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Started by Nottsplaymate at 24,Aug,19 13:26  other posts of Nottsplaymate
Testosterone injections , does anyone have any experience , I've tried testosterone booster for a few months now and like the effect that it has on me . I am now thinking of looking into testosterone injections and I've heard it has taken off in the US .

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By CountryCouple54 at 26,Aug,19 11:21 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Testosterone boosters are bullshit. It's usually a form of a natural ingredient called Tribulus. All part of the diet world trying to sell you a magic pill. All men over the age of 40 start losing testosterone and there's nothing you can do about it. 100 to 200 milligrams of Test Cypionate administered by injection once a week is all you need. If you have the money, I would suggest getting blood work done first at your doctor. But these weekly injections could be done by yourself. Again the doctor's going to want you to see him to milk you dry of your money. Most insurance companies at least here in the US, do not cover testosterone replacement therapy. Stay away from anything in a pill form. As it must travel through your liver before it hits your bloodstream. And don't worry about the old theory that steroids are bad for you. Small doses are safe. Don't worry about roid rage, you're not doing this to build muscle or become a bodybuilder. Those guys take massive amounts of multiple steroids at one time. Most advanced cycles, bodybuilders are taking an excess of 1000mg testosterone every week.
By Nottsplaymate at 26,Aug,19 15:30 other posts of Nottsplaymate 
Thank you for the advice I am thinking of trying enanthate , still unsure of the dosage because I didn't like the roid rage last time so I want to minimise it , so I am thinking of starting on 125 weekly and see if I need to build up .

By lovetolickyou at 26,Aug,19 10:18 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I went to my doctor because I was having trouble working more than an hour or two a day and eventually was prescribed testosterone injection supplements. It took about a year of testing and a consultation with an endocrinologist but they found my body just doesn't produce any testosterone on it's own. Pill supplements did nothing, so it was switched to injections. I get 2.5 ml every two weeks. My energy levels are much better, but it took several injections before there was an improvement. I hadn't been having an sex issues before, and don't notice much change since I started the supplement injections. You need to be careful, as doing more supplements than prescribed can lead to prostate issues. I've been on the HRT injections for about four years, and need blood tests every three months to make sure my hormone levels are stable.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:43 other posts of onthelose 
He also said I would need to have a blood test to see what my current levels were and see if that's really what I need.
By phart at 25,Aug,19 13:47 other posts of phart 
Alot of this is riding on the idea that is pounded into our heads as men that we are supposed to be able to lift a 1000 pounds with 1 hand while drinking a Coca Cola or fuck at least 10 women 1 after the other without fatique. Aint happenin'!
I took Predisone for a short time before and after a surgery and that damn stuff had me feeling strong as a bull and not wanting to sleep.I was 2 months ahead on yard work and wood cutting.Glad I was because once I tapered off that shit it took 2 months to recoup! And a year or more to ever feel close to normal.
Unless I grow tits and my voice gets soft and seductive,I am not going to take a bunch of shit from China!
By Skittles at 26,Aug,19 08:54 other posts of Skittles 
Bjuka volunteers to be used for experiments from any Chinese pills..

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:41 other posts of onthelose 
I have heard of men in the weight lifting world using steroids , a form of testosterone, and it lead to something called roid rage. Uncontrollable fits of anger. There are pills that say they will increase your testosterone but my doctor said they are either fakes or the doses are wrong and can lead to problems if not administered by professionals who are trained in those matters.

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