumping in to her. AND Unfortunately I do get grumpy when It's available but so limited. It seems that if One thing is wrong with the wife; NOTHING works on her body to even try & she is NOT an invalid* I may not get with the other since the lockdown but we will make it happen.

By knewbi at 20,May,20 10:58 other posts of knewbi 
Have a good friend that has a wife that does not like sex due to an operation like you have experienced. We use to, on occasion, swap partners and she seemed to enjoy sex when I was with her though. But as of the last couple years she has abstained completely. I feel for my friend because he loves sex. So, he borrows my wife from time to time just to take care of his needs. He also will stop by to visit and my wife will take him into the bedroom and work him over for an hour or two. His wife knows and is okay with it. I am fine with it since he was already fucking my wife before this all happened. Perhaps you should work out a similar arrangement.

By RealTitsLover at 20,Jul,17 22:54 other posts of RealTitsLover 
A little late for you to do this now, but maybe someone else who's not married yet will like my idea...

The only way I'd be willing to marry a girl (after 5-6 years of living together), is if she was willing to agree that if we ever go without sex for two weeks, either of us is allowed to get it from someone else - as long as we don't lie about it, and offer to let the other person watch if they really want to.

If another two weeks pass without sex, repeat as necessary.

By onthelose at 20,Jul,17 18:51 other posts of onthelose 
Hates might be a little strong , not interested is closer to the truth. There is absolutely more to a marriage than sex. If sex is the basis for your marriage you are in for trouble down the road. My wife is my best friend. Of course I miss sex with her but I am able to satisfy my needs in other ways. It would seem that mother nature planned for the fact that there isn't enough sex for everyone, aka masturbation.
By leopoldij at 20,Jul,17 20:40 other posts of leopoldij 
You miss sex with her? Is she not interested?

By #511804 at 20,Jul,17 21:23
I do not agree, it is a solid part of a marriage. It is a true connection and it feeds the emotional connection. Some less than when you first meet and are young is expected. Lack of that desired connection can be a problem for either or partner.

It is not the most but a HUGE part of the foundation of marriage.

By #521574 at 20,Jul,17 12:39
Same shoes as you. Younger though. Lost her desire but she tries. We have tried different things but to no avail. She knows I have a high sex drive and worries that I may stray. It does put a strain on our marriage. She used to be wild and would try almost anything, but she did a 180.
She doesn't know I am here but I am sure she wouldn't be surprised if she found out.
the ultimate goal would be to get her on here with me if I can get her old self back, and try things that we haven't yet.
By #511804 at 20,Jul,17 21:15
I was where you were, it was not fun. ten years into our relationship I had a FWB with a doc I knew from IRC, this was mid-nighties. She never found out and he moved away.

Then she got into an IRC emotional connections with a guy. Prior to knowing our sex life was breath taking. She was wild and like when we had first married, prior to kids. I fell back in love with her.

Then I learned it was by proxy.

The rest of the story last five years and it tested my soul and is detailed. I worked, she worked on our marriage and stayed together, mostly all good.

Thirty years married, thirty three years together.

By slipper at 14,Jan,11 13:58 other posts of slipper 
There are, of course, ways your wife can satisfy your needs and not have intercourse--duh. She DOES care for you, I'm presuming... and would want to help you meet your needs. If not, I'd question what the two of you are getting out of the continued relationship. All the best.

By #53643 at 13,Jan,11 08:37
My wife has a broken sex drive, doesnt go into gear at all.

....and at only 50 years old, she says she is "too old."
By oldbugle at 13,Jan,11 08:59 other posts of oldbugle 
There is a very big emphasis put on being young in western societies. Sometimes, as women get into middle age they lack confidence about their bodies and because they feel unattractive they don't want to engage in sex, even with their partners.......

.......As the male partner you have to give them a break,..keep telling them how attractive and 'mature' they are and how much they turn you on, and never hesitate to make love to them all over,....cherish every part until they get the message.

By oldbugle at 12,Jan,11 18:45 other posts of oldbugle 
It might be agood idea to get your wife some different medical advice. Surgery that depletes a womans sexual desire is usally grounds for additional help or therapy. Perhaps she just needs some hormone relacement or even just adjustment for her to regain her sexual desire......

....Whether or not one is married is essentially meaningless as regards looking at this site. It only becomes a problem if you seek out another partner here or masturbate so much while looking at the pix that you have nothing left over for your partner etc. Just looking at this site is hardly a problem for an intelligent mind and certainly no 'cheat' on a physical partner.
By Matt52 at 12,Jan,11 23:52 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: I agree with old bugle

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