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discovering your reposted pics

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Started by jwiz76 at 12,Dec,19 00:44  other posts of jwiz76
Have you ever seen your pictures reposted on other sites? If so, which sites were they posted on?

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By #578975 at 27,Feb,20 09:44
i have discovered mine before and it is a real turn on...i get braver and braver posting pics and the thoughts of them getting reposted is so hot.

By toohey at 30,Jan,20 01:56 other posts of toohey 
I just found an old video of me cumming:
only registered users can see external links

This was shot (pun intended) on April 23, 2007. That's almost 13 years ago; amazing how the internet remembers. Although the vid is of low quality, I don't mind this record of my functioning manhood at all
By jwiz76 at 27,Feb,20 02:56 other posts of jwiz76 
nice video!

By soharditspurple at 31,Jan,20 03:34 other posts of soharditspurple 
I have found pics of my wife and I from xhamster and imagefap reoposted but never anything with the SYD watermark. Xhamster seems to be the hotspot for this and thatís part of the appeal. Knowing someone has enjoyed your content enough to download it and repost in their galleries.

By 21yocock at 12,Dec,19 10:43 other posts of 21yocock 
I saw a pic of mine once on another site. But I actually got much more excited by it than I cared about the 'stealing' of my photos.
By jwiz76 at 16,Jan,20 22:42 other posts of jwiz76 
where was it posted?
By 21yocock at 29,Jan,20 20:50 other posts of 21yocock 
on xhamster

By jwiz76 at 24,Jan,20 03:18 other posts of jwiz76 
I've had my pics posted on a few dozen other sites. Here's one of the latest: only registered users can see external links

By kw4d3 at 20,Jan,20 17:19 other posts of kw4d3 
I love finding my pics in places where I have not posted them.
only registered users can see external links
By jwiz76 at 24,Jan,20 03:16 other posts of jwiz76 
Very hot! I think I might have seen your pics posted on other sites before. I also love to find my pics reposted on other sites.

By Louis at 20,Jan,20 06:11 other posts of Louis 
I've never seen any, but I think it would be pretty hot if someone did.

By bil47 at 12,Dec,19 07:36 other posts of bil47 
I also post my pics on ImageFap, same ones as here, and they get re-posted there.
--------------------------------------- added after 1033 hours

Here an ImageFap link to my self-pics.
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By jwiz76 at 16,Jan,20 23:24 other posts of jwiz76 
Nice, i've had a few of mine reposted on imagefap also.

By toohey at 15,Dec,19 11:44 other posts of toohey 
Someone posted a whole series of my pics on newtumbl:
only registered users can see external links
and even a video of me having outdoor fun:
only registered users can see external links.

I think being reposted is part of the fun of having pics online.
By jwiz76 at 16,Jan,20 22:51 other posts of jwiz76 
Nice, i've also had my pictures reposted on xhamster and a lot of other sites.

By toohey at 12,Dec,19 16:38 other posts of toohey 
Once pics are online, they lead a life of their own and may surface many years later. On October 16, 2019, someone unbeknownst to me posted this pic of me:
only registered users can see external links,
which was actually shot more than 13 years before, on a warm June 29, 2006.

Someone apparently harvested quite a collection of my pics, and posted them here:
only registered users can see external links.

By wycowboy at 12,Dec,19 10:53 other posts of wycowboy 
I haven't discovered any but wouldn't care if I did.

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