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Started by #487013 at 26,Dec,18 16:22
It seems like there are certain members that are on this site 24/7. I like to check in here from time to time and check out pics etc, but I do have a job and a life and cant always do so. Yet there seems to be a few that eat breathe and shit this site. I guess that's cool and all, but damn don't they have jobs and stuff? What do they do for a living that allows them the freedom to constantly respond to forum posts and interact with other members?

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By #562152 at 27,Dec,18 21:23
Angel, for me it's feast or famish. A regular work week for me is 60 plus hours. Many weeks 6 days. I rack up huge amounts of vacation time. When I work I disappear from syc. When on vacation I spend a lot of time here. My guys have to work and I hang out in the house.--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutesThis place is addictive. But, I misunderstood. I thought you were wondering HOW some members can be on so much. Now you seem more interested on trolls.

"constantly be on the site monitoring everyones activity and eagerly awaiting posts so they can reply like some evil overseer.--------------------------------------- added after 16 minutesI have a pet peeve. Actually, a real repugnance to a bigoted idea circulating the country.
Many people seem to think that being poor is shameful and they protest anyone getting food stamps, welfare, wic, unemployment insurance payments, and Social Security payments to retirees. They believe that these people are latching on to the government tit.
I don't like these people or their ideas. Especially since they believe that the most blatant tit suckers are members of the Black or Brown race and immigrants from Central and South America.
--------------------------------------- added after 27 minutes

My comment to Floridacock was meant to be funny, but I forgot that my humor is not well received in the forums. However, I might as well respond to his "not minding my own business"
When someone creates a new thread in the forums, he expects a reaction. The reaction is provided by someone that makes the thread his business.
--------------------------------------- added after 33 minutes

My response to CC54 is self explanatory and my pet peeve is what I believe is this couple's look at other people, especially poor people. They seem, from other threads, to think they are better than unfortunates.
--------------------------------------- added after 36 minutes

Yes, Angel, I was "cantankerous"

By Stroken at 27,Dec,18 17:17 other posts of Stroken 
I totally agree, and canít figure it out either. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but just canít figure the time issue either.

By #573659 at 26,Dec,18 17:07
No life at all
By #562152 at 27,Dec,18 04:17
Not like you, wiggling your dick out of your pants?
By Skittles at 27,Dec,18 14:28 other posts of Skittles 

By #573659 at 27,Dec,18 14:32
Itís a site designed exactly for that, but it doesnít consume me

By CountryCouple54 at 26,Dec,18 16:26 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I think this site and what ever other sites they belong to is their job. And apparently that's ok in this day and age. They just call the government their daddy.
By #562152 at 27,Dec,18 04:13
Really, CC? Why is it always smoochers that take advantage of the system and take your tax dollars? I notice there's many elderly men who are lonely. Also, many who would not be able to interact with real people because of insecurities. This 2nd group are glued to the site during all their non-work hrs. The 1st group probably are retirees with a Social Security monthly check. Something they earned working their whole life. It's demeaning to say they call the government "Daddy".
By #487013 at 27,Dec,18 08:57
It seems like you're in an cantankerous mood today TWTT'S. Theres a difference between someone that's elderly and possibly retired that has the luxury to be on the site all day, and ones that are complete control freaks and have to constantly be on the site monitoring everyones activity and eagerly awaiting posts so they can reply like some evil overseer. And that's mot a dig at Admin as this is his job essentialy.

By up-for-it at 27,Dec,18 08:45 other posts of up-for-it 
I do work online a bit to make some extra money and i know some that work full-time this way so checking sites like this in betweeen work is very easy and can happen at any time of the day!

Some people work in a totally diffrent way and yes some just call their goverment daddy, and expect daddy to pay!

By #487013 at 27,Dec,18 08:53
I actually work for a branch of the government. Id never check this site out on company time. Especially since the cell phone signal is horrible there and we rely heavily on WiFi. I couldn't imagine getting busted and having to explain my browsing history,
By #573659 at 27,Dec,18 14:31
Good plan!

By bella! at 27,Dec,18 09:54 other posts of bella! 
My job is primarily monitoring phone calls for accuracy and content. I'm fortunate that the reps are knowledgeable. I do find that I have a "good amount" of free time which I use to do things that my company would frown upon.

For obvious reasons, I do not use my employer's WiFi, just my monthly data. And being so close to Canada, it depends on "which way the wind blows" as to whether I'm able to get a signal.
By Skittles at 27,Dec,18 14:28 other posts of Skittles 
A call Centre Indian???

By sven57a at 27,Dec,18 10:07 other posts of sven57a 
You have to be a regular to even notice there are other regulars and anybody regular can answer the question for himself.
There are even paying members on this site and for them it seems logical to spend more time here.
The really addicted are easily recognised because you'll find them in the discussion forum, posting topics usually unrelated to the core business of sex, maintaing friends and enemies to keep their interest in the site going. So the site is (a big)part of their life and if that's the case, you just make and find the time to be here, working or not.
Some keep it up for years, most get hooked for a while and leave after inevitably getting disappointed.
I would guess that the ones who hide their online presence are not really at ease with their activity but are unable to stop visiting.
But, I have to say, it's not all weirdo's here. Just like the real world, they come in all sorts from despicable to remarkably 'high-brow' We're just like our pics, from unearthly beautiful to disgustingly ugly.
AoD: not really an answer to your question

By Ray10754 at 26,Dec,18 16:41 other posts of Ray10754 
They are the people that walk into you when your minding your own business, then cuss you out for not watching where your going.
By #562152 at 27,Dec,18 04:16
Ray, when someone walks into you, you are also walking into them. Since you are more on the ball, why don't you move to avoid him? That would be minding your own business
By Ray10754 at 27,Dec,18 06:57 other posts of Ray10754 
I'm not going to get in a pissing match about this but,I'm not talking about the normal accident that happens all the time, I talking about that asshole that has his nose so far into his phone and walks right into you. And for your information I Do mind my own business.

By #573659 at 27,Dec,18 08:19
Your comment is the exact opposite of minding your own business

By #487013 at 27,Dec,18 08:59

By #487013 at 27,Dec,18 08:51
I get what you mean Ray. I loathe that. Ive been on a bit more lately as I'm on vacation.

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