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How far can you shoot sperm?

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Started by #583088 at 22,Mar,19 16:08
Has anyone tried to shoot sperm when they cum? How far did you get?

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By wycowboy at 23,Mar,19 10:22 other posts of wycowboy 
I used to be able to shoot 3-4 feet, now I'm lucky if i can get it 3-4 inches

By kebmo at 23,Mar,19 02:27 other posts of kebmo 
Into my mouth... if I aim it right!

By Blade at 22,Mar,19 22:01 other posts of Blade 
Oh boy, I must have a couple posts on this from years back. Basically as a teen I got my friends into cum shot contests. Mostly all outside due to the mess. We'd shoot across the hood of a car to see who could shoot farthest.
By #583088 at 23,Mar,19 02:16

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