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Anal sex

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Started by Ridewithme66 at 14,Apr,20 14:22  other posts of Ridewithme66
First experience... likes and dislikes, tell me guys and girls

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By mikeyd270 at 03,May,20 11:50 other posts of mikeyd270 
My first time was late in life. I was 58. I was invited to a guys home to suck his cock. When I arrived he led me straight to his bedroom. He was watching porn and he took off his shorts and exposed his cock. Nice but thankfully his cock was small especially since he was planning on taking my virgin ass. The porn he had on was of a guy getting it in the ass. I should have known what he was after. He told me to take my cloths off and get in bed. When I climbed in bed he told me I had a nice ass. He rubbed it a little then gave it a little spank. I climbed between his legs and was stroking his cock. He told me to suck it. It was small but rock hard. I was enjoying sucking his dick when all of a sudden he got up and pulled my legs over the side of the bed. He had me pinned down and bent over. He spread my legs and I could feel him lubing my little tight hole. He said you know you want it, I am going to fuck you. Before I could reply I could feel his knob rubbing around my little hole with him gently pushing. He seemed experienced at working it in a tight hole. I finally was able to relax and felt his knob slip in. Slowly he started humping on me and I could feel him fucking me. He started humping faster and harder with his balls bouncing off my butt cheeks. He felt good up my ass and I was thinking I am getting fucked by a real man. He started moaning and I could feel his hard throbbing cock swelling up in my little hole. He said you like it in the ass don't you then he pushed hard and I could feel his cock pumping rope after rope of hot seed up my little asshole. He slowly pulled it out and said now you are my bitch you cocksucker. Have not seen him again but now ready to try one just a little bit bigger.

By Ablaze at 03,May,20 11:12 other posts of Ablaze 
The first time anal fuck experience I had as a teenager. It was really painful and difficult but only in the begining. After some minutes I liked the felling to be filled a lot. The cock of my partner was not very long but thicker than my wrist. We was fucking each other regulary for months.

By andrew999999999 at 03,May,20 10:40 other posts of andrew999999999 
I enjoyed my first anal sex a lot more than I expected. It happened in a men's sauna complex about 8 years ago, I think. I was standing near the cruising area, and noticed a man opposite me staring at me. He was black, medium height with a good build. I was wondering how big his cock was, and wanted to find out, so I moved towards him as he was moving towards me. I put my hand under his towel, and grabbed onto his cock, and started to pull on it. We were by one of the booths, so we went inside.

Once inside, I quickly knelt down in front of him while he removed his towel, revealing his cock to me, and I wasn't disappointed. It was a little longer than mine, but much thicker. I took it in hand, opened my mouth, and took that thick dick into my mouth. I sucked away, feeling it grow and harden by the second, and enjoying the feel, taste, and heat of it.

At this point, I was just enjoying sucking his cock, with no thoughts of anything more. That changed when he asked if he could fuck me. I had wondered what it would be like to be fucked, and had decided that if I met the right guy, with a good sized cock, then I'd give it a go. Being black, he was the kind of guy I liked, and he had a great cock, so I said he could fuck me if he'd take it easy as I'd not been fucked before. He understood, and told me to lie on my side. I lubed up my arse, and put a couple of fingers in it while he put on a condom. When it was on, he pushed his cock slowly into my hole. I braced myself for some pain as his cock inched further inside me, but I was surprised by the lack of pain. After about a minute of slow fucking, the guy started to speed up a little, and then a little more. The feeling was amazing, and I was pulling on my cock and enjoying every thrust from the thick dick in my arse until I had a fantastic orgasm.

It was a fantastic experience that I wanted to try again, which I did the next time I was in the sauna with the same guy. And the time after that too. After that time we started chatting and exchanged contact details, and for the next few years we regularly met in the sauna, where I received a damn good fucking every time. We had an MMF threesome once, and I've met him a couple of times at his place too.

By JackS at 03,May,20 04:29 other posts of JackS 
First time was with a wonderful lady, and it was AMAZING! She was gentle, and wanted it to be fun, and enjoyable, and i loved how she did it, and how it felt, when she slipped her soft toy in, and then just held me close, and gently, lovingly stroked, an inch, maybe two, and then reached around and got me as hard as I could.
Feeling her hold me close, tight, when I had the most MIND-BLOWING Orgasm EVER, was amazing!!
By Smoothmann at 03,May,20 05:29 other posts of Smoothmann 
Yea!My gf loves too use her strap on with me!Such a good feeling!!!!!

By bil47 at 26,Apr,20 10:21 other posts of bil47 
First time - an interesting mix of initial discomfort transitioning into surprising pleasure. He had a smallish cock - 5 inches or so - and went slow at first. Once we got in a groove, I was moaning for him to fuck me harder. The fact that we were doing it as a part of dom/sub role-play definitely enhanced the experience.
By Smoothmann at 26,Apr,20 10:41 other posts of Smoothmann 
Yea!After you get over the inital discomfort it really feels great while massaging your prostate at the same time!I can take up too 2"wide!

By cumcouplessa at 26,Apr,20 09:58 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. If the guy is gentle, the mood right and you feel relaxed with him, it can be the best feeling EVER. Otherwise can be very painfull.

By Samman at 26,Apr,20 00:19 other posts of Samman 
I would have been perfectly fine never being penetrated BC I get off giving Head but most boys would feel how tight I am and try to just finger me but I could never stand stand it until one guy who I really wanted to impress just Bent me over and spit on his dick and I felt his shaft slide so deep in me I told him he was too big and tried to get him out but he said he was close which made me feel real sexy so I let him have his way until he got off all over me. I was so sore but I learned that for a hot guy you can take a pretty big dick

By Lenatur at 25,Apr,20 20:39 other posts of Lenatur 
Love it

By Smoothmann at 24,Apr,20 21:10 other posts of Smoothmann 
I love anal sex when my gf uses a strap on with me and I have a nice dildo and butt plug collection for my solo play! In fact I have my 2"x 10" king cock dildo in me right now! I plan too leave it in for a few hours!

By SluttySarah069 at 16,Apr,20 12:38 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I was anally fucked at the age of 12 by the local peodo hairdresser. It hurt but after a few times I got used to it (he pad well). I've always enjoyed being fucked by big cocks - and the best at it are balck guys - they really know what they are doing.
By Ridewithme66 at 16,Apr,20 13:59 other posts of Ridewithme66 
I've been wanting to try it with a black guy

By submissivemartyn at 15,Apr,20 23:19 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My very first anal was when my ex wife(was also my Mistress)caught me watching gay porn.The next day she had me tied face down on the bed and used one of her dildos on me.I quite enjoyed it and we did it some more and she even got me a butt plug.The first time with a guy was:

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